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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • You know that girl that gets another boyfriend right after a rejection? Any boyfriend?

    And sometimes a girl switches sides (especially when the boyfriend is micro soft)... Scared

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade - $40

    , wastingtimewithforums wrote


    Why are you happy? It's still Windows 8 after all.

    It's a nice gesture on their part to basically say (IMO) that "Sorry we screwed W8 up for desktop users; here's $100 off for your trouble." It also helps that Start8 will support "boot to desktop"  in the future. I now have a path forward to gain all of the performance improvements of W8 with none of the metro pain on the desktop.

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade - $40

    , AndyC wrote


    It's also notable that the endless stream of Win 8 bashing in the Building 8 blog comments seems to have suddenly silenced at the realisation it's not going to cost an arm and a leg.

    Or maybe they realized Microsoft isn't listening and gave up.

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade - $40

    , contextfree` wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: See, your new avatar is working. The power of positive thinking!

    I take a balanced approach to everything. Wink

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade - $40

    They priced it at $40 for one reason only: they wanted to make me happy (just me of course, F all of the rest of ya. Smiley )

  • Interesting question

    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    And your source for this information is ... ?

    Common sense.

    And there you go... Game, set, match. You'll continue to decry the obviousness of the elephant in the room by attacking its truck, its tail, its ears but you refuse to see the elephant as a whole. 

    No one is suggesting that renewables are superior today to petrol. Your comparison of the two technologies in their current form is ridiculous (amongst other statements like for every one public sector job that is created two private sector jobs are lost -- how about for every new public sector job a consumer is created that produces the need for more private sector jobs?). How many trillions of dollars have going into the development of petrol? Renewable have a long way to go before they are as mature as petrol but I'm happy to see the quick progress being made because of the investments both individuals and nations are making. Oil and related technologies have a limited future. Renewables do not (hence the name -- you know common sense like and all).

    If you want to count every ancillary cost then you also have to include the cost of wars and lives fought over oil. Renewables like wind and solar are readily available to all. No haves & have nots; no power base that can be leveraged.

    And that's where I'm going to end my contribution to this ridiculous thread. I'm sorry you are so limited in your vision of the future.

    BTW, I hope for your own safety that you have rid yourself of all cell phones, laptops, etc. that are in your possession as it's pretty irrefutable by your account on how dangerous the are. Perplexed  

  • C# trivia question

    I work with guys I've shown things like ?? to but they still like writing statements like:

    if (isDirty != null && isDirty == true){

    Forget the adoption of ??; comparing a Boolean? They say that it's more readable. Ug...

    (Ok, a nullable Boolean is a bad example but you get what I mean.)

  • Interesting question

    @PaoloM: Awww... Thanks man. Big Smile

  • Interesting question

    I just got back from a road trip where we drove a 2012 Prius 3. We averaged 55 mpg and got 57 mpg on one tank. One of our stops (for coffee & sandwiches) was at this gas station in Eugene, Or. It was a thing of beauty. They had pumps for biodiesel, E85, diesel, regular gas, and all kinds of blends in between. This was a modern, clean gas station that you wouldn't know was a "hippie" gas station. The biodiesel was 10 cents more a gallon that the regular gas at the station next door. It's too bad diesels never took off here in the U.S. because Maddus is right -- they are better than a purely gas driven vehicle (though I'd argue that the Prius is equally as good). I'd gladly pay 10 cents more a gallon for biodiesel.

    Tesla recently unveiled it's new EV sedan that has a range of 265 miles and is a fully featured luxury car (read: heavy). They have a charging system that can recharge the batteries at a rate of 300 miles/hour. While it's way out of the price range for most it does show that a fully EV car with a gas car comparable range can be built today. They've figured out how to deal with all of the problems that prevent this from being a daily driver for many except one: refueling. Sure you can install a charging station at your house but who has a few extra thousand bucks lying around to do that? This is solvable (i.e. have the dealer bundle the install cost in the car price) but the automotive industry, builders, employers, and governments need to get behind it. The automotive industry needs to agree on a standard method of charging these vehicles. Homes should be built with charging station just like they include toilets today. Municipalities need to look at providing public charging stations throughout the city just like they provide parking meters. Employers should encourage EV usage by providing a few premium parking spots with charging stations (and getting a tax break for doing so).

    The battery/recycling "issue" is just a bunch of FUD. It's just another problem in need of a system to solve it just like the system Maddus included for a more efficient combustion engine. If anything the shift to EV will create badly needed jobs. We've had curb-side recycling here in the Northwest for decades and I am still amazed on how much of the U.S. hasn't followed suit. People are just so entirely lazy it's amazing. Just scrape off what you want from the top and discard the rest. It doesn't matter if in the long run that's less efficient or someone else will have to pay for it. Perplexed We have to learn to make the effort to do better with what we have.

    Speaking of... it looks like the Germans are having some success with solar power. While the investment is huge the long term gain will be substantial. You could say Microsoft has the same outlook on W8; maybe it won't be a hit right out of the gate but in the long run it's a direction they had to go to save themselves.

    Renewables, EVs, hybrids, supply chain -- yeah it's a mess right now but these are solvable problems that will produce jobs, reduce costs, cut pollution, and improve our lives (or maybe the lives of our children) in the long run.

    --- End of Rant 119291 ---


    And to answer the OP's question I'd buy the Ford Focus EV. I live 6 miles from work so distance is not an issue. That paired with the GF's Prius for range I'd be set. If I were single and had no kids I'd get a motorcycle and donor card.

  • C# trivia question

    Resharper taught me this trick some time ago. ?? is one of my best friends. I highly recommend having a good refactoring tool like Resharper riding shotgun as it can show you little gems like this.