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    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Beh... I think we all know Darth is a hypocrite by now.
    Darth might just use this moment to retire his screen name for good. His concept of Big Brother crossed with reworked speeches from the news crossed with Star Wars just isn't working too well anymore. Although he thought the one about rewriting textbooks (like they really do in certain countries) was darn witty.

    But hey, if people can't laugh at themselves once in a while, he thinks they are taking life way too seriously anyway.
    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Anyway, just for fun... servers is probably among the least interesting of things going on in the FOSS world these days.
    Darth tried open source once but found the tools to be very inadequate. Fighting with GTK libraries wasn't too fun either. Then he tried to install Anjuta and got stuck in dependency chaos with his trial Ubuntu installation...although he has not tried any of the latest builds. Coding large projects from g++ and emacs or vi was a pain, or so he found out. Praise be to Vista, he came running back, for better or for worse, to VS. Sad

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    O crusader, servers across the world have had various operating systems installed on them over the years...from UNIX to Windows and now Linux. Yet I tell the open source crowd: you and your occupation will disappear, and, Vista willing, Intel and Windows will remain forever.

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    dahdahdit_dahdit_ditditdah wrote:
    Jump on the "clue train" and realize the future of programming is not as narrowly defined as you like to think it is. By the time you learn how to bash out WPF code in notepad the rest of the world will have moved on. HAve fun converting your old code!
    Your arrogance shines through here. I realize the incessant yammering of the Linux crusaders and their onslaught of FUD, compile-it-yourself apps, and hackneyed licensing has the tendency to confuse and corrupt even the brightest of developers out there. But you have choices with proprietary software; contrary to what your "literature" and your puppet leaders tell you.

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    I have encountered some difficulties lately with MSDN search in Visual Studio. So I ask, is there a way to improve the search functionality?

    It has taken me a long time to find some basic information. For example, I typed in "win32 form library" into the MSDN search box (the library is installed on my hard drive). Like every other time I use this feature, it comes back with the first twenty entries (out of 500, of course). The first options that come back are Mapi, CDO, and something about Unix.


    But, after a bit of clicking, I stumbled on a very useful article called "Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map" which has a side-by-side comparison of Win32 API functions vs. .NET functions and is *somewhat* relevant to what I was looking for. This was long after I set my language choice to "C++" in the search options, set the Technology option to "C++ Libraries (Native), WIN32 & COM) and "All" for content. Those are the settings I picked on day one.

    Get this: I typed in "Obi Wan will pay" and it returns "1-20 of 500 results". The first entry is "How to Install WAN Services for X.25 Exchange Installations".

    This is relevant...how?

    "Han Solo in Carbonite"...it returns 15 results. "Death Star" returns 126 results, with "Death Taxes and Relational Databases" being the top entry.

    Wait...ah, there we go. I found my new Help Favorite:

    "linux is not free" returns 500 entries, with the top one being "How to Remove Linux and Install Windows XP".


  • Rory vs. Fake Steve Jobs

    If you need help dealing with MisterFakeSteve and all his minion Applebots, Rory, let me know.


  • Ummm; yea ok; that's taking fanboism too far

    I like it!

  • Blythe Status Report

    jamie wrote:

    his words..not mine    we miss you rory!
    Hey now! I've kept my zealotry in check as of late.