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  • Minute of Mango: Custom Ringtones

    That's like least obvious way to set ringtone since my first cellphone in 2000.
    And it's just 40 seconds long! I want my alarm to play my song! Is it so hard to allow like more than 40 seconds of music on a device with 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz CPU?! Seriously!

    I can use 3rd party application to play whole song as alarm, but they must be kept open! And it is possible to mess it all up by pressing Bing button (have never used it Smiley.
    And even if I will not mess plugging cellphone to charger + not touching control buttons, it still can go wrong! One night I slept too well. Because WP decided to put modal "you have an OS update!" above my running alarm application. No alarm for you, sorry.

    I've been promoting WP7 to my friends for like a year. I do not anymore. I have never used other smartphones, but currently my user experience with Omnia 7 is much inferior to SE W995 I used to have.

    Contact sync? Had to use google. Default MS acc sync didn't work well. Office.live.com? Better than nothing, but it still like 5 years before it can reach google docs. No phone backups. Tied to just one region for a lifetime.
    C'mon! You are Microsoft! You used to provide much better experiences than this! I don't need fancy smooth animations (well, they are good Smiley, I need basic non-smartphone experience to begin with.
    Can you please make a flashlight work?! Currently I have to start recording video to get "flashlight" effect. Not most efficient solution.

    I've never had to watch a tutorial video to make a ringtone before WP7! It never was that hard! There are no predefined genres. You have to type one yourself. You can mess it up ("Ringtone"? "ringtone"? "Ringtones"?..)
    You need a PC to set up phone ringtone!
    And it's still 39 seconds long.
    WTF, seriously?!

    PS: and now I would have lost my post during "make your profile" if I would not Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C it before submitting. Because cmon, I know it's MS web services. They <strike>shine</stroke> smell.