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  • Device to Cloud, Hands-On. Part 3: Safer Commands via a Cloud Gateway

    I hope it won't be too long before you cover device id verification.
    For example, how do you prevent someone from claiming to the cloud service that they are one of your devices?
    How do you in a scalable and securely fashion, only allow registered users from accessing your device?
    How do you recommend those users gain authenticated access to their own devices?

  • Cloud Cover Episode 10 - Table Storage API

    The biggest issue I have with Azure Table Storage is the lack of string comparison operators.

    If I can do
    .Where(a=>a.Age > 21)



    then why can't I do


    Is this an architectural constraint or rather an implementation limitation?

    If it's an implementation limitation, then I can hope that it will be fixed in a future release.

    If it's architectural, then I will have to find an alternative solution such as SQL Azure.