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  • UAC - What. How. Why.


    Thanks for the reply.  I am aware of how to install software using group policy.  It is a great feature that we use now to install the Citrix client to all new domain computers.  The problem is that NONE of the software packages that we have here (Accounting Firm) install from a .msi.

    I will have to look into some 3rd party apps.  Is there any particular package that Microsoft endorses?

    Also, would it be possible using GPOs (maybe a custom one?) to allow certain installers in a specific path to automatically install as an admin?  Like say... a GPO that allows a specific installer located at \\server\apps\software\install.exe to automatically install as an admin?

    Again thank you for your reply Smiley


  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    Ok, so I am the administrator of a network, and my users need to be able to install and update corporate software on a regular basis... thus every user is a local administrator of their assigned computer.

    In most cases what happens is...
    1. I update the software on our file server.
    2. The user attempts to launch the software executable
    3. They are presented with a prompt to update the client software
    4. They click install, and the client software is updated

    How will UAC help me in the least if I setup users as standard users in Vista?  It sounds like I'll have to walk around to each and every users computer and type in admin credentials every single time an update comes out.  That's a lot of walking... not that I probably couldn't use it... but it seems like a complete waste of my time.  I'd much rather have to reload a computer a couple times a year due problems that arise from users having admin privilages on their local machine, than have to go to each and every computer on a weekly basis to type in administrative credentials.

    Personally, I think the whole UAC... while maybe a good idea for a computer noob... is annoying as hell.  I've already disabled the annoying popups on my workstation.