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  • Daryl Zuniga and Mike Barnett - Xml ​Documentati​on from Code Contracts for .Net

    The CodeContracts tool chain builds its own "contracts" dll (i.e. filename.contracts.dll) that contains all the contracts information that CCDoc or other contract tools need and it must be present in order for them to work. This contracts dll is automatically built if you check the "Build a Contract Reference Assembly" in your CodeContracts settings in VS (similar to the "Emit contracts into XML doc file" option I talked about in the film).


    Yes, it's all done with MEF. You can't currently plug into the IntelliSense bubbles, but hopefully in beta 2 or so you will be able to Smiley

  • Daryl Zuniga and Mike Barnett - Xml ​Documentati​on from Code Contracts for .Net

    At aL_:

    You're exactly right, you can get them to show up by patching into the summary tag, in fact I've already got code for CCDoc that does just that. However, with VS2010 we can do even better, with some of their new extensibility features you can now add additional information into an IntelliSense QuickInfo bubbles, however this won't be available until beta 2.


    At dkallen:

    You’re right, the "green bubble" is meant to help you when you're implementing an inherited method that has contracts so you know exactly what those contracts are. Our "green bubble" will only appear if you’re inheriting from an interface/class that is in a compiled assembly (i.e. not in your current project) because the code contracts tools work by decompilation.