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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • The Windows 8 nadir

    , cbae wrote


    As long as we're stuck in the mindset that keyboard+mouse can't be improved upon, it will be self-fulfilling prophecy.

    It's not a mindset. It's a reality. The vast majority of computer users have a mouse & keyboard. To give them a software solution that doesn't work as well with their input devices is a disservice to those users. Its like taking away the ramp access to a wheelchair user's house and saying "Your wheelchair will be replaced by superior artificial limbs someday. For now get used to the stairs."

  • Gentlemen start your downloads

    @Proton2: If you buy a PC with Windows 7 today, not if you've already purchased. In the past I thought it used to be free. Am I wrong?

  • Gentlemen start your downloads

    @Ian2: With past versions of Windows I thought those that purchased a Windows PC in that funky upgrade window prior to a new release got a coupon with that PC to get the upgrade for free. I know $14.99 isn't a lot but it's a step back if memory serves me correctly.

  • Tit for tat?

    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    correct, but you have to be very carefull with this one. Environmental regulations are a slippery slope. Usually they are not needed, because when people get richer and live longer they want a clean environment. Government regulation is often reactive, while market driven change is proactive.

    LOL! Rich want a clean environment? Sure in their private gardens, islands, and beach resorts. The rich (like the source of many of their wealth -- big business) care about one thing and one thing only: profit. A clean environment takes money and effort. It's a negative on the balance sheet. Are the wealthy lining up in droves for hybrid and/or EV vehicles (or at least demanding eco friendly version of SUVs and sports cars)? Do you see business installing anti-pollution devices on their smoke stacks by choice?

    Another name for the wealthy is "privileged". That accurately describes the entitlement many of them feel they have and why laws shouldn't apply to them.

    I'm not saying they are all evil but the majority certainly don't give a rats a$$ about the environment.

  • The Windows 8 nadir

    , battlebottle wrote



    It's most likely the same situation where when VS2010 was developed it worked in GDI mode and WPF mode up until near the very end until the finally removed all the GDI code that didn't have any purpose.

    That's not a fair comparison. The start menu is a feature and has a purpose; it's tangible to the user. GDI code in VS is an implementation detail and as such is not tangible to the user.

  • If you write on paper, how do you move things about?

    I write my ideas down on toilet paper because in the end they're only good for one thing... Scared

  • Tit for tat?

    100% Tit

    0% Tat

    Oh... I mean uh...

    76% Democratic

    76% Green

    56% Libertarian

    32% Republican

  • Tit for tat?

    So in summary:

    1. Socialism sucks and doesn't work because it bankrupts the country but many people benefit from it. (i.e. the Netherlands)
    2. Capitalism sucks and doesn't work because it bankrupts the country and few people benefit from it. (i.e. the U.S.)

    I guess we need to move on to a totalitarian dictatorship, communism, or something else. Smiley

  • Tit for tat?

    @cbae: That's the best post yet. Nicely done. It's funny but it does seem like Maddus, while living in a country that is doing well for its citizens overall, feels repressed by socialism and would rather have the ability to further his personal economic plight without regard to his fellow countrymen. Sounds like an American to me. Wink

  • Dead horses (fanbaby can't spell)

    , fanbaby wrote


    How, do you think, is Microsoft [Ballmer] envisioning the future? I cannot see this playing well with the web [in other words the web was, and still is kinda in conflict with Microsoft's business.]. The good time lasted (and is still lasting) from circa 1990 to a few years more.

    I would surmise Ballmer has been lost in knowing where to go with Microsoft and these stutters we've seen with their technology switches is part of that. I would however wholly disagree about web vs. xaml. While the web does have a vast array of open source APIs, libraries, etc. that can be useful people still prefer regular apps for their shiny iPhones rather than web apps. I abhor Google Docs with its wonky nature (even on Chrome) and much prefer desktop apps (even Open Office) over it. From a developer's perspective I much prefer xaml/C# over html5/JS. From what I've heard about the html5/JS/WinRT stack it doesn't get any better when coupled with a framework specific to the OS on which it's run.