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  • Niner Interview Questions: Rico Mariani - Visual Studio Futures (Interview is Complete)

    I use Visual Studio day in and day out and I’ve been using it since the first version.

     In many ways I feel that Visual Studio has lost its way as a tool that I’m excited by and that I want to use.

     All too often I find myself excited by the new feature that are going to be coming in the next version of VS (VS2005 had so much going for it), but when I have to keep using it day in and day out, VS begins to get more in my way.

    I remember back to the early versions of VS and every day I found little features that delighted me and made me keep a look out for niftier ways to do the same repetitive tasks I had been doing before.

     However when I’m using VS now it feels like I’m driving a semi truck…sure it will get me to my destination and sure it has everything I could possibly need, but using VS is hardly as fun or as exciting as it used to be.

    So my 3 questions would be:

     1) We keep seeing new tools (Blend, Expression, the new Test Runner) that are designed from the ground up to be outside of VS. The end user experience is much more exciting in these tools.
    The UIs, features, and functionality of these tools are exciting, these tools while outside of VS also integrate into VS. What are your thoughts about taking tools out of VS and putting them into their own user experience?

    2) When is Visual Studio going to focus on someone besides Mort (the persona you guys use internally)? So many of the college grads entering the field aren’t excited by Visual Studio and so they go on to work with other tools that are designed for the hipster developers in Silicon Valley.

    3) As I mentioned, I see Visual Studio as being more of a Semi Truck in terms of being a vehicle, so when are we going to have a light, fast, aggressive, Porchse\Prius version of Visual Studio?