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  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    We had Mike presenting a more detailed version of his Flash to Silverlight adventure last week at the Portland SLUG. What I liked was that he spent no time badmouthing Adobe's platform but instead presented the strenghts of each. Of course, as he mentioned, he finds the Silvelight platform a better alternative and he explained why.


    At the meeting we had a few long-time Flash experts present and they, as Mike said, kept the spill honest. It was interesting to see their reactions and their curiosity aroused by the presentation. They were definitely interested in learning more about Silverlight. I think that is a testament to Mike's clout and credibility in the Flash community and the way he is handling the evangelism part so that it entices that them to at least take a closer, open-minded look at Silverlight.


    Nice show. Thanks!

  • Silverlight TV Episode 1: The Joys of Trusted ​Out-of-​Browser Applications

    Loved the relaxed atmosphere and the honest presentation. Those goofs in starting the application from the debugger are very useful because we will all hit them, and seeing what to do is just as useful. Very nice! Thanks John for this great idea.


    Now if you guys would only stop teasing us with this MIX will the awesomest thing ever, ever.... (just kidding, but the anticipation is building.)