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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Metro IE 10 - Flash lives! (maybe)

    , GoddersUK wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio:No Sad This is the worst possible outcome.

    Obviously I want Flash in my browser so the web isn't broken but I'm as keen for Flash to die as any man. Now, when flash does die, I won't be able to get rid of that security-hole-ridden browser-crashing PoS. And if updates have to come via MS, rather than Adobe, that's probably going to take too long and potentially lead to more of this kind of fiasco. And what happens when MS stop supporting it? (I have hideous memories of using computers running the MS VM for Java for years after it was discontinued)

    This means potentially unpatched flash installations are going to be sat on bajillions of computers around the world. And a flashback style attack on Windows would probably see more than just a few hundred thousand systems affected...


    Outside Apple's and Microsoft's control how many people actually keep their flash plug-ins up-to-date? There's no guarantees there either. Besides if Microsoft is as slow on getting updates out as Apple they deserve the bad PR.

    Also I think you missed this part:

    "So, Microsoft has extended the Internet Explorer Compatibility View list to include rules for popular Flash-based web sites that are known to meet certain criteria. That is, Flash is supported for only those popular but legacy web sites that need it. This feature is not broadly available for all sites"

    So you don't have to worry about all of those p0rn sites you visit as they won't be on the list. I'll just be happy that I don't have to "show in desktop" so much on my tablet.

    , spivonious wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: I think it's cool that Adobe provided the code to MS. While a Flash-less IE10 was a good idea, it's a little ahead of its time. I think we'll see it for good in Windows 9. I hope this means they can "integrate" Silverlight as well. The whole experience of dropping to the desktop for certain sites is annoying.

    My thoughts exactly. I use "show in desktop" way, way, way too much on my tablet. If they want to keep eyes focused on the new metro side of W8 they better try and keep them there.

  • Metro IE 10 - Flash lives! (maybe)

    , JoshRoss wrote


    Don't you mean WindowsRT

    I thought it was WindowsFRRRT. Whew! What's that smell? Scared

  • Metro IE 10 - Flash lives! (maybe)

    , cbae wrote

    Speaking of plugins...

    Sieg heil? That's the first thing that comes to mind. Great branding Yahoo. That dude in the video is creepy.

  • Metro IE 10 - Flash lives! (maybe)

    , JoshRoss wrote

    What's next, Java craplets, WildTangent, or Bonzi Buddy? On the plus side, since it is bundled with IE, I won't be prompted to update every month.


    Oh come on now Josh they need to be better than their competition and this is a great way to one up Apple. It's not like the IE team is busting out built-in full screen HTML5 video playback. I guess they are better with old standbys rather than new standards. Wink

    I hope they add back some form of accelerators too (and no not via the share charm that is how many clicks or keyboard shortcuts away? Highlight, hover, accelerate… done.)

  • Metro IE 10 - Flash lives! (maybe)

    I hope this good news turns out to be true. And if so a big THANK YOU out to the IE team!

    Where is EvilD when you need him? Smiley

  • Tit for tat?

    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    Then you are free to take them to court. Who am I going to take to court? Dutch government?

    Insurance companies have incentive to provide the best product, otherwise customers leave and the company goes out of business.

    LOL! That's rich! Best product? Hardly. It's strictly the most profit, not best product. Take them to court? Ha! How when you're already bankrupt from the medical costs unpaid by the insurance company?!?!?

    The grass isn't any greener over here where we have "choice". Typically you take what health insurance your employer offers because you aren't paid enough to go outside the coverage they offer. Employers of course want the cheapest health care plan -- not the best. It's even worse now with the economy the way it is because you can't just leave an employer over the quality of the health insurance because there are so few jobs out there. So much for your vision of "choice" here in America.


    They do get care, no? And if you as a paying customer don't mind paying the extra buck for a hospital that provides free services (not really free) for the poor, you can choose for that. I can't.

    Ah but yes they do get care; they can't be denied care if they go to an emergency room -- which charge outrageous fees for service. The latter of which ends up coming out of our pockets -- not by choice -- in the form of higher premiums.

    There are 30.000 uninsured people in Holland. They can't be denied treatment of any kind and they can't be forced to buy insurance, because they simply refuse to, even when it's law. What are we going to do, lock em up?

    It needs to be handled like a tax and taken out of their paychecks. Those that are obese, smoke, or do other things detrimental to their health or the health of others should pay a higher health tax rate.

  • Tit for tat?

    @Maddus Mattus: Denied benefits because the insurance company refuses to pay doesn't make winners out of consumers. And how are those left out of the system winners because they can't afford health insurance? They end up in the gutter rotting away or find their way to the emergency room (who cannot deny care). The latter ends up being a tax on the middle class because it raises their insurance premiums (to pay for the free emergency room treatment). Yeah the "free market" makes winners out of all of us.

  • Tit for tat?

    @Maddus Mattus: It doesn't have to be government run just government mandated (and supported where necessary).

    Also it doesn't have to be run by for-profit companies. Making money off the sick is just wrong. The only winners are the insurance companies and corporations that run the entities that provide the care. There are plenty of non-profit, non-government run hospitals in the U.S. that provide exceptional care.

  • Tit for tat?

    , Maddus Mattus wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: i would like to think i am a libertarian.

    I would like to think that we could all be part of the "try to do the right thing" party. That includes self, family, neighbors, and the rest of the world.

  • Visual Studio Express - End of Life

    @spivonious: If you're not growing you're dying hence "dead". Microsoft could have them using the latest stuff and also expose them to what they might encounter when they get a job.