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Doctor Who Doctor Who Picture is of Tom Baker, who played the Doctor, from 1974 to 1980.
  • A question about Vista's Recovery Console

    AndyC said:
    Doctor Who said:

    Sounds like either a corrupt User Profile or a corrupt system registry hive. If you create another account on the machine and log in there, do the problems persist?

    AndyC, that is an interesting idea.  I haven't tried that, but I think I will.  I've got 6 profiles on this system.  Mine seems to be the most adversely affected.  However, my daughter, who is the only one that uses this PC a lot, also has a profile.  She's logged into her profile several times and has had similar problems, although not as bad.  For example, she can use her Outlook, but she's experiencing the same problems that I am with IE8 not coming up correctly, none of her Favorites work, etc.


    So I'm wondering, is the only way to test your idea is to create a new profile?  Or is it sufficient to know that the same thing is affecting another profile?



  • Deleting ​files/folde​rs and the recycle bin

    AndyC said:

    1) Select them in Explorer, press Shift+Delete




    2) Use the command line

    Using the command line, how do I recursively delete files and folders?


  • A question about Vista's Recovery Console

    spivonious said:

    What are the symptoms?

    What are the symptoms?  Many different things are not working correctly.  For example, if I bring up MS Outlook, nothing at all shows up in the main window.  The folders are displayed, but that is it.  I don't see any of the mail, preview pane, etc.  And if I click on File to try and do something, Outlook immediately closes.


    Then there's IE.  All of the links in my Favorites don't work.  When I get into IE it tells me that I've got to install things like Real Player, even though I already have it installed.  It tells me I need to install Java, even though I already have it.  And links don't seen to work half of the time.  And further more it looses its configuration from one invocation to the next.  For example, it never comes up on my start page, and when I reset it, if I close IE and then get back into it, it has lost it.


    Then there is Windows Live Messenger.  It never remembers my email address, password, etc.  I enter my credentials and it never logs into the Live Messenger server.


    Then there is just logging in.  It is complaining that all sorts of things which I've installed, are not there.  Yep, things have gotten suddenly very strange, very difficult and basically impossible to work with.


  • A question about Vista's Recovery Console

    I've got a very seriously malfunctioning Vista machine.  I'm trying to salvage it, if possible.  Is it possible to use the Vista Recovery Console.  I don't have a fresh enough system save point in order to do a system restore to that point.  Can I use the Startup Repair to try and get my Vista installation working again?

  • Deleting ​files/folde​rs and the recycle bin

    I want to delete many files and folders, without them going into the recycle bin.  How do I do that?


  • How do you get to a hidden modal dialog box?

    Last night, I was working on a SQL script, in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2005, and I wanted to save the script. I pressed Control-S to save it, and then I don't know what happened, but the Save dialog box didn't show up. However, then I could not do anything at all with SSMS. I could not minimize it, maximize, move it or do anything at all with it. It sat there doing absolutely nothing at all, not allowing me to interact with it at all, etc. It was extremely frustrating! Finally, when I attempted to log off, I got a message from Windows telling me that there was a modal dialog box requiring me to interact with it. That's nice; how in heck am I supposed to respond to a modal dialog box when the application that has brought it up is hiding the modal dialog box behind itself? As it happened I had to leave at that very moment, and had to stop it immediately, so the only thing I could think of doing was rebooting the system.


    Bottom line: how do you interact with a modal dialog box that some stupid program brings up and then hides the modal dialog box  behind itself?


  • What in heck is wrong with IE8 now?

    Something has gone seriously wrong with IE8 this morning.  I turned on my PC (a 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate with SP1).  I bring up IE8, and try to go to anything in my Favorites folder, and it is impossible.  All links within my Favorites are not links at all.  I don't know what they are, but they're not links.  I can do a Properties on any of them, and they'll indicate that it is  a .URL file, but that's it.  I can click on any link in my Favorites until the universe ends, and it does nothing.  In addition, all of the icons associated with every link I've got in Favorites is now shown with a plain, blank icon.


    Something is very weird and I've no idea how this happened, why it happened, how to reverse it, etc.  Help, please!


  • IE8 crashing a lot!

    ZippyV said:

    Turn off the addons one by one until you find the problematic one.

    Thank you, that seems to have done it.  It looks like it was the MSN Toolbar.  We disabled it, and it doesn't crash now.


  • WMC & Netflix: Crashes immediately when I try viewing

    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    ZippyV said:

    I'd be surprised if that were the problem, as Netflix for Windows Media Center uses Silverlight to play the content.

    Is the latest version of Silverlight installed on your PC?

    When I installed Netflix for WMC, it went through the process of installing the version of Silverlight it wanted.


  • WMC & Netflix: Crashes immediately when I try viewing

    I've just signed up for a free trial with Netflix.  One of the things available to me is being able to watch movies/TV shows online, through Windows Media Center and Netflix.  I really wanted to check this out.  So, I selected a short TV show (30 minutes) which can be watched instantly, and tried to watch it. However WMC crashed each and every time I tried.  Is this common?  Is WMC so unreliable?  I'm using a 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate.