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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Open letter to Microsoft: I'm jumping ship! ...and will no longer develop for your platform.

    @WhatDoYouMean: Awesome post! Makes me look like a saint! Wink "Sexual dance"?!?! WOWEE! Can't beat that.

  • Another "WTF, Microsoft?" move

    @cbae: I bet they'll put hooks in for Microsoft eco system stuff eventually because otherwise you're right it doesn't make sense. Also there's already a very mature app by the name of Locale that does what on{X} does already so I got to believe they are doing more that putting out a simple direct competitor to that.

  • Another "WTF, Microsoft?" move

    Awesome! Embrace the Android!

    All silliness aside I'm glad to see Microsoft breaking into new territory outside of Windows. Maybe it won't be "he who has the best walled garden" wins but rather "he who has the best reach" (not to be confused with "most" reach). Sure they could extend themselves too far but UI for one would love to too Microsoft's eco system spread out across OS's

  • Interesting Win8 PC form-factor from Acer

    , PaoloM wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: I don't hide what I think, true, but I base my opinions on trends and facts that are readily available to everyone.

    Which doesn't make them irrefutable. It's easy to have an opinion based on facts; it's more difficult to have a balanced opinion based on all of the facts.

    Also, not being obnoxious helps.

    I find you very obnoxious at times. I just try and refrain from labeling you.

  • Interesting Win8 PC form-factor from Acer

    @PaoloM: LOL, and you're sooooo not strongly opinionated...

    I don't have a problem with the bed I make. I think the hearty discussions we have (both the negative and positive) are a good thing. I also think it's a bad thing when people want only the unicorns and rainbows edition of opinion or for everyone to just lie down when a purported Microsoft "fact" is given (positive or negative).

  • Interesting Win8 PC form-factor from Acer

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Please stop trolling this thread -- I started a thread about a form-factor (not the processor choice) and you immediately went into your standard Moaning-Myrtle act by claiming it would be slow on ARM. AndyC pointed out some history and now you won't stop your pathological arguments and have thoroughly derailed the thread. Please stop.


    Seems to me I had a valid response to what others posted here. Funny how derailing the thread is all my fault. Felix is actually the one who mentioned that Acer said was slow on ARM. Oh well.

  • File management? Shove it!

    , AndyC wrote


    Ever had to explain that replacing their monitor won't make them lose the files on their desktop? Ever even tried to explain why, when opening a document from Hotmail, they need to save a copy somewhere otherwise it'll end up saved in some temporary folder and they'll never be able to find that version again?

    I'm sure you've dealt with users, but I don't think you've really dealt with the masses.

    Wow Andy you sure seem to know it all. Seems to me this attack is another example of you being part of the negativity here on these forums.

    For the record I was a help desk guy for many years. I helped people find icons on their desktop. I've answered the phone with users saying "My Microsoft isn't working". While these users do exist they by far weren't the majority.


    You've missed the point. Nobody cares what the application does with the files.

    Really? I thought they wanted to be able find their files and in some cases actually organize them but were just too lazy to do so. My bad.

  • Interesting Win8 PC form-factor from Acer

    , AndyC wrote


    If you replace desktops with tablets that are treated like desktops the moment they get docked, tablets need to be capable of acting like desktops. Nothing to do with touch, but then that's the entire point you have so far repeatedly missed about Windows 8.

    Right. Tolling. You take my point about touch not proliferating to the desktop as quickly as some say it will and spin it into this just to pick a fight. And I'm the problem here? My beef with Windows 8 and the desktop is how they've purposely made the use of the desktop more difficult by melding aspects of metro with it and making keyboard and mouse second class citizens in metro (or maybe the keyboard is a first class citizen now since you need to know so many keyboard shortcuts to be effective). I never said that a tablet having both a touch interface and an desktop interface was bad. Those are your words troller.


    Um, Windows has never previously run on ARM. So lets assume you mean RISC architectures. Like, er, Itanium. Which was introduced in exactly the Vista timeframe. So, um, yeah, pretty sure they've still considered the platform independence at every step. The only (released) version of Windows that never ran on a RISC platform was Windows 2000 and there were beta releases of that which did.

    You're massively overestimating how tied to x86 Windows actually is. It's really only application compatibility that keeps x86 even vaguely relevant.

    Yeah you're right I meant RISC. And yes I forgot about Itanium so yes the Windows core has the bits for RISC. (another example of being a man Andy -- admitting I was wrong -- do take note). Regardless IMO Felix has a point with performance which is echo'd by Acer. You added the missing bit -- apps. All-in-all the ARM story of W8 is still looking like one big mess. IMO it's just the doormat for Microsoft to wipe their feet when people complain that the x86 tablets are too bulky, heavy, noisy (or slow for Atom-based), and expensive. The Windows RT tablets are going to go head on with iPads with their only saving grace being they have Office pre-installed. If their performance sucks it won't take long for them to become the next Zune, Kin, or WP.

  • win8 gadgets?

    , Harlequin wrote

    Windows 8 supports desktop gadgets...

    And it also supports WPF and Silverlight. Smiley

  • Prometheus

    , Ian2 wrote

    What's all this about films coming out in the UK first nowadays?

    We get actors from Canada, TV shows from Britain, mix them all together and export them back to you as movies. Sounds like a win for the U.S. Plus we get the benefit of knowing of they suck before dropping our $10.