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  • What's New in ASP.NET Core 2.0

    I really appreciate these videos even if the viewership isn't great. I really learn a lot on Channel 9, and it's always my first stop for updates and demos on Microsoft Development Technologies. Thanks for all you do MS Team!! :)

  • How to serve AI with data: The future of the Microsoft Data Platform

    I understand there are privacy concerns with this, but there is definitely a case to be made for the ability to search for text within images. The Library of Corom around 6 mins into this presentation inspired the idea.

    I have long wanted the ability to find text in images in email attachments, PDFs, Bing, Windows Search, etc. Even better, the ability to copy text out of an image inline. A common use case would be getting an email from a coworker with a screenshot of an error message with a long GUID I'd like to search on.

  • What's new in Xamarin.​Forms

    I'd bet the temperature units were in Kelvin. :P