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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Why does Microsoft hate Visio?

    I try and use the Office drawing tools or the drawing tools in OneNote (no grouping of shapes, ug!) and always go back to Visio because it's faster and easier. I know I don't use more than 10% of Visio's power but I'd like Microsoft to keep it (or its drawing paradigm) around for awhile. It would be nice if Microsoft unified Visio basic drawing + Office drawing + OneNote drawing into all of their Office apps someday.

  • Censorship or bug?

    I made two posts in the Coffeehouse forum yesterday and now they are both gone. I even edited one of them. They were in these threads:

    I'm located near Portland, OR and the globe at the top of the page says the server is in North Central US if that helps.

    Also I noticed when I click on the Forums link above the "Start A New Thread" title the list of the forums does not include Coffeehouse. Are you discontinuing this forum? It's still listed in the Forum menu at the top of the page but if you click on just "Forums" you get the same abbreviated list.

  • How to close Metro Apps???

    , meee wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: You can always remove a "App" from the "swype list" by pullung the top to the bottom. Either by mouse or by touch. This can become a "tricky two finger move" with slow and small trackpads - guess they have to work this one out Wink

    Old news. Glad they fixed it in the CP. Now if they would only fix the Win + Tab task list which is nothing more than an MRU of most recently run apps (limited to vertical screen space) rather than a full list of running tasks. Add the "x" to close (save a mouse click) and task management would be a winner.

  • The Radio


  • Way to ruin Skype, Microsoft

    Words With Friends deja vu?

  • Kogan slaps 6.8% 'tax' on IE7 users

    You know I don't like a lot of things Microsoft does these days but this kind of anything-but-Microsoft approach is very adolescent to say the least. Hate on Sinofsky or Ballmer but IE is a viable browser. It should be in the list of "better" browsers

  • File management? Shove it!

    , PaoloM wrote


    Then you only know power (or experienced) users. Hey, everyone I know is a wiz at organization, but sometimes I provide "tech support" Smiley for friends of my wife and what I see are completely flat My Documents folders and the only structures in Photos and Music are provided by import tools like WLPG or iTunes or WMP burning CDs.

    Normal users, in general, do not want to think about post-inception tasks (like manual tagging, renaming or shuffling across folders), they just want to get on with their lives.

    (disclosure: I'm a compulsive tagger and organizer, bordering on some medical condition Smiley)

    I don't think there's anyone in tech that doesn't provide support for friends an family to some degree or another. You certainly don't comer the market on experience with the less then advanced user. My experience has been similar to both spivonious and MasterPie. Jumplists & app MRU lists seem to be the most common means for opening a document that I see and especially true for those with Windows 7.

  • NPR app

    Here's one case where I wish I had a WP. The NPR app on Android sucks. It's hard enough to get the damn thing to stream.

  • File management? Shove it!

    , Bas wrote


    Yes. But then I'm not saying they shouldn't be implemented consistently and predictably, so I'm not sure what the point you're making is. Also, I wasn't talking about "right now", I was talking about a future in which the file system is abstracted away from users. Which is obviously not right now.

    I'm guess I'm trying respond with my points as they applies to multiple people here. Sorry if that wasn't more clear. I'd agree with everything you just said but the implementation needs to be solid and consistent whenever that day comes.


    , PaoloM wrote


    What is consistent between a photo and a song? Very little. Even their organization is very different...

    I didn't say they were. The tools (i.e. varied methods tags are supported) need to be consistent and predictable especially between apps of a particular object type. You wouldn't want tagging implemented differently between photo apps would you?


  • LightSwitch spews out HTML5, Google spews out yet another language, Blockly

    I think Hadi's point is a fair one (abet a colorful one).

    Having a path forward to a technology that Microsoft hasn't killed yet is a good thing and makes me want to take another look at LightSwitch. I bet the guys who came up the name for LightSwitch are kicking themselves...