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  • XAML and Experience per Watt

    You say WPF isn't dead but then you don't provide a single example of an improvement, bug fix, nor road map on what your plans are. Considering the lack of progress with WPF since you killed it at Build 2011 understand why it's hard for developers to believe you.

  • What's New in XAML

    , Charles wrote


    Yes. There are.


    It's what the interns get to work on when they're not making demo apps or creating documentation for the MSDN library. Smiley

  • Miguel de Icaza: Mono, Open Source, Visual Studio, and Xamarin

    Microsoft should just hand over the entire developer stack to Miguel. He gets it. Help the developer write great software for the customer rather than help Company X sell more devices, OS licenses, and/or advertisements. Glad there are people like Miguel working in this space.

  • Git Support Added to Visual Studio and TFS

    @martinwoodward: Awesome stuff! I might have to change my alias here if you keep this kind of great work up. Office on iOS and Android? TFS & VS supporting GIT? What is the world coming to?!?!? Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    Putting on my favorite fall edition Microsoft Apologist Hat I'd have to say that this is Microsoft providing another option to JS and not trying to herald in "the one true scripting language". It's all about tools and options and not knowing what to trust will be around in a year or two. Wink

  • John Sheehan: Windows 8 Platform

    , Charles wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Your opinion is not based on actually developing on the platform. This is just hot air...


    That's strange; most people I know call it common sense. Even having the most joyful development experience does not mean your work won't get stuck on an island of Windows Store app fail.

    , JoshRoss wrote

    I can see two issues here, and I don't expect either to be addressed here. First that the Windows store is terrible. I find it amazing how terrible it is. Sure things like this are subjective, but they are no more so than the recognition that Gerard Depardieu has a big nose.

    Secondly, Visual Studio 2012 has fallen down the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down -- again, another perfectly good example of subjectivity.

    Both of which are so blatantly obvious that they will likely get patched out-of-cycle. Regardless, I believe that connect is a better venue for these kind of observations


    LOL! That's a great Connect feedback. Too bad they closed it already. Denial is bliss.

  • John Sheehan: Windows 8 Platform

    @jaimer:I have the RTM bits installed on a desktop PC and tablet. It still feels like a beta. Lots of unexpected white screen repainting in Windows Store IE -- needs more work like so many others things.

    My point above is why would I want to quit watching videos and start developing apps for W8 (as John conveyed in the video) if only to be locked into such an unfinished product? This is especially true of the Windows Store app side of the house. Are the dev tools and WinRT much more refined than W8 itself and the apps that Microsoft as provided to date? If the front door is shabby I'm going to be hesitant to enter the building. Just eyeballing around VS 2012 I am lost amongst the wireframe-esk new stark look -- visual cues are all but gone. But hey it does look "MODERN"...

    If W8 fails to take off on the Windows Store app side of the house I really don't want to be trapped on that island of fail. Just my opinion...

  • John Sheehan: Windows 8 Platform

    Let's see... I want to build a W8 app because as a developer I love the new simplified WinRT over the old Win32s that I wasn't using directly and because WPF/SL was so hard? Oh and I want to limit my application's reach to W8 PCs because WinRT is locked into W8? Sounds encouraging! When is the beta test over?

  • Code Snippets for Windows Store Apps

    I think this little article sums it up well. And here I though Microsoft couldn't make people any more confused on their branding than in the past. How wrong I was... Perplexed

  • Code Snippets for Windows Store Apps

    What's a Windows Store App? Is that like a desktop app that I find in the Windows Store? You know the kind that links back to the developer's web site so you can purchase the app? Are these snippets helpful for those kind of apps? Perplexed

  • Channel 9 now has a Windows 8 app!

    I'm guessing either this app is dead or you guys got sucked into the W8 release abyss. Hope to see this app in the store soon.

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: SlowCheetah