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  • Tad Brockway - Terminal Services team tour

    Not bad.  I am looking forward to seeing the final product from MS once Longhorn server ships.  It would be nice to be able to run management consoles like Exchange, SQL, etc. seamlessly directly from the actual servers rather than running a local installation of the tools.  Will features like seamless apps be available with the 'remote administration' mode on other regular member servers?

    I truely hope that the TS licensing design changes dramatically to mimic the concurrent connection model (Ahem, like Citrix, perhaps Wink ).  2003 and earlier have some annoying issues with administrating and maintaining licenses.  I am a weathered Citrix administrator, and usually see more problems with TS licensing because of the overall design.  I like TS, but it really needs a licensing model overhaul.

    TS has come a long way since the first releases of Hydra on NT4.  I know the TS team is working hard to provide more value to the TS core, and I hope that sys admins will be *WOWED* by the new features in the works for Longhorn.

  • J.P. Stewart - A new hobby: putting Windows XP in your car

    Killer Setup!

    Some random thoughts about XP devices in a car:

    Mobile hardware (laptops, tablets, etc.) seems more useful (despite the slightly higher cost) because of power consumption, battery augmentation, and the ability to remove the computer if needed for security. Some sort of a docking station is a must... People steal things from cars, you know.

    TabletPC would be nice to incorporate since it could utlize touch screen, ink, etc., and most of the devices have WiFi and Bluetooth built in.

    Need a decent auto-light-sensitive transflective touch screen like the Walkabout TabletPC has that looks good in sunlight.

    With all the wireless speaker audio devices available, why couldn't one install a sound system that is WiFi based, and automatically picks up your mobile device.

    There is potential for wired/wireless LCD projector for passengers in the back.

    Is there any way to combine XP TabletPC with MCE 2005? *shivers*

    ...Now I just need to justify the cool automotive geekness to my wife after I spend all of our money. Smiley

  • Andy Sheldon - Demo of MSN TV 2

    Poor man's Media Center Edition for the less tech savy.

    Good for the niche market that it was intended for.

  • Ori Amiga - Tour of mobile devices with Visual Studio for Devices team

    Very Nice! I've been using CE devices since the Casio A11 was introduced.  I've been a mobile application junkie ever since.  Is there any info on the new Motorola MPx? 

    This seems to be one of the more elegant designs that I have seen.  I know it will be introduced soon, but I'd love to find out more...,,48,00.html