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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Another day, another locked thread

    , bondsbw wrote

    @magicalclick:  Let's look at Wikipedia's definition of internet trolling:


    And let me be clear... I mentioned WTWF because he was the most recent example.  He is not the only one.  Trolls can be on either side of the aisle.  Several good topics have been trolled into oblivion.  Good discussion can turn sour and become nothing but ad hominem attacks.

    I almost agree with what you said here but I think the dynamic is more like troll vs. apologist as apologists can fan the flames of the discussion without trolling.

    I'd also like to suggest to the group as a whole that we need to try and stay neutral and objective in our discussions rather than say everyone has to spin their response to the positive. It would also help if people would take things less personally. Just because you don't like what someone's opinion is doesn't mean you have to label them as being negative or a troll. The hard part is in taking the high road and letting it go even when someone is being overly trollish or apologetic. 

    , bondsbw wrote

    @NoelCarboni:  While I am also dubious about the ability for Microsoft to deliver the absolute best version of Windows 10 imaginable by summer, I'm not so worried now that their cycle has changed from "every feature that will be released must be released upon launch day" to "we will continue to improve by adding features and making changes in response to requests by users".

    When Microsoft released the half-baked W8 and WP to the world how was it received? It was rejected and deemed a failure. IMO it was because Microsoft did not provide anything better than what the competition was offering. In a lot of ways what they were offering was worse -- with some people suggesting we cut Microsoft some slack as it took Android x number of years to penetrate the market so why not give Microsoft the same amount of time. Well history has been written and no amount of time has change the failures that have been W8 and WP -- regardless of how cool some of the technology and IU/UX it provided. 

    Now Microsoft is about to pull the same stunt -- releasing a beta as production software and hoping the world will believe once again that Microsoft will make it better some time in the future.

    People can say "Apple and Google do it so why not Microsoft?" but that kind of reasoning ignores the fact that people judge Microsoft in-and-of-itself and not based on any other companies' track record or way they conduct business. Microsoft needs to produce products and services that people want in-and-of-themselves rather than blame the lack of acceptance because people are not being fair when they judge Microsoft's work. In some ways it seems Microsoft gets it (i.e. embracing Android, iOS, Linux and the like with their products and services without concern for Windows) but when it comes to Windows itself they can't seem to get it right.

    In any case have a great weekend bondsbw and the rest of you too.

  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    If that's the case, Windows 10 is doomed. You liked Windows 8 and the original xbone design (1984 editon) too.

    Everything you like crashes and backlashes.

    LOL. Point.Set.Match. Kettch sure does know how to pick a winner.

    , bondsbw wrote


    Careful now... the last time someone thought they could push a design without feedback, they were given the boot from MS and still to this day people on this forum speak of his name with disdain.

    Careful now... Spinning "design without feedback" from the poor implementation of a new or revised feature whose solution was already proven in the past might come back to haunt you.

    Microsoft - Where ignorance meets bliss (tm)

  • Best of //build/

    , vesuvius wrote


    I think we need to be careful about pressing people too much for information about what they are doing, as this forum only goes quiet, while people avoid it because they might slip-up or unintentionally leak information about an incubation product.

    Sven, blowdart and the rest work on commercially sensitive work, Charles has already castigated a certain journalist with the surname Foley or misappropriating his statements.


  • Best of //build/

    , Sven Groot wrote


    I'm not working on it anymore, that's all I can say.

    So what are you working on? ;)

  • Android Apps to run on Windows Phone

    , Sven Groot wrote

    Finally I can say I work on this (the Android subsystem). :D

    Be sure to check out tomorrow's session about Project Astoria, it should answer some of your questions. :)

    Congrats Sven! This sounds pretty sweet. Can't wait to try porting our Android app. We use a lot of the device hardware so that will be interesting.

  • Free WiFi and Coffee at StarBucks

    I've been getting free cappuccinos from Starbucks for years via the gift card and smartphone app. You just have to setup a membership, assign a gift card, and start accumulating stars (one per drink or food item). They have specials where you can earn more stars by purchasing specific items during specific dates but I don't chase any of that crap -- just get my free cappuccinos when they come due. Not the best coffee but they are everywhere.

    One small tip: you have to ask for you "reward". They won't automatically give you a free coffee without you specifying you want them to use your "reward". The smartphone app shows you when a reward has been earned and is available to "spend". It's actually a good thing as you can apply the "reward" against a specific item in your purchases rather than them giving you the cheapest item for free.

  • asp.net V5 will there also be a .Net V5 release coming?

    , bondsbw wrote


    Unless I misunderstood, Microsoft will continue to release something that is very similar to the traditional .NET installer

    for now...

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    Also, service packs can be uninstalled, this cannot. SPs don't change UIs (except for very slight changes), 8.1 did.

    Not true. There have been SPs that cannot be uninstalled.

    ALSO, 8.1 removed some key features:


    The Windows backup system is gone for example.

    Now imagine MS would offer up SP2 for Windows 7 which would remove backup and some other stuff (experience index) and add other features in return while adding/removing GUI elements all over the place.

    I seem to recall with XP there was an SP (SP2?) that changed some of the behavior of Windows and people were pissed. Based on that feedback Microsoft decided to split feature changes into "feature packs" and SPs would only contain bug fixes. With the W8.1 update Microsoft again responded to volumes of user feedback and released it as an all-inclusive "update" rather than a a "service pack" and a separate "feature pack". If they had split the "update" into separate packs it would have lead to mass confusion to the masses of users who wanted the fixes the update brought creating yet another wave of backlash.

    Could they have made the W8.1 update more "optional"? Sure but I think you're forgetting the huge outcry from users for Microsoft to fix W8. If they had made it a non-important update that users had to go into Windows update and select to install people would claim that Microsoft is begrudgingly providing the fixes and it really wants people to stick with W8. You know the idea that "people just need to spend time getting used to it".

    But yeah, this topic is done for good. We have to wait and see. There's nothing to discuss anymore until Windows 10 appears.

    Surprise us and be right for a change.

  • Would you like fries with that?

    And a super-size it while you're at it.

    I've said for some time now that Microsoft needs to be more that an "also-ran" when it comes to touch/mobile space. Microsoft had a lot of nice implementations of touch navigation in WPH7/8 (and even W8). IMO, the problem was not these implementation but rather:

    1. Rebooting the WP platform too many times.
    2. Lack of apps. (caused in part by #1)
    3. Missing phone features that competitors had for too long (with people making excuses for Microsoft like "The iPhone didn't have notifications when it first came out".) They tried to play catch-up here releasing update after update after update which only made WP look that much more incomplete and problematic.

    So what's changing? 

    1. Universal Apps unify Windows/Windows Phone apps. That is a great move IMO.
    2. They remove the "obstacle" of a unique UI to spur application development. WTF?!?!?

    So how does having the same UI help you sell against a competing platform when you lack app support (lack of apps and/or apps that lag behind other platforms)? As for developers they'll still need to create Windows specific applications so having a hamburger menu like Android doesn't help much there.

    I think Microsoft should try two things:

    1. Buy Xamerin, incorporate it into Visual Studio Community Edition, and provide app shops a superior method for targeting apps for iOS, Android, Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone. 
    2. "Re-imagine" their touch UIs in this hamburger-centric world. For example: Include the hamburger menu but also allow its activation by swiping from the left. Android does this in many applications today, They could also keep the panoramas but add a "compact" mode that treats them more like traditional tabs. The same content swipe left/right action could continue to work as it does today or in "compact" mode would switch between the tabs as a whole (like flipping pages).

    I just don't understand why they always seem to be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    The only WTF thing here is you trolling on Microsoft updating the Windows Update client. Microsoft has updated the Windows Update client before for upcoming Windows SPs and releases. This is no different.

    As for the "nag" screen I think that's actually a great idea. Microsoft is just making sure that people are aware of the availability of the free upgrade to W10. Being that the upgrade will only be free for the first year it's beneficial to those non-techies who aren't paying attention to that fact. Had they not provided the nag screen people would complain that they didn't know the upgrade was free and after the offer expired there would be nothing but hate on Microsoft for it.