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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Need urgent assistant on zip file.

    @cbae: "Unreliable" is just semantically incorrect. It's poorly implemented and makes it a pain to walk Joe-six-pack user though unzipping a file he downloaded from your website.

    The only question here is did Microsoft up the anti in W8 when it comes to downloaded zip files and blocking them? Like I said I don't have this problem on my W7 box.

  • **** move

    @wastingtimewithforums: Great arguments dude. Microsoft is trying to push people into the "new Windows" one little cut at a time. It doesn't matter what the data says. They're leveraging a captive install base to force a particular agenda (sound familiar?). Rather than build something that draws customers to it they just use a stick and say "look a carrot!" even though it's not a carrot but rather a boring potato (W8 on a desktop PC).

    All just my opinion of course. Smiley

  • Need urgent assistant on zip file.

    , GoddersUK wrote


    Yes, because opening a zip file isn't a basic feature that people will expect to just work Perplexed

    (And because opening a zip file in the 7zip UI is clearly a bazillion times more user friendly than opening a zip in the Windows Explorer UI Perplexed)

    C'mon now, "No Compromises" remember?

    They certainly could have made the unblock feature more discoverable. BTW I downloaded a few zipped files on my W7 box today and unzipped using the built-in stuff just fine. Maybe UAC level has something to do with it too.

  • The line must be drawn here ....

    @cbae: Squint really hard and you'll see I referred to cases where W8 was "good" and "great". Please show enough restraint to judge me on the full context of what I said rather than just the part that lends to your point.

    @elmer: No doubt about that. "Windows 8 - The I Don't Give a F* About the Desktop Edition". I suspect consumers who choose to buy a new desktop/laptop will be on the loosing end of things because it will ship with W8 and they won't think one way or another until it arrives. What's funny is that the "desktop/laptop disconnect" stems primarily from things they've removed and not a problem metro created. Hence my favorite expression for W8 - a thousand little cuts.

  • The line must be drawn here ....

    , cbae wrote


    I don't think what they're doing with Windows 8 is following anybody. You act like Metro on a  desktop computer is not only a stupid idea, but a radically stupid idea. Criticize the concept all you want, but at least have the backbone to give them credit for trying something that's never been done before.

    So if I don't give someone credit for trying a new, bad idea then I have no backbone?

    For clarification here's my complete opinion of metro on various hardware.

    • Metro on a tablet - good*
    • Metro + desktop** on a tablet - great
    • Metro + desktop** on a desktop PC - dumb

    * IMO Windows RT tablets will suffer from a lack of apps in comparison to their direct competitor the iPad. This would also be considered the "follower" implementation of W8 IMO and best provides the same pattern as the Zune and WP.

    **minus the incursion of metro on the desktop and other "No Compromise" removal of desktop features

  • The line must be drawn here ....

    Ballmer -- Enthusiastic as always but forgets that just because you say it's true doesn't make it so. IMO the W8 (everywhere) strategy is a repeat of the WP strategy which is a repeat of the Zune strategy. Be a follower, late to market, and try and cash in on the popularity that others have generated for something. How many times are we going to see this strategy implemented before the board finally hand Ballmer the pink slip?

  • **** move

    , spivonious wrote


    What does surprise me is MS shutting them down while Windows 7 is still in the general support phase. The security holes must be pretty gaping.

    That's pretty sad considering gadgets and sidebar were created after the "security is import" panic.

    "No Compromise" lalalalalalalala..... Smiley

  • The future prospect of Windows 8, today!

    @wastingtimewithforums: +1 Spot on. A thousand little cuts...

  • Will the need to buy new apps hurt Microsoft Surface?

    , evildictaitor wrote

    This is down to the developers. If you paid for angry birds on the iPhone, they might let you have the Win8 version for free. That's not really Microsoft's call though.

    While that may help the user make the decision it certainly still the user's call. If it's still too much of a pain to integrate heterogeneous devices then people will happily stay locked-in. Microsoft is late to the tablet game (and the phone game before it) -- their call. That's going to make an investment in the WindowsRT tablets difficult unless some shims like BlueStacks will let them bring their investment in other ecosystems with them.

    The days of eco-system lock-in are upon us...

  • You know that girl that gets another boyfriend right after a rejection? Any boyfriend?

    And sometimes a girl switches sides (especially when the boyfriend is micro soft)... Scared