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David Kean is a developer on the .NET Framework team at Microsoft, where he works on the Bass Class Library (BCL) team which owns primitives (such as String and Int32), collections, diagnostics, I/O, resources, Reflection, and the Managed Extensibility Framework. Prior to that, he worked on the often well-loved but also greatly-misunderstood tool, FxCop and its related sibling, Visual Studio Code Analysis. Originating from Melbourne Australia, he is now based in Seattle, Washington, with his wife Lucy and two children, Jack and Sarah. He can be found blogging on http://davesbox.com.


  • .NET 4.5: David Kean and Mircea Trofin - Portable Libraries

    AceHack: For the current split there are no perf gains or changes to the way assemblies are loaded. However, this split sets us up to improve this in the future (for example, you could imagine that we could replace the under pinnings of Reflection with something like CCI).

  • .NET 4.5: David Kean and Mircea Trofin - Portable Libraries

    Jedrek: While the Portable Library encourages binary compatibility because it makes deployment and testing easier, nothing stops you from shipping a portable library in source form like existing open source libraries. All we're about, is making it easier for the developer to target a given set of APIs that are known to run on their targeted platforms (if other/newer platforms happen to support those APIs, even better).

    CKurt: Currently the compiler warnings you'd like are errors around missing members & types. :)Thanks for the great suggestion though, I'll take it back to the team.

    petr: Thanks for watching. Sounds like you've had a bit of experience around this sort of thing in the past. Download the bits and tell what you think.

    compupc1: There are no current plans to support .NET Compact Framework with the Portable Library.

    felix9: My team doesn't actually work on the XAML technologies, I'd recommend asking your question around XAML compatibility over on the Metro apps forums over at: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-us/category/windowsapps.

    Shaggygi: Plans with Mono changed a little when Novell was acquired earlier this year. We're still talking around this, however, I don't know of any firm dates around when this would be fully supported.

  • TWC9: ​AutoTune.​NET, Portable Libraries, Facebook + Azure, SQLR2 BI,

    compupc1: I'd love to get in contact with you to talk about your scenarios - give me a shout, david DOT kean AT microsoft dot com.