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  • Conversatio​ns with David Chappell about Windows Azure and Cloud Computing

    I think that Windows Azure gives IT Pros, admins, etc, the opportunity to get involved with more interesting and higher value activities, such as capacity planning and forecasting, health monitoring, QA, etc, rather than the lower level stuff  that is needed just to keep systems up and going

  • David Chappell in conversation about Windows Azure and the cloud

    I can imagine an insurance market will emerge to support businesses where the value of the data or up time is high.


    An analogy would be: If I take a train to the airport and the train breaks down, and as a result I miss the flight and my holiday is ruined, would I expect to sue the rail company for the loss of the holiday? Of course not! I am just one of a number of fee paying passengers on that journey and my travel is not intrinsically my important than anyone else’s on that train. The answer is I buy holiday insurance to cover such eventualities.


    As far as I can see, the same will go for data centres. Once node or disk sector isn’t intrinsically more valuable than another. If the loss of data or on-line time is important, I should be looking to manage that separately from the basic SLAs

  • Getting Started with SQL Azure

    I'm not sure why you are getting video quality problems, I recorded the session in HD, and just now I have downloaded it, and it plays full HD. Were you trying to stream it? Perhaps download first?