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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • File management? Shove it!

    , cbae wrote


    Right-click has one function.  It brings up a context menu. Even idiots can be taught this.

    You're right. Thanks for showing that this is true. Smiley

  • File management? Shove it!

    , PaoloM wrote

    I am enjoying the nerd rage a lot lately... go on guys, keep pretending you're idiots just to score some... uhm... points?

    At least we're pretending...

  • File management? Shove it!

    , Bas wrote


    So when there was no longer a bouncing arrow next to the start menu that went "PRESS START TO BEGIN" in Windows 98, did you ignite into a similar fit of rage?

    Of course they didn't need that for Win98 because people learned from Win95 and the message in the first place. With this change there is no cue for the use. Just a vacuum.


    Of course you didn't. You knew how everything worked, just as you knew now that explorer was still there and that you could easily launch it or pin it to the start menu or task bar yourself. You just chose to pretend that you were terribly confused by this change so that you could post another thread on C9 in another attempt at validation.


    Granny doesn't know how it works. What about her? Are you trying to say my Granny is stupid?!?!?!?

  • File management? Shove it!

    @Bas: IMO, it's not the new gymnastics that is the issue (though for my granny it might be). The real deal is the message it sends: The Desktop Is Dead. (or at least in some people's minds at Microsoft.) Again just my opinion...

  • The Windows 8 nadir

    I don't think anyone can argue that Microsoft needed to do a tablet OS (to follow the money). I do however disagree on how they've tried to accomplish it from two perspectives:

    1. As a consumer I do not like how they've compromised the desktop experience in what appears to be an effort to get people to dislike it enough that they start demanding touch. In addition the "Walls without Windows", "No Chrome Even If it Hurts", "Full of Compromise" that is metro IMO, still isn't as efficient as the desktop metaphor with the hardware most of us have in front of us today.
    2. As a developer I do not like the road they took to get to a tablet OS, how long it took them to get there, and the debris they left behind to do so. As I've said over and over and over again  sticking with SL, putting WP7 on a tablet, and start porting apps to SL (like they have for Android and iOS). They could have been to market long ago with a tablet story, avoided the whole debacle of SL/WPF's death, and had a nice desktop/tablet/phone/gaming system platform to write apps for to boot.

    I'm hoping the RP will change my mind here but from reading the W8 blogs I don't think there's enough there to change the fundamental issues I have with Microsoft's OS strategy.

  • Gentlemen start your downloads

    , spivonious wrote


    For the $15, you get upgraded to Win8 Pro with the Media Pack (WMC, DVD playback, etc.), even if the PC you bought came with Win7 Home Premium. Not such a bad deal, but I think I'll still wait for Windows 8 hardware to come out.

    Thanks spiv. So the $15 is to pay for the licensing for DVD playback, etc. That makes more sense. At least you get Pro with it. I hope they extend it back to all W7 purchasers. If they want to help fulfill Sinofsky's vision of 350 million W7 users as a customer base for W8 developers it would make sense rather than leave us with another version of "no comprimise". They gotta get enough momentum on W8 PC sales and upgrades to have a decent customer base for devs to be attracted to building metro apps.

  • File management? Shove it!

    A thousand little cuts...

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    It's infinity forced to fit inside a window. Very appropriate.

  • The Windows 8 nadir

    , elmer wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums:I suspect that Thurrott is on the money with his suggestion that MS has made a strategic decision to go-for-broke on the Consumer market, and accept any resulting fall-out on the legacy side.

    MS appears to believe that Business will stick with Win7, and hence is prepared to write off the legacy market options in Win8, forcing legacy apps to migrate during the Win8->Win9 cycle.

    Of course, MS will still "sell" Win8 to the Business market, who will simply use downgrade rights to get rid of those pesky Win8 pre-installs on their new hardware.

    We have already made the decision in our own offices, and we will not be implementing Win-8.

    Server-2012 we are yet to make a call on.

    I agree with your's and Thurrott's assessment. They tried it with Windows Phone. Why not with their bread-and-butter OS? Perplexed

  • The Windows 8 nadir

    , cbae wrote


    Except that nothing is taken away from the user's current house. It's only if he wants to move to a new house.

    Awesome. "Hey everybody with a mouse and keyboard! Microsoft doesn't want you to upgrade to Windows 8. You're handicapped mouse and keyboard ways are too gimp for the uber cool new metro..." Yeah that aught to win hearts & minds...

    Also that means retailers who sell W8 desktops with a mouse and keyboard are selling a bundle of a wheelchair with a ramp-less house. Sounds like another winning strategy...