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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , cheong wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: There are potential non-technical side of problem for having Apps in multiple platform.

    Having In-App purchase regulation in iOS (section 11) and WP (section 5e) at the same time effectively make "I want to build App for both platform, and make features bought in any of the platform automatically switched on too when login in App of other platform with same account" breach of contract. App developer have to choose to:

    1) sell the App as a whole;
    2) seperate user accounts for different platform;
    3) App builders who want to use micropayment strategy just choose the platform with bigger marketshare.

    Now spare me some time while I curse whoever make such bureaucratic roadblock...

    Valid points but I would hope that you could abstract much of that out. That may mean you have a ridiculously complex build process but once setup it shouldn't be too bad.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    While Islandwood is useful I don't think the honeypot of UWP is enough to get developers to port and maintain two codebases (the original iOS and the ported UWP). I still believe that Microsoft's best bet would be to acquire Xamarin and offer their technology along with UWP free with Visual Studio. Then developers have a better chance of porting with Islandwood, dumping their native code, and staying in the Microsoft eco-system for development. Not everyone would do it because it's not that simple and may not work for more complicated apps but it would certainly get more traction than UWP alone.

  • So Joe Belfore is using iPhone right now.

    , bondsbw wrote



    Since he dogfoods while on the job, this is his first good opportunity to really sit down for a long time using nothing but competitor devices.

    Here! Here! And based on how well WP is doing in the marketplace this is long overdue. He clearly has no concept of what the market wants.

  • MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds

    @Ian2: So in other words the Windows Developer is funding Microsoft's gift card efforts. I think Balmer's famous words were taken out of context. What he really said was "F the developers! developers! developers!". So much WTF coming out of Microsoft these days. Good thing they still have Office to fall back on.  :S

  • TFS 2015 Builds

    , spivonious wrote


    MS's documentation is usually top-notch

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You're hilarious!

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    , cheong wrote

    Btw... Just found that anything I saved in my Lumia 920's OneNote is wiped away and replaced with the blank OneNote note when moving to Lumia 950XL.

    The file name is the same, but everything saved is gone. :'(

    Sounds like Microsoft's attention to the OOB experience is continuing to augment the app gap and all other issues surrounding W10. It's a never ending beta test... Sad.

  • Windows 10 apps gain momentum

    It won't matter much if they can't keep stepping on their own... 

  • How I would market Windows 10 Mobile

    How about as "Surface RT Pro"? (6)

    Of course Microsoft would market it as "Surface Windows 10 RT Pro with Continuum, Smaller than Tablets Device" or STTD for short which we'd all mock as STD. Winner!

    Happy Friday!

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    Maybe Intel needs to create a CPU that combines both x86 and ARM architectures and switch between them depending on usage -- kinda like some laptops do for GPUs. When docked (or plugged into power and wireless display) it would enable the x86 part of the chip when needed but otherwise would use the ARM part of the chip. That would preclude you from running x86 apps when not docked but I think that fits the use case. I would surmise that the ARM part of the chip would always be active and thus be principle in running ARM compiled UWAs but there are many ways you can slice that up -- and hopefully give the user the option(s) to do so.

  • Swift goes open source

    Wow. That was fast.