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davewill2 DaveWill2 because davewill wasn't enough
  • Windows 8 Keys & Switching Machines.

    It also seemed like with win8 the licensing changed to state something like the number of activations was x quantity. Maybe I can find that again.

  • Bicycles

    , spivonious wrote


    Yeah, .... I'm not smelly at all.


    Oh it is time for an office survey. Smiley


  • Ron Jacobs

    This is who i know of by that name. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ron-jacobs/8/261/161

  • CNN intra-site links serving scareware?

    @davewill: yet another instance where I should have said no way, right away. Long story short ... Showed user a screenshot of yesterday,s home page and pointed out the bazillion links interspersed among CNN.com links and asked "are you sure?". They said they see now that it was links to other sites they were clicking. I still say the browser should have a mode where it only deals with links and references with the same domain as in the page URL. All other links and references are ignored. That suggestion on connect was already shot down though.

  • Hosting

    @kettch: agreed. And then the next suggestion would be private encryption but that has 2 downsides: first, exchanging decryption info while being followed by a tinted windowed sedan with no meaningful markings. Second, the complexity of the encryption would have to be pretty awesome because ... have you seen the new NSA center they are building.

  • Google wins 80% over Microsoft in office!

    Whoa. Sounds like Milton got the red Swingline taken away. I guess there will be a fax machine beat-down next.

  • Democrat and Republican lambasted Apple for working the system in a way they said was unfair, if not unpatriotic.

    @evildictaitor: hmmm. Not sure the intellectual property fact matters. Intellectual property wasn't sold. Product was sold. If AOI created the product on their books (their costs at this point) then sold the products on their books (their revenue at this point), the profit on AOI books is taxable to AOI's jurisdiction. Now when that money is transferred from AOI to Apple Inc., then Apple Inc.'s book incurs the income and at that point falls under the jurisdiction of Apple Inc. (I'd imagine AOI would keep the income on their book until a more favorable transfer could take place to bring the money back to Apple Inc.)

  • Democrat and Republican lambasted Apple for working the system in a way they said was unfair, if not unpatriotic.

    According tApple, AOI's net income made up 30% of Apple's total worldwide net profits from 2009-2011, yet Apple also disclosed to the Subcommittee that AOI did not pay any corporate income tax to any national government during that period

    Has there been any specifics stating whether the AOI net income has been transferred to Apple Inc. yet? If the money is still in AOI then it wouldn't fall under U.S. tax code.

  • Visual Studio ​Achievement​s; they're not Xbox live right?

    , Dan276 wrote


    It's not a real big deal.  It's just voting on the best picture of me, that will be on many social media sites, apps and probably my movie dvd.  You can say, I helped vote for that picture.

    If we take the time to vote and follow the results through as you expect, will you reciprocate back to all your fans who post their support here as well?

  • Democrat and Republican lambasted Apple for working the system in a way they said was unfair, if not unpatriotic.

    , evildictait​or wrote


    You can't "get competitive" on corporation tax when the corporation tax Apple are currently paying on 30% of their world wide profit going through this tax scam is paying ZERO PERCENT corporation tax globally.

    There is a balance. Your subsequent comment regarding the cost of liberty is a key driver in the balance. The US is one of the most stable economic environments within which a corporation can operate. To go through the trouble of setting up AOI and keeping it legal (loose term) all these years, Apple must feel that the taxation is too high even with the stability. Maybe there was some internal discussion those years ago regarding whether they should relocate Apple entirely outside the US or try this type of hybrid approach. Maybe they opted to try the hybrid approach and then if that doesn't work they could reevaluate.

    There are pluses to staying and like you mentioned, security costs, there are minuses to leaving. It really comes down to how much of a difference in the known pluses and minuses there are and then if that difference is significant enough to offset the unknown risks. All those things weigh in to the competitive analysis.

    The carrot, not stick, approach should be the one followed. The US Senate sounds as if they are wielding sticks.