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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    Maybe Intel needs to create a CPU that combines both x86 and ARM architectures and switch between them depending on usage -- kinda like some laptops do for GPUs. When docked (or plugged into power and wireless display) it would enable the x86 part of the chip when needed but otherwise would use the ARM part of the chip. That would preclude you from running x86 apps when not docked but I think that fits the use case. I would surmise that the ARM part of the chip would always be active and thus be principle in running ARM compiled UWAs but there are many ways you can slice that up -- and hopefully give the user the option(s) to do so.

  • Swift goes open source

    Wow. That was fast.

  • Are you on Windows 10? Are you experiencing slow installs? Here's the deal...

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    I'm not sure why windows 10 is slower in this respect, but Windows has done what the OP says at least as far back as Vista.

    That's not to say Windows 10 doesn't have problems ..just that the behavior described in the OP isn't new. Based on experience though, its not surprising that something that worked fine before is worse in a new version. That's just how Windows rolls.

    It probably wasn't "doing it right" in previous versions and now they've "fixed it" -- performance be damned.

  • They killed windows phone today?

    With the app gap I really think Microsoft should address it by:

    1. Supporting Android apps on WinMo 10.
    2. Incentivize devs to write UWAs by adding back hubs and things that made WP unique and useful. That also means it needs to be super easy for devs to plug into the hubs and "light up" WP. This is much like what Google is doing with Google Now. And similar to Google Now Microsoft will need to make hubs, Contana integration, etc useful all by itself rather than continuing to play catch-up and appear as an "also-ran".
    3. Buy Xamarin and offer their tools for free. Make it easy for devs to choose to make Windows development the center of their app strategy and benefit from being able to release for iOS and Android to boot.

    In the end they need to give users what they want in a phone AND make it super easy for devs to make Windows development their first choice. With the plethora of iOS and Android devices in existence today its a difficult proposition for any mobile developer to start with Windows and UWAs over iOS or Android. Once a development strategy is entrenched it's really difficult to make a significant change.

    Unrelated: Microsoft should tell Balmer to shut the h3ll up.

  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    , elmer wrote



    If Nadella was informed of this and approved it, then MS is in trouble.

    That would be pretty sad because it would put him into the camp of "deciders" rather than "strategist". I always thought he was the later but this move makes him look like the former.

  • Does the Surface Book have Apple quaking in their boots already?

    , cheong wrote

    * snip *

    If you want to use the part with display as tablet, you don't want it to those "plug" like part.

    Sure you do! And Apple will tell you why they are the coolest, most innovative thing since sliced bread. 

  • No more end to end encryption


  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    Master of bate & switch...

  • New Windows 10 wallpaper released

    What are they cupping? (6)  


  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    , kettch wrote


    That was rude.

    It's only reasonable to assume that the Office team is aware of the issue. That doesn't prevent anybody from reminding them of it at every opportunity.

    Convincing yourself that there's nothing you can do, and therefore not doing anything is the cop out. It's like seeing a car accident on a sparsely travelled road and saying "I don't know anything about trauma injuries, I hope someone helps those people out" as you drive on by.

    I wasn't saying "don't report". Everyone knows your MO here kettch. If anything you and Microsoft condone leaving the injured in the ditch. Write the offender a ticket and ignore the injured year after year... How long is that car wreck that is HTML support in Outlook going to be ignored?