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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Inspiration

    With the Olympics ending I was getting a little depressed. These past two weeks watching these inspiring athletes performing magnificent feats at their maximum potential certainly has had a positive effect on my performance as a programmer. Fortunately I happened to stumble upon Joel Runyan's blog and this particular post. Thought I'd share it for those looking for new inspiration post-Olympics.

    *EDIT* Be sure not to miss the follow up to the story. It has a few great points too.

  • Live Mesh - RIP

    @Craig_Matthews: ROFL! Microsoft needs to hire Captain Obvious.

  • Live Mesh - RIP

    Looks like it's end-of-life for Live Mesh. Too bad they couldn't wait until the SkyDrive client had comparable features. The original mesh client was fantastic. Then they merged it with Live Sync and threw out some features. Now SkyDrive takes it place with even less features. Can't wait for the migration to Windows-8-style-UI apps...

    "Microsoft - Where Less is More!"

  • MSBuild 2012

    @Harlequin: Didn't you hear? They think they're Apple now. Perplexed

  • MSBuild 2012

    , TexasToast wrote

    They are already SOLD OUT !   Who says there is a recession.   People have money to drop.

    It's my understanding that the seats were limited compared to last year's build in Anaheim. When they only offer the early bird special to the first 500 people that says a lot about capacity.

  • Acer CEO warns Microsoft to 'think twice' about its Surface plans (source: The Verge)

    , AndyC wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Your missing the point. The Surface itself doesn't need to outsell the iPad. It's not like Zune vs iPod. What it needs to do is raise the bar for Windows devices, so that the platform as a whole is seen as a viable competitor. The fact that Acer are clearly worried that they won't be able to produce high enough quality devices is a sign that it's making the impact it really needs to.

    My bad. I forgot the only thing you have to do in life is die. You don't need to outsell the iPad. You're right.

    The Zune was supposed to raise the bar for MP3 players using Microsoft DRM and selling Microsoft media services. That worked well. Perplexed

    WP7 (and mango after that, and Nokia after that -- you know "quality") was supposed to make Microsoft a viable competitor in the smartphone space. That worked well too. Expressionless Now all hope in on WP8 -- the latest savior. -- Oh I mean "viable competitor".

    I don't think it's me who is missing the point...

  • Acer CEO warns Microsoft to 'think twice' about its Surface plans (source: The Verge)

    , JohnAskew wrote

    @wkempf: Oh, I see that point.

    Zune was a day late vs. iPod, as was Windows Phone vs. iPhone, etc...

    There are connectors on nearly all music hardware for iPods, but nothing for Zune. I get the point.

    Surface is not going to replace iPads, but some of us are looking for laptop replacements running Windows... I think that's a very large and ready market.

    So I don't think Microsoft needs to perform any magic to sell Surface tablets, at least not the Pro.

    I think both of those 'hooks' are still valid, but that's no way to sell product, I agree.

    The hooks aren't valid when pushing Windows RT tablets that go head-to-head with the iPad. The only leg up that Windows RT has is embedded MS Office but it has a ton of negatives including a much smaller catalog of apps. As for the "Pro" it's my understanding it won't be available until the first of the year. While I agree it makes a great laptop replacement I think if Microsoft overprices it they loose out to the iPad even if they are different beasts. People are already accommodating the iPad's shortfalls just like people have accepted MP3's poorer quality when compared to a CD. The real wildcard here is if Microsoft releases an iOS version of Office. I hope they do -- put the fire to the feet of the Windows group and make them stand on their own.

  • Acer CEO warns Microsoft to 'think twice' about its Surface plans (source: The Verge)

    @JohnAskew: I didn't say Microsoft's hardware sucks or even the design. I also didn't say Acer's hardware nor designs were great. I said Microsoft failed to connect with consumers. So far Microsoft's and the OEM's connection with consumers has been "because we're less expensive" and "because this is what you use at work". IMO both of these hooks are out the window when it comes to W8, Surface, etc.

  • So, what's up with the Expression suite?

    , brian.shapiro wrote


    You don't have to use a ribbon either...

    Yeah the only thing you have to do in life is die. Microsoft should trademark that.

  • Acer CEO warns Microsoft to 'think twice' about its Surface plans (source: The Verge)

    I don't think Acer and the OEMs have much to worry about considering how well the Zune and Kin did. The Zune HD was better than anything else out there and Microsoft still failed to connect with consumers.