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DevilsRejection Devils​Rejection addicted to rss
  • So how do we get in touch with Rory?

    I mean I can Skype or email Scoble all the time, and he still manages to find time in his hectic lifestyle to send me a message back or have a chat.

    I would like to have that type of relation with Rory, but of course it's reciprocal, if you don't want us having your screen names and email's that's awesome and I respect your privacy.

    Just figured it would be awesome to email you every once in a while. With your new role as the face of C9 comes great responsibility to your audience Smiley

  • Best windows vista concept theme i've seen yet!

    yea but then you would have everyone screaming about how Windows copy's Mac OS X

    which is a stupid argument in the first place, fantastic ideas are fantastic ideas. i don't see ford suing bently because they make cars with 4 wheels and engine and seats.

    i don't care tho, flip3d sucks balls, expose, as in the thumbnail your posted above, is THE way to do it correctly.

  • Best windows vista concept theme i've seen yet!

    models or not, i like the general look, the colors are lighter, the edges are softer and rounder. it's so ... it just feels nice on the eye

    and i'm sorry, flip 3d as it's currently implemented is crap. i prefer expose.

    i'm sure someone will make a quick .net app to replace expose Smiley

  • Best windows vista concept theme i've seen yet!

    Now I usually don't care about themes, and the one that I'm seeing in the latest builds looks tip top, but this guys just destroys anything you guys have going for you.


  • Mark Shuttleworth - Duh!

    i make an effort to try out linux atleast once (more often than not twice) a year.

    i've been doing this since about the year 2000.

    ubuntu is the best thing that has ever happened to linux, and it's close to catching up to XP in terms of UI and usability, but sadly vista is going to raise that bar once again to stupid high levels.

    we will see what happens!

  • When will we get another fonts video?

    For news hounds like myself, which spend hours at a time in an RSS reader, the way the fonts are rendered on websites is crucial to the desktop experience.

    I haven’t tried Windows Vista since Beta 1, and even back then I noticed how much sharper the text looked. What are the advances being made in that regard?

    Will people like me who won’t be able to run Aero Glass still enjoy the same font rendering experience as the fancy pants Glass guys?

    Not to mention Bill Hill is great on camera!

    EDIT: Been loving clear type tuner since the day it came out! Will there be a similar function in Vista?

  • Microsoft hopes to double smartphone sales once again

    You hit the nail on the head, people want the same internet experience they have on their desktop, to be on their mobile phone.

    WAP was garbage from the start. I love Opera Mini!

  • Is it vain?

    holy large header graphic batman

  • Do you have a TV? :)

    live in my parents house, they have a 1080p 67 inch Sammy DLP with a Direct TV HD receiver hooked up to it with all the channels.

    Personally I like my 32 inch 720p LCD in my room hooked up to a dvd player, combine that + netflix = HEAVEN

  • Microsoft hopes to double smartphone sales once again

    Charles wrote:

    Rory will be leading the C9 Mobility effort (he's a mobility geek, after all). Stay tuned for more mobility on C9!

    Sara, perhaps we can interview some mobility people at TechEd. Why not?

    any time frames would be appreciated