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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    If you are using VS and you are bothered by the casing of the menu bar, maybe you are not that qualified to use VS...

    Now that's not condescending at all. Perplexed

    Yeah the VS team wastes so much time and resources putting in menus and other UI that no one who is qualified to use VS should need. I'm sure they did a study on it and that's why they're removing all of the UI. Oh wait...

    , brian.shapiro wrote

    Explorer in W8 needs to use all caps in the ribbon like I've seen in screenshots of Office 15.

    On that we can agree -- go all-in or go home. Either make a real metro implementation of the desktop and their apps that run on it or don't. Stop all-caps'ing things and calling that "metro".


  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    @cbae: LOL. Wouldn't it be great if you could just draw an app and it would come to life? Someday maybe...

  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    , Michael Butler wrote

    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I can't remember the last time I actually looked at the menu in Visual Studio. What with shortcut-keys and muscle memory, it's very rare that I focus my eyes on anything other than the code editor window or the solution explorer.


    Yeah nobody needs tools and menus anymore. We should all memorize every shortcut key VS has to offer. Then there would be no fussing about icon color nor menu casing. I guess that would give us something like this (but without the menu of course). Content is king! Perplexed

  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    @ScanIAm: Didn't you hear? They time bombed it. It's set to expire when W8 is release. OH NOOOOOOOZ!!!! Smiley

    You're either growing or dying...

  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    , wkempf wrote

    If someone simply said "I don't like it" I wouldn't be responding. But the anger, venom, etc. in a few hundred threads is unproductive, stupid, pointless, tedious, boring, etc.

    Do you honestly think Microsoft would have revisited the whole menu case issue with VS had it not been for all of the threads and all of the responses that were given on the subject? Sometimes just saying "I don't like this" isn't enough to be heard above all of the "you just don't like change" noise.

  • Open letter to Microsoft: I'm jumping ship! ...and will no longer develop for your platform.

    , wastingtimewithforums wrote


    Rule of suck: If the fantards talk about "too much negativity!" and "get used to change!", it's time to look out where the lifeboats are located.

    On that we can agree. I think statements like that don't help the discussion but rather are used to say "it's not open for discussion" and "any idea you have to the contrary is stupid".

    , cbae wrote

    If you're looking for somebody to hold your hand as you jump out of the building, you're looking in the wrong place. DeathByVisualStudio has been peering over the ledge for years apparently, and even he hasn't jumped yet. Smiley

    I still have customers on Windows. I'm not going to shoot them because I disagree with Microsoft's direction. I suspect that won't change until they run into the wall that is W8. I do love the fact that Blue Stacks will be pre-installed on at least one of the OEMs PCs and tablets (I can't remember if it's Acer, ASUS, or Samsung). That might provide a few more options for my customers.


  • Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS ​MENUS!!!!1!!​!

    , wkempf wrote

    @sysrpl:Really? Again? "Oh my F'n Gosh Darn, they moved my Cheese!!!!!"

    At least there was an attempt at making a salient argument about the color changes when folks claimed (without evidence) that the lack of visual cue from the colors would make them less efficient.

    And where is the evidence that removing the colors makes it more efficient? Change does come at an expense (both in re-learning the app and the cost of making the change in the first place) and it doesn't need to be for something so absurdly arbitrary like icon colors or menu casing.

    Here's my favorite part of the blog:

    We've chosen to use uppercase styling in the top menu for two main reasons: 1) to keep Visual Studio consistent with the direction of other Microsoft user experiences, and 2) to provide added structure to the top menu bar area.

    On the first point, the use of uppercase text is becoming a strong signature element of styling for navigation and headings in Microsoft user interfaces. You can see it in the Azure Portal, in Zune, and in the latest Bing search results update.

    Consistent with what??? The Zune app is dead and the remaining apps they sited are not desktop apps. If upper-cased menus are the "new cheese" then they better ship W8 with notepad with upper-cased menus too.

    Thank god they are going to make this optional which makes all of this moot.

  • Open letter to Microsoft: I'm jumping ship! ...and will no longer develop for your platform.

    @WhatDoYouMean: Awesome post! Makes me look like a saint! Wink "Sexual dance"?!?! WOWEE! Can't beat that.

  • Another "WTF, Microsoft?" move

    @cbae: I bet they'll put hooks in for Microsoft eco system stuff eventually because otherwise you're right it doesn't make sense. Also there's already a very mature app by the name of Locale that does what on{X} does already so I got to believe they are doing more that putting out a simple direct competitor to that.

  • Another "WTF, Microsoft?" move

    Awesome! Embrace the Android!

    All silliness aside I'm glad to see Microsoft breaking into new territory outside of Windows. Maybe it won't be "he who has the best walled garden" wins but rather "he who has the best reach" (not to be confused with "most" reach). Sure they could extend themselves too far but UI for one would love to too Microsoft's eco system spread out across OS's