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  • Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Tools

    This looks very nice! I really like the integration of the tools with the normal F5 way of working.

    It was mentioned that he memory profiler also works for native types, yet the bitmap memory usage did not included the unmanaged memory. Was this because the debugging options were set to Just my code"? Or, to put it differently, is there a way to show all the memory allocated for an object? It is not always obvious that an object consumes large unmanaged memory.


  • Visual Studio Tip: Lazy Code Snippets

    Briljant! I didn't know even after programming with VS for 14 years!

  • Stephen Toub: Task-Based Asynchrony with Async

    Very informative interview! I watched the other video's on async as well, but this was the best. What came somewhat as a surprise was the introduction of DataFlows, which in the interview appeared as a coincedence because of the CCR talks. So I wonder if we can have an interview on an overview of what this CTP brings us. I mean, we have learned about the basics, and now about DataFlows, but are there any more goodies?

    By the way, as a reassurance: I watched the video to the very end.

    Thanks a lot!

  • The Verification Corner: Loop Invariants

    Very good explanation of the subject! And the tools show to really help in the process.


    Could the same thing be accomplished with CodeContracts? Or is Spec# further in its evolution? I was wondering because CodeContracts is what most people will be using (I guess) so it would make more sense to show the example in CodeContract instead of Spec#.