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  • WCF RIA Services v1.0 Launch! (Silverlight TV 28)

    Hey guys,


    I have tried to use RIA a few times on the project frameowrk that I am using, but it just doesn't quite fit. The one thing that I do like is that I can add an attribute and get involved in the proxy generation.

    I have looked at trying to create a custom wcf proxy gen based on the standard one (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editors but not knowing VS and EnvDTE very well I am a bit lost. What I really want is to have complete control over the proxy generation such that I can add an attribute onto my regular WCF service (non-RIA) and this points to a type in my project (so I can test) and that this gives me the proxy and the related class that its based on such that I can add methods or attributes or anything.

    Does this make sense? How difficult would it be and is it feasible to do from the existing WCF proxy gen or should I start higher up the chain than the svcmap file.

    Sorry if this seems unrelated...

    Keep up the videos btw, love the style


  • Silverlight TV Episode 5: Using Metadata with MEF

    I love the pace of the videos and the walk throughs. I do enjoy screen casts, but some can be painful to watch because of their speed.


    I do have one request:

    I reliase that I will get no sypathy for this, but I usually watch screen casts on full screen and I have a 27" monitor, when doing this, the video of the visual studio screens is very poor. Can you not move to using Smooth Streaming and HD?