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Well....what to say...I'm a software engineer currently working in the pharmaceutical industry. Always been interested in computers and got into programming at a very early age when the world was ruled by the BBC Micro & the Amiga. Most of my spare time is spent writing apps for clients, writing music & breaking apps that get sent my way. I'm also working on a flying car 'cause traffic drives me mad and nobody seems to want to sell me a Helicopter on eBay.


  • JAOO 2007: Bob Martin - Life in the Universe, Beautiful Code and Programming Discipline

    Great interview - Totally agree with the need to write nice and clean code, less time debugging, less time figuring out what the heck some else's class/module is supposed to do, etc... Although I agree that in reality it doesn't always happen as bosses don't appreciate the shear amount of effort that goes into a software project - they just want it done as quickly as possible just so they can make money / look good in front of their boss etc...

    One thing I like to do is look at all the software projects I've done in the past and group together all of the common functionality and then create nice clean class wrappers that handle the functionality that all of the previous solutions used.
  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    Nice one - I look forward to it Smiley

  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    Yeah I'm loving the way my apps look running under vista with the Aero effects! Most of my apps use skin libraries I've written in the past just to give them a nice look and feel, so now I'm putting in checks to see what version of the OS the user is running and switching off some of my custom UI to make use of Aero.

    I'd be very interested to check out the new Networking API's as a lot of my apps use Winsock 2 API's for communication using native c++. In the past I've always created wrapper classes for the lower level comms stuff so it would be cool to check these out.

    Are these API's documented in the latest Vista SDK? - because I tried to download this, ran setup.exe and it was complaining about some sdksetup.cab file being missing!? - It could be just me, not sure if anyone else had this prob.
  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    Great Interview! Just one question though - how long do you think it will be before we start seeing Vista on every desktop? Like XP is pretty much everywhere now, and our industry currently has about 30000 desktops worldwide, and we've only just started rolling out XP SP2 to our clients. Only reason I ask is I'm now making sure all the apps I develop run just as nicely on Vista as they do on XP.
  • Marina Polishchuk: VC++ QA - The best job in the biz

    Yeah I'm all for the name tag thing. Smiley
  • Steve Teixeira and Bill Dunlap: Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow

    Oh thank goodness for that! Microsoft seems to give the impression that .NET is the way forward, so I've always wondered where the future is heading for native C++ development. Glad to hear the future is bright for us Cpp devs out there. It seems that most of the world uses C++ as their primary dev method of choice, and that isn't going to change any time soon. - Even doing a Compiler ID on popular executables of the latest commerical apps confirm that.

  • Marina Polishchuk: VC++ QA - The best job in the biz

    Real interesting - sounds intense, gives me a better understanding of all the complexities going on every time I hit Ctrl-Shift-B Smiley

    Keep up the good work Wink