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DevilsRejection Devils​Rejection addicted to rss
  • Are there anymore details about rss?

    The point I'm trying to stress here is synchronization.

    Lets say I configure start.com with all my RSS feeds, i read between 60-100 pieces of news from RSS between classes. Now I go home to my vista pc, which has been on all day, and i open up outlook. the same feeds i have already read are there showing up as new.

    now lets present an alternate senario

    i go to start.com, it takes a list of RSS feeds that are synced with my passport which gets all my RSS feeds from IE 7 on my vista machine. i read the same articles of news on the road and then when i go home to my main rig, outlook knows which ones i already read on the road. all the articles that were marked new get marked as read, and if im just opening up outlook then it only grabs the new pieces of news which i want.

    with the amount of content there being jammed into your face with rss synchronization is key. on average i read about 8-10 dev blogs a day, multiple times a day, various new sites, various forums. and this is right now. when vista is officially out and everyone and their mother can have a feed or podcast how are we going to able to manage all the content we read and didn't read.

    if gmail/hotmail/yahoo or any other web based email client can know which messages i read then why can't rss do the same thing?

  • Are there anymore details about rss?

    Nice to hear, do you have a blog in which you plan on publishing more information about this?

    edit: ok i saw your profile with your blog, still getting used to the channel 9 interface. i think this site in general is fantastic as a tool to let developers interact directly with users.

  • Are there anymore details about rss?

    Many thanks Stitch 2.0

    I will make sure to watch my use of swear words.

  • Are there anymore details about rss?

    I have tried this in IE 6 and in Firefox 1.5B1 on XPSP2, I have used both the design view and html view.

    Tried formatting with <p></p> tried with <br> still no go. Honestly I have no clue what is happeneing.

  • Are there anymore details about rss?

    In what seems like a horrible attempt that is my first thread, can someone tell me why the line breaks aren't working? Until then I'm just going to post this on my website.

  • Are there anymore details about rss?

    Are there anymore details about rss? And how Microsoft plans to integrate it into Vista and Office 12?

    Personally I use Feed Demon, which is in beta currently but they soon plan to have a version that syncs with its newsgator service.

    Now while I like it a lot, I really think MICROSOFT could deploy a similar solution.

    While everyone has a passport, why not integrate a method for storing the status of read/unread for our RSS feeds? Since RSS is very similar to email I think there should be some way to integrate it into our passports so that information is stored about what feeds we have and haven't read.

    The one thing feed demon does that annoys me is the sheer fact that if I read something on another computer, my laptop, and then I go to my main PC at home, which is on 24/7, the feeds I read on my laptop are still marked as new.

    This is a problem because the syncs don’t have a feature to change message status from unread to read. The fact that I marked something as read at another location isn't syncing in real time with messages already downloaded to feed demon.

    What I'm trying to get at is, figure a method to make RSS similar to IMAP where in essence all the user's RSS feeds are stored on a central server at MICROSOFT and in real time all applications can have access to this information.

    Newsgator does this and they are a small company, with Microsoft pushing this, it could be a huge huge success.

    Now weather or not they want to charge a fee like newsgator does for their service is up to MICROSOFT, I don't think they really should because as Microsoft messenger and hotmail are free, rss should be free for everyone as well.

    The company motto for newsgator is "never read the same piece of news twice" why can't MICROSOFT develop a similar solution.

    Of course I could be talking out of my a** and in the spring of 2006 I get an email that says Newsgator Inc. was purchased by Microsoft, that would put a smile on my face because Nick Bradbury, the main dev over their is very talented. His application is basically the culmination of user ideas. I have posted many and we shall see if any or all get integrated.

    This may seem crazy but I only discovered rss 2 months ago. Someone sent me a link to the channel 9 video with all the devs who wore the Longhorn <3 RSS shirts.

    That video got me drooling and breathing heavy at the prospects of what RSS can do to leverage the delivery of content on the internet. I would eventually like to see the internet be replaced by RSS because it is just so much more convenient having content comes to me instead of me having to go to content.

    The initial sense and feel of RSS at the PDC was that it would be used as an aid to the net, like search is today. While I agree on some level I think this is the new way of delivering content to everyone.

    Completely off topic but is there any speculation on how much Windows Vista Ultimate Edition will cost? I'm still in college so maybe I can get it for my 20th birthday next year Smiley


    First post here on the channel; hope to belong to a nice community, with my dream of becoming a Microsoft evangelist some day!