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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • So some team do read UserVoice afterall

    YEAH! I like this New Microsoft.

  • Cortana vs. Siri

    , Ian2 wrote

    I thought Siri was a bloke? 😉

    That's "Sir I" and is a customization only found on iPhones from Orange.

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    @contextfree`: The taskbar also is a launcher -- especially if you don't have a start menu replacement and don't want to use the start screen (or so I'm told). I can understand how it can quickly become crowded if you have a lot of pinned apps. Fortunately the return of the start menu will solve that problem for many. :)

  • Cortana vs. Siri

    It was bound to happen. Finally a valid comparison. Glad to see Cortana came out on top.

    Direct from YouTube via NeoWin...

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , contextfree` wrote

    I had to turn off the "Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar" setting anyway, because it effectively creates an obligation to always close apps which I don't want to do.

    I turned on the "When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start" option because it's totally awesome! I can run store apps from the desktop and when I close them I go right back to where I started instead of sideways to the start screen. 

    I'm so glad Microsoft is making Windows flexible to work the variety of ways people like to work.

  • node.js tools for Visual Studio

    I liked this bit in the description:

    Designed, developed, and supported by Microsoft and the community.

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    I had no problems scrolling the Start Screen. I set it to about two pages wide. I like that its not compact; the compactness of the Start Menu is a pain.

    The question is why they changed the Start Screen behavior to please people who were going to use the Start Menu anyway.

    That's pretty funny. I'm glad Microsoft is working hard to try and make us both happy.

    If anything I'd hope they'd add an option to disable the taskbar in the start screen and Windows Store apps for those who don't want it (and restore the start screen scrollbar when the taskbar is disabled)

    I'd hope that once they add real windowing to Windows Store apps this problem will go away. The Windows Store apps should shrink to sit above the taskbar when the taskbar is invoked thus be able to show the scrollbar at all times.

    --- Wait a minute.... I just took a look at my upgraded W8.1U1 PC and the start screen does have a scrollbar. Are you just bothered by the use of Fitts Law that enables the infinity tall taskbar hit target getting in your way of clicking of the scrollbar? Sorry if I misunderstood. In any case having that option to disable the taskbar behavior would be a nice addition in the next update. Maybe you should log something in UserVoice?

    , contextfree` wrote

    Where is this Start Menu replacement that allows for 200+ pinned tiles/apps (without having to dig into submenus)? :)

    And the glass is looking more and more half full for me too. :)


  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , contextfree` wrote

    Scrollbars are useful for jumping to a distant or specific part of the page faster than you can with a scrollwheel or touch, though. Especially when it's at the edge of the screen and easier to target (I do have to say the taskbar at least doesn't interfere with other stuff at the bottom as much as I was afraid it would).

    LOL! That's one of my big issues with the start screen. It's not as compact as the start menu and requires so much scrolling. Just install a start menu replacement for now and your scrolling problems on the start screen are solved! :)

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    I'm sure I'll get used to it... doesn't really change whats better behavior, though. It was pretty intuitive to be able to press the Start Menu and then move right with your mouse to scroll. I think they're making it more clumsier to please the complainers, but the complainers will probably disable the Start Screen and use the Start Menu instead anyway.

    Complainers? No offence but isn't that what you are doing?

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    contextfree` wrote

    e.g., the right-click menu does reduce mouse travel which is a real enough advantage, and also is more consistent with desktop conventions, but at the cost of breaking multiselection, reducing the effectiveness of visual memory in finding commands, and removing consistency between mouse and touch methods for doing the same thing.

    I respect your opinion but they didn't break multi-select. It restored it to its former behavior. Hold the <CTRL> key down and click away.

    , contextfree` wrote

    Yeah, I actually think of it as a variant of the Office selection/commanding model, with the floating mini-toolbar and contextual tabs. I would prefer to see the floatie adopted everywhere (with the original "fade in as your mouse pointer approaches" behavior from Office 2007/2010), then they could maintain the mouse travel advantage of desktop context menus while also maintaining the simpler selection model, richer icons etc., and more consistency between mouse and touch layouts that the app bar commands had.

    Maybe I'm old but those floating menus always get in my way. I find myself constantly hitting <ESC> to dismiss them. I left them on thinking I'd "learn" to use them.

    That said I think the radial menus that the OneNote Windows Store app uses are great for touch.

    I really think it's better to build around the input device rather than take the one-size-fits-all approach. Even in "touch" mode, Office 2013 isn't a great touch experience.

    , brian.​shapiro wrote

    Oh man, I'm so used to using the scrollbar to scroll the Start Screen as soon as I had it open, now I have to remember to use the scroll wheel. The taskbar doesn't disappear until you force it to.

    That seems like a lot of work to scroll (i.e. targeting the scroll bar). Maybe using <PAGE UP>/<PAGE DOWN> would work better for you than the scroll wheel? ;) (Just a bit of sarcasm there as I'm not fond of people excusing bad behavior with "you just have to learn the keyboard shortcuts")

    Honestly I dislike having to use scroll bars of any kind. It drives me nuts when things like a browser is slow in loading the last bits of a web page, the scroll wheel is unresponsive, and you have to reach for the scroll bar to scroll down the page.