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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    Because it's false advertising. This update sounds exactly like the usual "resolves issues" bulletins. If it would be in the optional category (or at least put up a confirmation screen on installation like some updates do) and if the description would clearly say what it is about (W10 announcer/downloader) then it would be ok.

    But what they did is bullshit and it's on the playing field as all the other scammers. How can I trust Microsoft's "malware removal tools" and what not if they use the same slime-tactics when it fits them.

    If something get's smuggled into the system because of a missleading description and puts up a nag screen, it's the textbook example of nagware.

    So you've decided all by yourself that you can change the definition of malware. The next thing you're gonna tell us is that when users select "cancel" when the "upgrade to W10" prompt appears that Microsoft will send them an auto-response email saying they've locked all of the users pictures and won't give them back until they upgrade or pay Microsoft $1M. 

    Dude, get over yourself.


  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    While it may be a tad sneaky I don't see why you'd call this malware. It doesn't force the users to do anything nor changes their system in any way. It's just going to pop up when W10 is available and offer to upgrade people for free. I'm sure they'll provide a way for sysadmins to block this advertisement.

    Despite how I feel about W10 I'm all for getting as many people as possible on the same, modern version of Windows. Universal Apps and all of the cross device support they bring will go no where until they do (and even if they succeed will still go nowhere if is resembles anything like what they are showing today because there is little to no added value for consumers or businesses. One size does not fit all!!!)

    IMO, Microsoft has long ago screwed up the trust they use to have with businesses, LOB devs, and desktop application support. Furthermore with mobile dev taking center stage there's no point in hanging onto the W7/XP legacy. There's also the big push to move everything to the cloud. Sure they should continue to support WPF, Winforms, and the like but I don't think you'll ever see a resurgence of green-field projects using those technologies. I'm afraid it's mobile and the web for now as Microsoft poisoned the well and their strategies have failed.

    In summary: Microsoft might as well...

  • VB may finally become usable language

    , jinx101 wrote


    You can't very well speak to my incompetence when you've never seen a line of code I've written.  You on the other hand have clearly demonstrated (I would venture to say once again) that you're one of those blow hards who nobody likes to work with because you're arrogant, insulting, rude and obnoxious.  There is no right way but you're way and if people don't choose to do things as you do them they are automatically "incompetent". 

    I sure haven't seen a line of your code but you've never worked on a project with me either. Nevertheless you have no problems making assumptions about my character to which my response went from a general statement to specific to you. 

    , jinx101 wrote

    VB source code:Only shows your peers why you should find a new career. (Are you one of those programmers whose always telling people what they should and shouldn't do and what they should and shouldn't use and how they should and shouldn't use it even when they clearly don't care what you're saying because nobody really likes to be told what to think?) 

    , jinx101 wrote


    Respond if you want, I won't be reading it,  I'm taking off from this forum for a while.  Not worth my time getting worked up by obnoxious trolls like yourself (and you are).

    Sorry jinx, but according to your own conduct here you're just as much as a troll. Happy trails...

  • VB may finally become usable language

    , jinx101 wrote

    VB source code:

    • The syntax for modern elements of .NET like lambdas sucks -- hard. (meh, it's just what you're used to, I kind of like, it has a SQL like feel and I <3 SQL).

    So what you're really saying is that anyone can get used to eating cat sh1t.

    • Only shows your peers why you should find a new career. (Are you one of those programmers whose always telling people what they should and shouldn't do and what they should and shouldn't use and how they should and shouldn't use it even when they clearly don't care what you're saying because nobody really likes to be told what to think?) 

    On the contrary: I'm one of those programmers who ends up cleaning up the !#@!#$&^! mess after guys like you who never really learned how to write software because you can't shake your dependence on VB's overly verbose syntax. Guys like you rely on VB to fortify your incompetence resulting in miles of spaghetti code in giant classes. This of course makes following your code near impossible and maintenance a nightmare. 

    • Is of the devil. (I don't have anything for this one).

    Because it's a fact to which there is no argument. (6)

  • VB may finally become usable language

    , figuerres wrote



    really ?

    VB is Like COBOL in some ways, there are places where it is the way they do stuff and will be for a long time - possibly forever.

    I'm cool with that as long as they remove the VB.NET project templates for Visual Studio. :)

    with .net the difference between C# and VB is the source code not what happens when you run it.

    Source code matters. Once VB gets in your source code it's like genital herpes -- you cannot get rid of it.

    VB source code:

    1. Is overly verbose and take too long to write
    2. Is overly verbose and is hard to read
    3. The syntax for modern elements of .NET like lambdas sucks -- hard.
    4. Only shows your peers why you should find a new career.
    5. Is of the devil.

    There's only one place for VB and that's in the newest version of the recycle bin in the W10 preview. Those two belong together.

  • I made a big mistake.

    , kettch wrote

    You could see if the workaround for 10041 woks for 10049.

    Doesn't that install the old versions of these apps? I'm assuming here that what came with the preview was a newer version?

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , DCMonkey wrote

    Wow, those icons really are awful looking. If they want to go for a flatish icon look they should go old school and do a modern take on this:

    OMG! I'm probably dating myself here but I used a Star workstation while working for Xerox in Rochester on my first "real" job. Back in the day that was one beautiful OS and UI. Coming from using IBM PCs, the first time I used a Star it was like I was transported to the future. It's too bad Xerox failed to capitalize on their UI/UX.

  • MSDN email typo or great news ?

    , spivonious wrote

    @BitFlipper: It was in Premium, wasn't it?


    Nope; it was only available in Ultimate. 

    So glad they did the right thing here. They talked so much about it it was kinda feeling disingenuous.(Like when they talk about improvements to XAML they really mean "XAML in WinRT").

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , bondsbw wrote

    Perhaps it will, or perhaps your lack of correct vocabulary is just pushing Microsoft to remove the good things that came out of Windows 8.  It's your choice to make.

    Actually it was Microsoft's choice to make and they made it. It's called Windows 8. Whether or not the outcome of said choice was predictable is up to debate but let's not mince words here: Microsoft screwed up with W8.

    All of the "trolls" were right and Microsoft failed to hear us. They had a chance to correct this with W10 with which they've only managed to add many of the W8 "apologists" to the ranks of those who are not happy with Microsoft.

    Don't get me wrong; expressing negative opinions about something doesn't mean it's all bad. I do like what Microsoft has done for desktop users in W10. Microsoft just needs to learn that one-size does not fit all. They need to consider the variety of input methods, screen sizes, resolutions, workflows, etc. that people deal with every day.

  • VB may finally become usable language

    Love the focus on measurable improvements but at the end of the day VB needs to die way more than javascript. VB is great for learning how to code but has no business in a production app. And even on the learning front there are much better, more relevant languages to learn from than VB.