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DevilsRejection Devils​Rejection addicted to rss
  • Microsoft hopes to double smartphone sales once again

    I think you hit on a key point, smart phones are for the elite, regularly costing over $500.

    Why isn't there a stripped down device?

    I know I want something with a QWERTY keyboard.

  • Microsoft hopes to double smartphone sales once again

    Source: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061023-8056.html

    Opinion and Question: Why aren't we getting any videos of the advances being made in the smart phone arena? Personally I am in the market for a smart phone as my life has reached a point were a paper based agenda isn't effective for me anymore. My top choices right now are the yet to be release T-Mobile Dash OR a Palm Treo 680. I'm leaning towards the Palm since my experience with Windows Mobile and with the Palm OS have taught me that Palm just gets out of your way, minimal amount of taps to do anything, and the UI is just snappier!


    Arstechnica wrote:
    Microsoft hopes to double the number of Windows smartphones being sold this year, from 6 million at the end of 2005 to nearly 12 million phones by the end of this year. Additionally, Microsoft hopes to keep up with this rate of growth in coming years, according to an interview in German-language Euro am Sonntag.

    Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Devices division head Peter Knook said that the number of devices operating on Windows Mobile doubled to 6 million last year, adding that they'd like to shoot for another 100 percent increase this time around. While goals of continually doubling numbers seem lofty, analyst firm Gartner said that the smartphone and PDA market expanded by 57 percent worldwide in the first half of this year, with an expected increase of 66 percent for smartphones over the entire year. Both Microsoft and RIM—who have about 6 million users each—are competing against Nokia, which currently comprises about half of the global smartphone market.

    It's possible that Microsoft could come close to doubling its numbers again this year just by the mere increase in overall smartphone sales, but in order to make strides against its competitors, Microsoft will have to start offering more incentive for users to switch over to a Windows Mobile phone. One option, according to Knook, is for Windows Mobile smartphones to connect to Microsoft's Xbox Live service, Live Anywhere, allowing users to message friends on their friends lists and download mobile gaming content.

    Push e-mail, as RIM has learned, has turned into big business, making smartphones into the pager of the 21st century. Microsoft has just gotten into the game, but has some ideas for ways to make Windows Mobile appeal to smartphone users—tight software integration. Microsoft, unlike some of its competitors, is gearing up to make money on all sides of the smartphone experience—Vista's built-in Mobile Sync Center syncing data from the phone with Microsoft Exchange being one of them. There is even potential for the Zune to start syncing game data from the Xbox 360 and Vista, which would then sync with a Windows Mobile smartphone. There is a lot of money tied into smartphone sales for Microsoft, and they're just dying to see how many of their products can be integrated into the smartphone user experience.

  • When was your last time you visited a boutique (clothing)?

    z33driver wrote:
    These are the shoes I got, Trionfo Low. They are like the Speed Cats but not fireproof.'

    wtf, italian logo on a german shoe? i'm sorry i can't do that to the fatherland

  • When was your last time you visited a boutique (clothing)?

    what annoys the hell out of me is people think i'm trendy because i only wear puma's

    as if i just started wearing puma's NOW

    they are simply the most comfortable shoes ever, i've been buying myself a new pair of puma californias every year for about 6 years. i'm just now ready to start experimenting with the other puma models. looking into the romas or the speed cats.

  • When was your last time you visited a boutique (clothing)?

    i honestly can't go on a rant anymore about expensive clothes since when i was younger (15-16) that's all i cared about.once i got in my senior of year of high school, more so into my freshman year of college, i was given freedom from that (I need to watch my language) child of the hipster lifestyle.every once in a while i'll wear a suit, but i'm the guy who walks around in a hoodie and sweats. i look like a bum, but that's because i spend all my money on electronic equipment and automobiles.

  • Google reader: my new favorite rss reader

    j0217995 wrote:
    What makes it your favorite?  Or are you just following Robert who on every blog posts pimps it?

    there must be a reason he pimps it, don't knock it before you try it.

  • Google reader: my new favorite rss reader

    Minh wrote:
     It's free
     It does podcasts
     It allows me to Centralize my feeds
     It's AJAXy
     Lets me put feeds in diff folders

    not to mention i can read it on any of my devices as opposed to paying for a service like newsgator.

  • Google reader: my new favorite rss reader

    Now for an alpha ... holy crap!


    Will there be a Live RSS Reader?

    Call it Live Web

    You can have your computer sync your feed list every once in a while. Makes sense to me.

  • EverNote: Kicking OneNote to the curb?

    I only recently heard about this application, and sadly I can't try it since I'm playing with Ubuntu on my laptop for this class in college.

    All that aside now, I think I'm going to throw Vista RC2 on here next weekend, but until then can I get your thoughts on this application?


    Is it really better than One Note?

    More importantly, to those of you beta testing One Note 2007, which is better in your opinion?


  • The Perfect Tablet PC (X60 Tablet; rumoured specs and info)

    An anonymous GottaBeMobile.com reader sent us the specs on the yet to be announced Lenovo X60s Tablet PC. We have every reason to believe that these are accurate and believable; however, official specs will be released when it is announced, which according to our source, is next month. No word on pricing.

    I have to tell you, these specs ( if they hold to be true ) look incredibly awesome and I cannot wait to get my hands on one! The specs I'm most excited about are the high res and the multitouch for pen and touch.

          Intel 945GM chipset
          Intel Core Solo and Core Duo Processors Low Volt Processors
                Core Duo ( L2400 (1.66ghz) and L2500 (1.83 ghz)
                Core Solo (U1400 (1.2 ghz) to announce in January 2007
                new 2.5" SATA high-speed, standard models with 5400rpm, up to 120gb capacity and optional 100gb 7200 rpm hd available (yeah!!)
                128mb of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
                Up to 4gb of PC2-5300 DDR2 memory (667 mhz) - 3.2gb available to the operating system
                2 memory slots - memory is no longer soldered to the mother board (thank goodness!)
                802.11 a/b/g
                Embedded Wireless WWAN
                Bluetooth options
                Integrated modem and Gigabit
          12.1" XGA Wide angle display ( 170 degrees) comes standard with
                Anti-glare / anti reflective coating, now with dynamic screen orientation that adapts the screen to how you want to work ( we are assuming this is like the M200 and M400 accelerometer that auto rotates based on the angle you hold the screen)
                Plus two other new screen options
                      Optional models available with SXGA ( max res of 1400 x 1050)
                      Optional models available with indoor / outdoor viewing capability with touch screen for enhanced ease of use and flexability
                            MultiTouch screen allows either finger or pen touch to move cursor for ease of use and more natural interaction with tablet (oh yeah!)
                            MultiView display provides better screen technology for viewing indoors, outdoors, and from wide angles ( 170 degrees )
          UPDATE: The pen has an eraser on the end of it!

     I have some initial weights and battery times to go along with the Lenovo X60s Tablet PC specs that were posted yesterday. Again, this might change at time of annoucement, but they are what was provided to my source, so I'm passing them along to you.

          Weight: 3.66 lbs with 4 cell battery, 4.16 with 8 cell. That does not look to be too much different than the X41.
          Battery life will be better than X41 and up to 9 hours with extended battery options

    The only picture provided to me is a little blurry, and it looks just like the X41. I've posted it here anyway. Nothing much to see there.

    If I receive any other pictures of the x60, I'll be sure to post them

        *  More natual design featuring an eraser on the back end
        * More tactile feel with rubberized paint
        * More robust, sturdy feel
        * Compatible with current tether
        * System works with any Wacom-compatible pen
              o other pens are not supported