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  • VSTS Work Item Rules

    Nice. This will be handy.

    That said, there is/was much value in VSTS creating the "Best Practise" template that works for most people. So many teams create customisations & processes that actually slow them down. (eg: Changes that kept one guy happy who thought it was a good idea, but now he has left the team ;)  )

  • Azure Managed Disks demo

    In your demo you created 10 and 20GB Disks. 

    If I understand correctly Managed disks charge for the size provisioned which is rounded up to the next 32, 64, 128, 512 or 1024GB. Why would you create anything other than the full size you are paying for? 

    With unmanaged disks you paid for Data Stored so it made more sense to restrict disk size in the hope that it compelled some staff to tidy up after themselves.

  • Introducing Redgate Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017

    This seems like a huge step backward. The "Numbered based Migrations" approach have all sorts of limitations that Database Projects solved. 
    In particular. 

    1. Ability to compensate for "drift" in Production systems. eg: Changes to production that didn't go thru the release process that cause the new release scripts to fail. (not supposed to happen in a rigorous DevOps shop, but does.)
    2. The inability to detect that some "migrations" make some older Migrations redundant. eg: Migration 10 adds a column, Migration 12 Indexes the column, Migration 31 drops the table as it is no longer required. (You still have to execute all of them even though only the last change is needed.)
    3. Using the query parser of a real instance of SQL Server to validate & generate the correct SQL for the SQL Target (Retail SQL or Azure DB)

    Don't get me wrong RedGate make some handy tools, but the "Migrations" pattern common in most ISV tools is vastly inferior & I'm concerned that MSFT might stop developing Database projects as the Dev Team incorrectly assume they have a new product that fits the DBA DevOps need. 


  • Memory Optimizing Temporary Data Structures

    Scott, Excellent as always.

    Always good to see how different new features of a release can be combined in non-obvious ways to create great new patterns. 

    Thanks Jos.

    PS: Good set of blog posts. 

  • SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor - code named "DBA Workbench"

    Interesting tool.

    1. It is handy to know see the issues by version, so you can see how many versions you could upgrade a database before running into issues.

      That said, often the complexity arises when a solution comprises of multiple SQL servers. So the upgrade has dependencies on a Mirrored Cluster with Log-Shipping, replicated to a Reporting / DW. Some distributed queries & Service Broker in the mix as well.  
      The order you upgrade becomes vital if you don't want to rebuild everything

    2. Personally I find the older style Azure Portal much easier to use & find things than the "New Look" Azure portal. 

    3. I'd also like to have the results export direct to a SQL Database Table of my choosing rather than load to Excel & import. 

    4. I'd also hope you follow the lead of the Best Practice Analyzer in Windows Server's Server Manager tool. When it displays an error.  I get a link to a web page. This gives me background on the issues & step by step instructions on how to fix it. Often with either screenshots or Powershell commands. 
  • SQL Server 2016 Managed Backup

    Xin Jin,

       I would like this feature to be optimized for bandwidth sensitive sites too. 
    Would it be possible to skip a backup if nothing has changed?

          Full Backup Daily, Log Backup scheduled every 2 hours. But this is a 9-5 Mon-Fri operation. Outside of those hours no data modification happens, but maybe an occasional query. 

    Could you check the LSN against the LSN of the prior Backup. And just skip the operation if not required? 
    Clearly its not a huge win for a log backups but it may reduce clutter in tables that track the backups taken. 
    Avoiding the unnecessary backups on Sat & Sun could result in a 28.5% saving in bandwidth & storage. 

    As much as we all like to get excited about 7*24 systems. There are still a large number of systems that are only active in office hours. Similarly there are tons of Reporting & DW systems that only get changed at night. 

  • Azure Machine Learning – An Overview of New Capabilities

    Be nice if this had a High Quality PC download. Will it be available soon? 

  • Introduction to Azure Batch with Mark Scurrell

    Most of the Use Cases you gave are floating point & fairly easy to scale out to massively parallel operations. Ideal for the GPU's & their associated data libraries, Nvidia (CUDA) or AMD (Bolt C++)

    eg: One workstation with four Nvidia GTX Titan X cards provides 23,040 cores, I would need 2,880 A4(8 core) VM's to reach a similar number.

    Clearly you are targeting the GPU based "super-computer" sweet spot with Azure batch.
    Has Azure or Azure Batch team looked at offering GPU accelerated VM's?


  • Introduction to Azure Stream Analytics with Santosh ​Balasubrama​nian

    Nice, Seems we've come full circle.
    Like SQL 2000's SQL Notification Services, it uses SQL Queries for rapid development. But takes advantage of Azure framework to overcomes the clunky setup the plagued SQL NS.

  • Bing Code Search

    I installed this a while ago but it doesn't display in the intellisense menu.

    I believe there is an issue with Resharper. It adjusts the focus on the intellisense menu to suggest the most likely option based on what you are doing / have do before.

    Be nice if they could co-exist together.

  • Getting Started: Siena 101

    Constraining the images to be contained in an image library seems quite a limitation.
    Personal Libraries lock you into a single User.
    Public Libraries solve that issue but are limited to a single drive. Often the C Drive, often quite full.
    Much more flexible to have an option to point to any file location. That way I could access images from a large cheap external USB drive or fileserver.

  • Introducing File Nesting extension for Visual Studio


    Will this be part of next release of Web Essentials?  Or do you plant to keep it separate?

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