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  • WPF 3.5 SP1 App Model with Jennifer Lee

    OrigamiCar wrote:
    PLEASE - enough with starting every sentence with 'So...'.

    I know this seems to be the Microsoft way, but in this video almost every sentence Jennifer says begins so it.
    Normally I don't notice these kind of things, but it was really off putting for me!
    Sorry to rant - interesting information, but the delivery just grated on me.

    I've heard its a northwestern thing.
  • Ian Ellison-​Taylor and Kevin Gjerstad on WPF 3.5 SP1

    When did WPF get to 3.5? I thought it was 1.0.
  • Making Windows Vista Reliable: Introduction to Windows Reliability with Mario Garzia

    The problem with the reliability monitor is that its kind of useless if you use your machine for development work.  My own programs are crashing, and I'm debugging them, and the more I debug my code the lower my reliability index becomes.  Is there anyway to better configure the reliability monitor for a development machine, such as ignoring certain app crashes, etc?
  • Windows Vista "Time Warp": ​Understandi​ng Vista's Backup and Restore Technologies

    I wish there was a way to explicitly select paths for the Backup tools to backup.  It's hard to find a balance between the files I want backed up and space usage by just picking generic file types.  I ended up just creating a scheduled task that runs "robocopy /mir" once a week, which works fine.
  • New Vista GUI Stuff For Devs

    The problem I see with this compositing technology is it creates a large problem in order to solve a very small problem.  You now need entirely new display drivers throwing out the old ones that have had years to stabalize, application compatibility takes a hit especially screen readers, and you need a complex and potentially unstable system to actually do the compositing.  All of these problems just to fix the issue of rare drawing artifacts and add a bit of eye candy.  It doesn't seem worth it.

    Hopefully Microsoft has bigger plans for DWM 2.0 and something more intuitive than the infamous Flip 3D.
  • Looking at XNA - Part One

    I wish this sort of thing existed back when I was trying to make games in QuickBasic.  Everyone has it easy today. Smiley

  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    Congrats on the RTM guys!

    Totally agree with Jim on the memory usage, 2+ gigs is the way to go.
  • Duncan Lawler - Virtual Earth 3D: What. How. Why.

    Memory usage gets really high here to the point where my machine starts thrashing. (1 gig of RAM)

  • The Advancement of Windows: Narayanan Ganapathy - Windows Vista IO

    ZippyV wrote:
    I know Windows is not a realtime os but why does it have the 'realtime' thread priority? When and why should this priority ever be used?

    I've also seen it called "critical" priority. I think it's basically saying "this isn't realtime but its as close as you're going to get."
  • Tour: Patterns and Practices Lab

    I'd say working with as a team is definitely important but so is developer privacy. Considering developers are going to be spending most of their time debugging, I'd say some privacy and the ability to shut off distractions is going to be pretty important. The last thing you want when you're debugging, and going deep into the call stack, is someone coming in and disrupting your concentration.

  • Windows Vista WAVE - Windows Audio Video Excellence

    Ughh way too much DRM talk. Way to put a lot of poor developers on the spot, Robert.  I would have liked to hear more about the whole "quality audio/video playback" thing. You showed how it handles playing during high CPU demands but what about disk or network. Say you're copying tons of files and playing a video. Or your wireless signal isn't strong enough.

    And what happens if there simply isn't enough resources on the system to play back the video full speed? Does it skip frames or reduce quality?

    Also is there any API to tap into this multimedia scheduling thing. Can I have my game say, I'm a multimedia application please guarantee I run at high frame rates? Or, I require 4 mbps on the disk/network to play back this video.
  • Barry Bond: Emulation, Emulation, Emulation

    Great video, emulators are a personal interest of mine. It's nice to see the source for working JIT compiler since there's not too much information on the subject.
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