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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • File management? Shove it!

    @ScanIAm: Or doesn't work just like my SharePoint example hence vaporware...Bad results due to bad search terms or too many results returned. I think my GF said it best when I tried to teach her about tagging photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery: "Why do they make it so hard? I don't want to have to tag all my pictures only to have to search for my pictures later. I just want to go to the folder that I put them in." She hates computers BTW.

  • Great laugh to start the week out on...

    The bar has been raised since the tweet choir. From the Norwegian Developer's Conference...

    Microsoft sure knows how to party. Best part is about half-way through. Here's the highlights from NeoWin.

    Whoever is lining up the talent for these things should consider bringing back the Teletubies.

    Edit: Nice there's a ying & yang to life sometimes: Cee Lo Green opened for Microsoft's new store in NJ. Not bad Microsoft.

  • File management? Shove it!

    , AndyC wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Sharepoint is little more than a filesystem in that regards, it suffers exactly the same issues that any generic, user managed hierarchical filestore suffers. The problems you're seeing with users being unable to find things there are exactly the ones I'm talking about.

    Oh I get it. You're talking about vaporware; where content is created and with no user education nor input files magically are available in the context the user wants them.

  • File management? Shove it!

    @AndyC: No I'm not. As I said earlier...

    The organization of user files is only as good as the app they are using. That's my whole point. Moving from file system to tags & search is just moving the problem. If the OS and app support & implementation isn't there those that rely on the computer organizing things for them are going to be just as lost.

    It seems as though your assumption is that the system will organize their files for them. Search only works as well as the file is indexed. Countless times I've had to support users who can't find something on SharePoint because either they where not smart enough to pick the right search terms or there were too many documents returned based on their search scope. This only gets worse over time as documents accumulate in the data store.

    Search and the file system are both useful tools for users to organize and find their files. I just don't think the OS and apps are smart enough to do away with folders just yet. It's kind of like saying we're ready to forgo the mouse and keyboard because Siri is so bitchin' It's great until that's all you have to get things done.

  • File management? Shove it!

    , AndyC wrote

    @Craig_Matthews: You misunderstand the difference between being able to learn how to do something and actually having the desire to do so.

    Most people could learn how to do everything on the command line and get by perfectly well with just DOS, graphical environments succeeded because people didn't want to have to learn arcane commands to get things done. File management on the PC is never the task people are actually wanting to accomplish, it's is merely something the computer makes them learn how to do in order to deal with it's limitations.

    And tagging & search isn't what people want to learn either but they have to if they'll be successful in finding their files later. Until the computer mind-reading interface is complete there is always some amount of learning that is involved.

  • VS2012 Express for Windows Desktop Applications

    , magicalclick wrote



    but, can some body help me putting "My Computer" onto desktop? The new menu doesn't support this feature.

    You can open explorer and drag & drop a shortcut of "My Computer" to the desktop from there.

    , cbae wrote


    Ewww. To think you used to have an avatar of a snail outpacing a dude carrying VS2010. Wink

    I always found Eclipse much faster that VS; Especially VS 2008 -- that was beyond toad-like. I was quite surprised to see such a mammoth java based app work so well. IMO VS and it's lack of performance is do in part to Microsoft's reliance to Moore's Law. Just like the latest & greatest video game you need to have the latest & greatest CPU, etc. to run newer versions of VS without too much compromise. Even then DB development (build, deploy, rinse, repeat with tools, db, and the like on SSD) and just about any designer is still snail-like. Plus you have to invest in third-party tools like Resharper to get good refactoring support whereas in Eclipse a lot of that is baked-in. And yes even with Reshaper not installed VS is still a toad in many respects. But I digress... This is way off-topic for this thread. Thanks for getting me started cbae.

  • VS2012 Express for Windows Desktop Applications

    , kettch wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Right. I'll believe that when I see proof that the people complaining the loudest aren't the ones writing commercial applications using the free tools. I don't buy the students argument since students generally have access to MSDNAA.

    As a hobbyist, the last thing I want to be writing is a boring desktop application.

    I think you're scoping this too narrowly but that's my opinion. I don't feel like going down this negative path with you as in this case I actually agree with Microsoft. Now back to my Android development in my free Eclipse IDE...


  • VS2012 Express for Windows Desktop Applications

    , kettch wrote

    w00t! Now I can run my business without paying for the valuable tools that I use every day! Now all I need to do is figure out how to avoid paying rent, and I'll be rolling in profits. Tongue Out

    That's not the message I get from this announcement. What is says to me is that the desktop still matters to Microsoft and it's important to provide desktop development tools to students and hobbyist without having to play "hunt for the old version".  As long as they are developing for a current Microsoft platform it's a good thing for Microsoft. Now if they'd only announce improvements in SL and WPF... Smiley

  • VS2012 Express for Windows Desktop Applications

    SWEET! Thank you Microsoft!

  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    @PaoloM: "Also, not being obnoxious helps."

    I find your condescending tone quite obnoxious; especially when you infer that someone is inferior because they don't work like you do or like what you like.