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Doctor Who Doctor Who Picture is of Tom Baker, who played the Doctor, from 1974 to 1980.
  • Netflicks and Windows Media Center

    JohnAskew said:
    RodAtWork said:

    The Xbox360 displays on my HDTV, so I'm not inticed to try WMC in order to watch my Netflix stuff on my smaller computer display - now maybe if I'm traveling with my laptop and have broadband I would use WMC <- Netflix.

    There are 3 flavors of Netflix, or are there 4 ?

    1. I get DVDs in my mail box from a guy who wears a uniform,
    2. I stream movies on my Xbox360 after using my PC to manage my Netflix account and select from available online movies,
    3. I can stream movies directly to my TV (never tried this one, probably won't)
    4. ??  I can stream movies directly to my PC via WMC ?? (never tried this one, might when I travel).

    Movies streaming on the Xbox look great.

    I don't have a Xbox 360, or any other game console.  I also don't have a HDTV, and aren't likely to get one anytime soon, unless someone else is willing to buy me one (just not in my budget).  The idea of being able to watch movies and TV episodes via WMC really intrigues me, but I would also like to watch it via WMC on my 10 year old TV.  I hope that's possible, somehow.


  • IE8 sees to be freezing up a lot when I go to page from RSS feed

    Here's a little more information.  IE8 generated a 1002 error in the event log, with the following text:

    The program iexplore.exe version 8.0.6001.18702 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed.

    I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate, 64-bit version.

  • IE8 sees to be freezing up a lot when I go to page from RSS feed

    I've noticed that if I go to a page in IE8, that is linked to in one of my RSS feeds, then IE8 sees to be locking up tighten than a drum.

    Why is that?

  • How do I make a folder on a second drive accessible from IIS?

    I’m working on a small ASP.NET application at home (VS 2008).  It is running under IIS on my Vista machine.  I’ve got it so that it will show photos from a folder on an external hard drive.  I’ve set up the folder on the external hard drive as a web site in IIS on my machine.  The intent is to let my family “upload” photos to this secondary web site, because the external HD is quite large, etc.

    OK, everything seems to be going fine.  However, I know that I’ve got to give the IIS_IUSRS account write access privileges, so that users can upload to this folder, and delete photos from it, etc, through the primary web site I’m writing.  However, when I get into IIS in Vista and look at this secondary web site on the external HD, IIS does not allow me to change the permissions on anything to that web site.  There is no tab in the Edit Permissions dialog box to edit security settings on anything for this secondary web site.  Why is that, and how do I fix it so that I can apply write/delete permissions to files within the folder that is my secondary web site?

  • Vista wants to install something, all of the time

    The the last week or so, my PC (64-bit Vista Ultimate) has said it needs to install something, every time I bring it up.  And no matter how often I instruct it to install whatever it is, the next time I turn on my PC, there it is ready to install again.  What is this thing that apparently won't install?

  • How do I shutdown Vista, without being able to see it?

    That is a strange subject line, I know, so here's what I'm trying to ask.  I'm trying to debug the problem caused yesterday, which I didn't witness, while my family was home with my Vista Ultimate 64-bit machine.  They said that it repeatedly reboots itself.  Well, I finally have a chance to work on it, and I am finding that it does not repeatedly reboot itself.  Instead, what's going on is the monitor doesn't display anything at all.  The machine is on, but nothing is displayed.  Including nothing at all from the BIOS coming up or anything like that.  (THis is not what I was told, but never mind that.)

    So, I would like to be able to switch out the monitor and keyboard, and see what's going on, but I would also like to do that in a gentle way, so that I don't abruptly close the system down by turning off the power.  I know that it is possible, from the keyboard, or the power switch, or something like that, to shutdown Vista in an orderly way.  But I cannot remember how that is done.

    Would someone please tell me how that is done.

  • What would cause my family's accounts to ​reinitializ​e?

    Doctor Who said:
    spivonious said:
    What causes a user's profile to become corrupt?
    And another quick follow-up question, is there any way I can look at a user's profile to see if it is corrupt?

  • What would cause my family's accounts to ​reinitializ​e?

    spivonious said:
    The only thing that would cause that is if her profile was missing or corrupt.
    What causes a user's profile to become corrupt?

  • What would cause my family's accounts to ​reinitializ​e?

    I've got a simple peer-to-peer network at home.  Two desktop PCs and 3 laptops.  The laptops all connect via Wi-Fi.  The 2 desktop PCs are running Windows Vista Ultimate.  And I’ve set things up so that everyone in my family has their own account (profile).  So what they do is click on their profile name and then enters their password.

    Everything worked fine for the last couple of years, and then this morning when I was at work, when my daughter went to log in Windows was treating her as though she had never logged in before.  It was initializing everything, setting up her documents, favorites, etc.   Why would it do that?  What would cause this behavior to happen?  What sort of damage has been done to any/all of our profiles/files/etc?

  • My CPU fan is getting quite loud

    The PC I put together a couple of years ago has developed a loud noise.  I think it might be the CPU fan.  How hard is it to replace it?  What is the quietest CPU fans?