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  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    what the hell is with the ecko's towards the end? stop playing with the dsp enhacenments!

    conclusion: longer not shorter, or if you want to make them shorter than make this show happen more often

    but i would prefer 90 minutes not 60, or ::gulp:: 30
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode


    just wow

    you are the new soul of channel 9, and this video was generally OK

    the show's guests were medicore but as a host i feel you are amazing!

    edit: and the guy in the red shirt, you really should start taking control of your weight. i'm not trying to insult your intelligence, or you as a person. it will help maximize your lifespan too Smiley
  • Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour. Part 1

    so you're going to start competing with firefox? i mean they want version 3.0 out in early 2007!
  • Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly - A conversation at MIX

    i've never seen bill so excited, and he cares about users!? holy (I need to watch my language)!
  • Virtualizat​ion

    man it's been ages since i've been to channel 9 since the video's started losing my interest

    this is the stuff i'm talking about, way to go!
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    definitly didn't mind the length. quite informing, she seemed really shy but cute none the less. after rediscovering the cleartype tuner about a week ago i am quite quite impressed.
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    Man I want to thank this guy for the clear type tuner. Best damn windows xp add on.

    What was the book he was reading on the Roman empire on his PPC? I want to check it out, I too am interested in history like that.

    EDIT: I can't freaking emphasize how much the clear type tuner works.
  • Scott Swanson - MSN Messenger APIs

    Great great video, some damn fine innovation in messaging


    I use AIM, all my friends use AIM, Charles, Robert, everyone at Microsoft, get Microsoft to buy AOL already!

    One more thing. I have a messanger account, and my email isn't verified. I click the damn button to verify my email but I never get it?!

    I think I know why... I use a gmail account Wink

    Play nice!

    EDIT: One more thing again (jesus I'm starting to sound like Steve Jobs) beat these guys over the head to change the UI. Look at the old versions of aim, the new google talk, look at trillian, LEARN. We hate bloat!
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    You said that you stress this isn't an answer to the concurrency issue, but merely a first step, could you elaborate on that?
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    Can't wait to watch this. Multicore is a very dear issue to me. It took long enough for the hardware industry to see that parrellism is the way of the future. I wonder how long until everything is distrubted computing. Imagine tapping the power of all these machine out on the planet. As I'm typing this my dual core 2gb system is barely using any of its resources, the day when our machines are always working 24/7... and quick too, that will be a nice day.

    Hope Microsoft is still around, and the leader in the industry, when this paradigm shift happens.

    EDIT: Just finished watching this video, this thing, combined with the Singulairty OS makes me mouth water at what OS will be out in the next decade.
  • Steve Ballmer’s Speechwriter Speaks Steve-O

    Maybe I'm just an ultra informed consumer, but to me the ULTIMATE MARKETING isn't a million dollar commercial, isn't some crazy original idea, it's everyday people talking about something.

    if you can look me straight in the face, be a normal consumer just like me, and say ABC is AMAZING. then i go online, google it up a bit, and then i ask the world, not the news sites, the world, what do you think of ABC, depending on that then i am even further intrigued!

    living in a net world, the last step is hard, but trying something out in real life, seals the freaking deal. i mean seeing a 360 degree snapshot of a camera you want to buy, and holding and playing with it, are 2 COMPLETLY different things.

    If your product is good, then you don't need marketing, your customers will all be evangalists. if microsoft how much i pimp one note to my fellow students then i would be put on the payroll! i don't do it because it's crap, i do it because that application.... simply rocks.

    i even emailed you about it Beer, asking if theres anything like it, and like you said, nothing comes close.
  • Steve Ballmer’s Speechwriter Speaks Steve-O

    Minh wrote:
    DevilsRejection wrote:
    I guess to be fair the PR people are probably just as important as the product developers, that's the sad part of the world today.
    Why is that sad?

    Sega Freaking Dreamcast.

    Ask anyone in the industry, and the moment you say those 2 words a tear sheds for one of the best damn consoles released ever, that died because of little, crappy marketing.

    Hey Microsoft.... buy Sega! Bungie is a one hit wonder, they got the same Halo franchise over and over again. You want a powerhouse... S-E-G-A

    Charles wrote:
    We don't do "PR" videos on C9!!!

    We are trying to paint an accurate picture of Microsoft. And, as you must know, Microsoft employs more non-developers than developers. We have some of the most talented marketing people in the business, you know.

    We are increasing the the breadth of what we cover on C9. This doesn't mean we will decrease the number of technical interviews. I promise!

    Marketing has no place on Channel 9 (from our Doctrine). This means, that we don't use Channel 9 as a way to market our products. It does NOT mean that we can't interview interesting people who work in Marketing. Make sense?

    Channel 9: It's about people too.


    I'll hold you to that promise Charles Wink

    One thing that I would like to see, many vidcasts offer 3 options, streaming, low quality download (basically a downloadable copy of the stream) and then crazy high quality version.

    It satisfies everyone  in my honest opinion, and it isn't wasted bandwidth because those on dial up won't dare touch 1GB+ files, and those who want the nice quality can get it!