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Doctor Who Doctor Who Picture is of Tom Baker, who played the Doctor, from 1974 to 1980.
  • Update to Windows 8.1 fails, twice

    I have tried twice this week to update my Windows 8 Pro machine to Windows 8.1 Pro. Once on Tuesday and again today. It failed both times with error 0xC1900101- 0x30018. Is there any way I can get help from Microsoft on this to figure out what's wrong, or am I left to sink or swim on my own?

  • Who can I contact to help resolve issues with my Windows Phone Developer account?

    @blowdart: I think I've gotten a message to you, using your blog website.

  • Who can I contact to help resolve issues with my Windows Phone Developer account?

    @blowdart, I've started following you on Twitter. I'm @Doctor_Who on Twitter.

  • Who can I contact to help resolve issues with my Windows Phone Developer account?

    , blowdart wrote

    OK, apparently email address verification is now optional. You can ignore it. If you're blocked drop me a mail with more details.

    I'd pretty to not list my email address here, so how can I get it to you privately, please?

  • Who can I contact to help resolve issues with my Windows Phone Developer account?

    Microsoft was running a special to sign up for a Windows Phone Developer account (the special may still be on, I don't know). So I went ahead and signed up for it. One of the things that needed to be attended to was validating my email address. That has failed, twice. And I've got no idea how to resolve this issue. I tried contacting the fellow whose is my Microsoft Technical Representative for my region (New Mexico), but haven't heard a peep since I sent him an email asking for help.

    So, so what do I do next? Who do I contact? I want this resolved.

  • Getting started with TFS Express 2012

    I've been working with Visual SourceSafe for longer than I care to remember. I'm trying to get started using Team Foundation Server Express 2012. Where can I get some quick, get up to speed tutorials/videos/etc.?

  • Got some questions about TFS Express 2012

    @gduncan411: Thank you very much for this great information. ANd I love podcasts, so I'm going to subscribe to your TFS Podcasts right away, thanks!

  • Got some questions about TFS Express 2012

    @gduncan411: WOW, just took a look at Brian Keller's blog post you linked to on the Hyper-V demos and VM's. I don't have the necessary hardware here at home, and unfortunately don't have it at work, either. Heck, we're still limping along with Windows 2003 R2 Server. Sad

  • Got some questions about TFS Express 2012

    @gduncan411: Thank you for such a thorough reply! We don't use SharePoint at work now, so we wouldn't loose anything there. However, the thing the guys really talked about at last night's .NET meeting, was the reporting features of TFS 2012. If TFS Express 2012 doesn't have reporting, then it does seem as though I'd be missing a very important feature. That's unfortunate. So then, what I get "out of the box" with TFS Express, is version control and agile planning features, correct? I already have SQL Server 2008 Express (or perhaps it's SQL Server 2008 R2 Express) on my desktop, but I don't believe it's the default instance, as I also have SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition, which is the default instance. Does TFS Express require that it's database be in the default instance?

    Personally, I am really favoring installing a local instance. Sorry, I'm just more comfortable with a local instance. However, with TFS in the Cloud, how is one's source code treated? For example, I believe with Git (which I have no experience with) one's source code is open to everyone to see and modify, unless you pay for private storage on Git. Is that the way it is with TFS in the Cloud?

  • Got some questions about TFS Express 2012

    At work we've been using Visual SourceSafe since the late 90's. It was good, for it's day, but that day has past. Last night I attended our local .NET user group where a presentation was given on Team Foundation Server 2012. I am impressed with the product and would like to give it a try, but I'm also impressed with the shear scope of TFS 2012; much more is involved than was with the old venerable VSS. So, I'd like to give it a try at home. Now, at home I don't have Active Directory. It's just a simple peer-to-peer network/workgroup. They guys at last night's meeting said that there was a TFS for workgroups. However, when I looked into it, it looks to me as though TFS for Workgroups must be installed on a 32-bit OS; I don't have one anymore. So doing some more Binging I found that there's a TFS Express 2012 and it does work on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS's, so I thought maybe I could give that a try. I'm downloading it even as I type this.

    So here's some questions. Does TFS Express 2012 work with regular Visual Studio 2012, or does it only work with the various Visual Studio Express SKUs? Second, how different is TFS Express compared with the regular TFS? Will I get a good idea what TFS is like, using the Express version? Can I put TFS 2012 Express on my Windows 8 Pro desktop, and access it from my Windows 8 laptop?