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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • What the win 10 titlebar means for your phone

    I was hoping that W10 on the phone would leapfrog the touch experience of W10 on larger computing devices and show us they were headed in the right direction. Sadly Microsoft appears to be just as myopic as they were with W8 -- just in reverse. It looks like Bondsw was right; they've co-opted the touch experience with desktop elements and ruined it. Why oh why can't they get through their thick skulls that touch and mouse + keyboard have different needs for input. They can mash it up as much as they want and they'll continue to end up with a mediocre experience for both.

    So much for W10 being the pendulum swinging to "just right".

  • Standing Like A Super Hero ....

    No capes!

  • Blackhat - What's wrong with this picture?

    @Ian2: 5 years? With some roids and a good trainer it would only take a year tops. ;)

  • Windows 10 RTM in June?

    Neowin is reporting that the target for Windows 10 is June in order to get it in the channel for back to school shoppers. While I applaud Microsoft for finally waking up to the fact they've been missing the back-to-school crowd for decades with their RTM dates do you really think Windows 10 is ready to ship in 4+ months?

    I really hope that they aren't going to ship something that is buggy and incomplete and relying on their "rapid release" of software updates to fix it up somewhere down the road. Haven't they learned yet that a customer's first experience is crucial? They've dug a pretty big ditch to fill with the flop that was Windows 8 and it won't help if Windows 10 was poorly received because it was released to early.

    I'm also concerned that the bits that get left on the cutting room floor will be the tablet experience. I haven't tried Windows 10 on a tablet but from what I've read and seen it looks like it's pretty slanted toward the desktop and not necessarily as touch friendly as it could be.

    Again this is a "target" date presumably born from rumor and speculation so it may be all to do about nothing. I'm just curious on what you all think is the current state of Windows 10 and if it's shippable in 4+ months.

  • Hololens ideas.

    Virtual ladies maid; helps try on virtual clothes and tell your significant other if it makes their a$$ look big. (a.k.a. "marriage saver")

  • The end is nigh

    , Sven Groot wrote


    MSFT completely crashed, I should've sold last week. :P

    Ah well, they'll go up again once Windows 10 comes out. :D

    Had W8 and WP not been such turds I bet the announcements of HoloLens and Surface Hub would have trigger an equally sizable uptick in the stock price. Analysts are still leery of Microsoft because of W8, WP8, etc. I really think Microsoft is on the right track with W10 and it's tempting to invest right now with them down.

  • Windows 10 TP thoughts


    Great observations. I agree they really need to do more with the taskbar if it's going to appear as a constant. I like your idea of merging apps that show notifications to also appear in the system tray. All-in-all I think the taskbar needs a makeover similar to the start menu. It just seems out of place style-wise on a tablet. Functionally I can see its usefulness though.

    I certainly don't want to see Windows to swing all the way back to Windows for Pen Computing. 

  • Windows 10 TP thoughts

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote


    One thing I don't like is having an arbitrarily set limit on the number of background modern apps I can have on my Core i7 with 12GB of RAM because someone, somewhere, who is not me, and is not using my computer, might have a tablet.

    Can you elaborate on this limitation? I wasn't aware one existed. That would be tragic if it shipped that way in the end. 

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , Bas wrote

    I hear a lot of complaints about the phone UI being too much like Android/iOS, which may be the case but I don't really care about the panorama control that much. However, one thing strikes me as odd: the app bar seems to have been replaced by a hamburger button at the top of the screen. Also, Titan's address bar is at the top, making both unreachable for one-handed control. Who designs interfaces like these?

    I'd have to agree with you here. Microsoft swung the pendulum a bit too far the other way. On-handed control on a phone is just as important as mouse + keyboard control on a desktop. 

    I also don't like that they won't allow full Windows 

    All-in-all I think Microsoft's finally getting it close to "right" for Windows. If they can just get UA to take off I think they'd revive Windows Phone and finally get some momentum behind devs writing "modern" apps. They just need to add Xamarin to the dev sandbox to attract Android an iOS devs (and they need to add this to VS all the way down to Community Edition SKU.)

  • HoloLens

    @spivonious: That's why I said "working on". Gotta make those automated posts look legit first.