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  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7

    In responce to what chall3ng3r said, I believe he is 100% correct.

    I've often been completely surprised at the beaviour of Windows in relation to how it handles removable devices.
    It had got a little better over the years with the release of XP and eventually Vista, but I have seen on numerous occasions Windows completely lock up the entire system because it either couldn't read a CD or a user has attempted access on a removable device that did not have any media in it.

    I fail to see how in this day and age how the entire OS needs to be effected; be it either slowing to a crawl or completely locks up explorer because it hasn't got a responce from removable media. This also goes for accessing a network resource that is no longer available, the entire explorer window will lockup and become unresponsive until either contact is restored or a network timeout occurs.

    Unforgivable that the user's GUI will just lock up in this way, surely keep the processing / waiting for this action invisible to the user and keep all the interactive components responsive. Maybe I'm asking for something here that isn't possible, but I've never seen this behaviour on any linux distro.

  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    @ the people who said about speakers cutting out etc when you plug in headphones... I think it really depends on the capabilities of the chipset and software you're using for your audio.

    I know on this laptop if I plug in a jack the laptop realises, I get a small prompt from the actual software installed for the specific audio chipset that "I've plugged a jack in". Windows itself does not recognise that anything different has happened, so the quotes from Larry in the article are 100% correct.

    If your system is capable of already doing this it is because the hardware/software is capable, not because Windows is doing it. I guess Windows 7 will change this? Although I doubt you'd need to carry out loads of surveys with people for this... it's just basic functionality that has been built into software specific to related hardware that can be copied and put into the OS, it's hardly a new novell concept however useful it is.