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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • So Apple are pushing iPad in the Enterprise ...

    , PaoloM wrote


    For once, I agree.

    Welcome to the seller where we haters live Paolo. I'm glad to see you emulate my greatness.

  • VALUE -- keyword or ????

    Ah the new C9... home of the trolls, Microsoft Kool-Aid drinkers, and kids who need help with their homework. Perplexed

  • So Apple are pushing iPad in the Enterprise ...

    , JoshRoss wrote


    Microsoft put much more effort into standardizing C# than Sun did for Java. I wouldn't attribute the lack of uptake on linux, or MacOS for that matter, to some Microsoft anti-proliferation campaign. Rather, I would attribute it to an ABM-- anybody but Microsoft-- mentality among FOSS developers. Perception lags reality.


    I really don't know squat about Mono other than it's a Linux (and related) partial implementation of SL and the .NET stack but it was my impression that while Microsoft didn't try and kill it, it also didn't fund it. Now I know that's not the same thing as trying to get a language standardized but it certainly doesn't help C#'s adoption outside of the Windows world. If you've got no where to use C# other than Windows then what good is having it officially sanctioned as a standard? Marketing?

  • So Apple are pushing iPad in the Enterprise ...

    , Ray7 wrote


    Or perhaps it's all about locking them into a skill that can't really be transferred anywhere else. If it's the latter then I'm not sure that MacRuby will be seen as favourably inside Apple.

    Like C# as it relates to Java?

  • Avengers Assemble

    I'm with ya man! Let's kick arse!

  • So Apple are pushing iPad in the Enterprise ...

    @AndyC: I think the difference this time around is that business are already using iDevices in the enterprise and Apple is going to make that even easier. The iDevices don't compete directly with PC so their not currently looked at as an either/or choice; they are special purpose. Ultimately Apple sneaks in the enterprise by showing that these "special purpose" implementation negates the need for a PC in many jobs. That's a far cry from Apple pushing enterprise servers.

  • Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen

    @Blue Ink: That's strange. I was doing network and desktop support back then and I had quite the opposite experience. People kept begging for the upgrade to Win95. A few needed help finding their stuff but it's not the "OMG my eyes are bleeding" kind of reaction I'm getting from my friends and family over W8.

    So if we apply your same reasoning over WP7 people will just get over it and eventually those things will be flying off the shelves right?

  • So Apple are pushing iPad in the Enterprise ...

    I've said for awhile now that Microsoft needed to get a tablet out sooner than later (i.e. using WP7 instead of W8) because the enterprise wasn't going to sit around and wait. iPads and other tablets would trickle in and enterprise customers would start finding ways to use them. I'm sure we've all seen plenty of example of restaurants, concierges, and small mom & pop businesses using iPhones, iPods, and tablets for POS and hospitality, etc. My Android app customers are small to mid-size businesses. It was only a matter of time before enterprises got past the IT naysayers and starting using them to solve problems. None of this should come to any surprise to Microsoft and the W8 team if a nit-wit like me could see this coming. At this point I think they can only hope their bet on W8 pays off because it's way too late to change strategies now unless that new strategy is a game changer like the original iPhone (and I just don't think Microsoft has that in them).

  • Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen

    @Blue Ink: What plant are you from? Windows 95 was a huge hit. I was a big fan of Microsoft back then. And I loved that Eddie Brickell track.

    It'll be interesting to see the RC in June if Microsoft is able to make their crappy Metro apps included in the CP tolerable (IOW something better than what's available on the iPad). I don't expect they're going to get much help from third-parties. IMO they'll start out by operating much like Nintendo and their quest for good third party apps.

  • Windows 8 Start Bar - Final Decision

    Of course they weren't going to reverse their decision -- remember "No Compromises"? Tongue Out