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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Ok cool - IDA pro FTW Smiley - INVALID_IO_BOOST_STATE is apparently one of the new integrity checking bugchecks in Windows8 to check that drivers are behaving properly.

    It occurs when IO-boosting is applied to a thread which then dies before the IO-boosting is yielded, typically as a result of a resource lock being obtained and then released.

    Windows7 didn't bother to check for this eventuality, so your buggy driver would have just sat there as a ticking timebomb leaking non-paged memory every now and then and occasionally bugchecking your system. In Windows8 the driver's misdeeds are detected when the thread that owns the lock is torn down.

    Thanks for the details. Not a great experience on a clean install especially using all out-of-box certified & signed drivers. I didn't even have a chance to install anything on it before it BSOD'd. I don't think grandma is gonna care whose to blame here. She'll just go buy an iPad. Perplexed

  • Oh SkyDrive... Why hast thou forsaken me?

    Microsoft lies again. With Windows RTM installed and the latest Skydrive client the Unlink account option is unavailable and the setting screen states:

    Unlink SkyDrive

    This option is unavailable because you're signed in on this PC with a

    Microsoft account. If you want to use a different account with SkyDrive,

    sign in on this PC with a different Microsoft account or add an account on

    this PC with the email address you want to use.

    Bug my a$$... More "no compromise" brought to you by Microsoft...

    Microsoft hates power users I guess. Bye SkyDrive; it was nice knowing you.


  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    Wow! Big improvements in W8 RTM! I upgraded my build tablet (uber clean, all partitions deleted, install from USB) to W8 Enterprise RTM about an hour ago I just experienced my first BSOD -- "INVALID_IO_BOOST_STATE" No W8 wasn't rushed out the door... Exciting days to come! Can't wait for WP8 based on the same kernel...

  • Surface for $199 - get real

    Now that would make sense. Flood the market with Windows RT and the devs would follow. Keeps the "because it's less expensive" hook too. Even if they did it for a limited time (say 30 days) and with a realistic inventory (IOW not running out in 2 days) I think it would be a smart thing.

  • So I finally got round to trying Win8 on hardware

    , JeremyJ wrote

    @Dr Herbie:  You really shouldn't base your opinions off of sub-par hardware with a terrible touch screen.  Good hardware makes all of the difference. 

    You are also complaining about not knowing where things are.  How long does that last?  Once you figure it out, then you know it.  Should I really have to point that out?

    I am getting so tired of all of this chatter about "OMG it is different than what I am used to... get off my lawn!!!"  If change is so hard for all of the complainers then should you really be using any technology?  It moves so fast and is constantly changing.  I didn't hear this much whining when people switched from dumb phones to smart phones and that was a much bigger leap.

    Likewise I am so tired of people dismissing valid complaints as "whining". It's even more insulting with your correlation that those with complaints shouldn't be using technology in the first place. So if your opinion parallels Microsoft's sentiment with these complaints then Microsoft is about to insult a lot of people with the release of W8. Microsoft isn't going to win anyone over telling them "you're holding it wrong".

  • So I finally got round to trying Win8 on hardware

    , vesuvius wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: If I didn't know any better I'd say I had gone mad. DeathByVisua​lStudio is posting sedately and criticism is coming from places I never thought would.

    Even though it will cost $40 to upgrade, I am not telling any friends or family that they can get a really cheap upgrade for their Windows 7 laptops or computers to Windows 8.

    It is issues like these that make it certain that I will not be thanked, and instead will be asked how they get Windows 7 back.


    It's a mad, mad world. I concur with the non-upgrade approach -- god knows I don't want to have to educate these people. I already got an earful from the GF for upgrading the shared computer at home. I'll let friends & family run into the Windows 8 UI when they buy their first touch based device.

  • So I finally got round to trying Win8 on hardware

    Glad to see I'm not so alone after all. By and far W8 on a tablet is a much better experience than a desktop. What's strange is that when I have my tablet docked with mouse & keyboard I rarely use the touchscreen. So for me the only benefit of W8's touch interface is when I'm mobile with the tablet which is about 20% of the time. The rest of the time I'm stuck with the joys of the "no compromise" mouse/keyboard support.

  • Inspiration

    With the Olympics ending I was getting a little depressed. These past two weeks watching these inspiring athletes performing magnificent feats at their maximum potential certainly has had a positive effect on my performance as a programmer. Fortunately I happened to stumble upon Joel Runyan's blog and this particular post. Thought I'd share it for those looking for new inspiration post-Olympics.

    *EDIT* Be sure not to miss the follow up to the story. It has a few great points too.

  • Live Mesh - RIP

    @Craig_Matthews: ROFL! Microsoft needs to hire Captain Obvious.

  • Live Mesh - RIP

    Looks like it's end-of-life for Live Mesh. Too bad they couldn't wait until the SkyDrive client had comparable features. The original mesh client was fantastic. Then they merged it with Live Sync and threw out some features. Now SkyDrive takes it place with even less features. Can't wait for the migration to Windows-8-style-UI apps...

    "Microsoft - Where Less is More!"