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  • Getting Started with jQuery - 14

    I realize you are trying to keep it simple and not mix it with ASP.NET so all the GUI control you use in your examples are basic HTML, but I am wondering how you would access an ASP.NET or AJAX web GUI control. Although I have not tried it from code yet, I am guessing that the way to access ASP.NET and AJAX controls on the DOM is by using the attr property of the jquery object with something like:
    $('#aspnet_textbox_id').attr("text" ,"Put this text in the control");
     Would that be correct?


  • Organizing and Simplifying JavaScript with Object Literals - 12

    OK, as Gilda Rader's Emily Litella character used to say "Never Mind!" I believe I have answered my own question. Having work with the ASP.NET list control, I am assuming that array.length is similar to list.count. The items in the list/array are 0 based while the count/length starts with 1.

  • Organizing and Simplifying JavaScript with Object Literals - 12

    A few lessons back you were working with an array and used 'if i < array.length'. I am having a little difficulty understanding why it is not written 'if i <= array.length'. Is the array length in JavaScript one more than the actual array items? Although I watched you run it and saw it worked fine, it would appear to me that the last item in the array would net be presented if you are testing for less than the array length. Could you please explain why this works? Thanks in advance!

  • Conditional Logic in JavaScript - 06

    I am sure you have heard it all about the shirt, but I have to add that having grown up in the 60s, and I was certain I was having a flashback!

  • Writing your First JavaScript Application - 02

    Semantics will get you every time ... just like you said in this video, conversation is usually decipherable from our experience of communicating with others, however communicating with a browser is an exact language ... but I see that technical lingo is essentially the same with exactness as programming when referring to development technologies ... you were spot on when you replied to my comments in the HTML5 & CSS3 series about JAVA and JavaScript being totally different species. I guess I need to be as exact in my technology references as when I am writing code. I had intended to mean this "stuff" when I referred to needing some tuts in JAVA  Smiley  It's all in the branding ... sort of like the twist in the term "right to work" state.

    Oh, and my comment on MS was also intended as a side hand complement. After years in the corporate environment I must admit that I would not be able to do the things I have done in my life, meet the people I have come to know well, and have half the information I have gained without the opportunity to work for and the financial support of a major corp. The 'struggle' always comes from within over our independence of direction and the propagation of our ideas. Everything I developed during my time inside became 'intellectual property' of the company, and although I didn't mind that aspect so much, there were times I wanted to get a little credit for an innovative idea and be able to pass it along to others without entanglements.

    I believe MS has taken a very positive position on software development. Having worked with VS's C#, VB, and more currently web developer, I applauded their responsiveness to new technologies, unlike Apple who seems to want to control everything from a to z. It is probably why only real hard core Apple fans still tout their OS. I have helped to establish computer systems for numerous small business concerns, and have yet to find as much relevant software available for other OS as I have been able to employ for MS systems.

    PS. I took a look at your web site, very nice, and am considering getting on board. However, since it is just me, and I no longer have corporate funds, a staff of IT people, or a group of programmers, I  have to keep my budget low since it all comes out of my pocket now. I will work on 'holding' some back each month to go towards a 'lifetime' sub. 

  • Where to Go From Here - 21

    I just finished the series and I really enjoyed your presentations. Your approach is easy and relaxed which kept me from feeling anxious about all the changes I needed to get updated on. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? You certainly have a knack for doing so!!!

    However, I am still lacking in my knowledge of JAVA, so now it's on to some of your JAVA tuts!

    PS. I worked for ATT for years then went out on my own before I retired, so I understand your struggle with MS and good pay vs. doing your own thing!

  • Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3 - 03

    GREAT! In addition to the other great CSS tricks you gave, this lesson solved my problem with centering ASP:  items on a page ... neat trick that 'auto', THANKS! ... oh, I also changed the master page to <!DOCTYPE html> Wink ... the original site was started in VS 2008 using the 'STRICT' version before migrating it to 2012.


  • Series Introduction - 01


    Thanks for putting this together. I have been working with Visual Basic since Ver. 1.0 (I was almost a kid back then and I am 63 now) and bought the first version of Visual Studio that followed later. I have watch the continued improvement of Microsoft development products over the years and have to say I am very impress with the latest VS additions. I have been reluctant to "upgrade" myself but recently I have been using VS 2012, mostly the web developer, and have discovered some changes in HTML elements for HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets that I was not aware of while in my reluctant mode. I started writing code like I always have and I kept seeing errors pop up for the <center> element. It took me some browsing forums to discover <center> has been replaced by CSS settings. Since I have started using the new HTML 5 and CSSs I am still having some problems getting a few things to center on a page without <center>, especially ASP.NET Wizards, but I am hoping your tutorials will help me understand the new arrangements better.

    Thanks for lending a hand to an old dude that wants to get up to speed!