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  • Got some questions about TFS Express 2012

    @gduncan411: Thank you for such a thorough reply! We don't use SharePoint at work now, so we wouldn't loose anything there. However, the thing the guys really talked about at last night's .NET meeting, was the reporting features of TFS 2012. If TFS Express 2012 doesn't have reporting, then it does seem as though I'd be missing a very important feature. That's unfortunate. So then, what I get "out of the box" with TFS Express, is version control and agile planning features, correct? I already have SQL Server 2008 Express (or perhaps it's SQL Server 2008 R2 Express) on my desktop, but I don't believe it's the default instance, as I also have SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition, which is the default instance. Does TFS Express require that it's database be in the default instance?

    Personally, I am really favoring installing a local instance. Sorry, I'm just more comfortable with a local instance. However, with TFS in the Cloud, how is one's source code treated? For example, I believe with Git (which I have no experience with) one's source code is open to everyone to see and modify, unless you pay for private storage on Git. Is that the way it is with TFS in the Cloud?

  • Got some questions about TFS Express 2012

    At work we've been using Visual SourceSafe since the late 90's. It was good, for it's day, but that day has past. Last night I attended our local .NET user group where a presentation was given on Team Foundation Server 2012. I am impressed with the product and would like to give it a try, but I'm also impressed with the shear scope of TFS 2012; much more is involved than was with the old venerable VSS. So, I'd like to give it a try at home. Now, at home I don't have Active Directory. It's just a simple peer-to-peer network/workgroup. They guys at last night's meeting said that there was a TFS for workgroups. However, when I looked into it, it looks to me as though TFS for Workgroups must be installed on a 32-bit OS; I don't have one anymore. So doing some more Binging I found that there's a TFS Express 2012 and it does work on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS's, so I thought maybe I could give that a try. I'm downloading it even as I type this.

    So here's some questions. Does TFS Express 2012 work with regular Visual Studio 2012, or does it only work with the various Visual Studio Express SKUs? Second, how different is TFS Express compared with the regular TFS? Will I get a good idea what TFS is like, using the Express version? Can I put TFS 2012 Express on my Windows 8 Pro desktop, and access it from my Windows 8 laptop?

  • Is there a separate SkyDrive app for the desktop version of Windows 8?

    Alright, @magicalclick and @Sven, I've just downloaded the separate SkyDrive app for the desktop version of Windows 8. Seems to work fine.

    I wonder though, with SkyDrive on the Metro side and on the desktop side, how do they do together? For example, yesterday when I downloaded the SkyDrive app for the desktop I went through the process of setting up what folders I wanted synced with the SkyDrive cloud and all, and I got to wondering, did I make the same choices when I did this for the Metro version?

  • Is there a separate SkyDrive app for the desktop version of Windows 8?

    @Sven Groot: But I thought that Windows Essentials came with Windows 8? Or am I thinking of something different; maybe it's their security software I'm thinking of.

  • Windows 8 and older versions of IE

    , figuerres wrote


    why ?  is there a problem he has with IE10 ?  is there a web site he can not view in IE10 ?

    if we knew more we might have a way to fix the problem for him.

    From my son's point of view, there is a problem with IE10. There's a problem with IE9 for that matter, from his point of view. You see what he wants is to have between 40 and 50 or more tabs automatically open whenever he gets into IE. He's found that IE9 restricts the number of tabs he can have opened at once to something less than 40 (I think it is). Certainly IE10 restricts the number to something less than 40. I typically have 1 to 3 tabs open at once. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I might open up to about 10, but that's it, and that's not for long. My son, on the other hand, always has a boat load of tabs open in IE. IE8 gives him that flexibility.

  • What difficulties might I run into, doing development on my laptop, while commuting?

    @BitFlipper: I have just gotten off of a chat with Sony tech support, and have determined that my laptop does support SLAT.

  • What difficulties might I run into, doing development on my laptop, while commuting?

    Several of you have mentioned the possibility of my encountering problems with the bus reacting to road conditions. I hadn't thought about that. There's at least 1 place where that can be a problem, because the bus crosses railroad tracks. I think I'll give it a try and see how it goes, but this might not work at all for me. Certainly a train ride would be better, but that's not practical for my commute.

  • What difficulties might I run into, doing development on my laptop, while commuting?

    @GoddersUK: I'd never thought of the possibility of others looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. And since I tend to ride in the first seat, then I guess I'm inviting people to peek.

  • What difficulties might I run into, doing development on my laptop, while commuting?

    @BitFlipper: I've never heard of Second Level Address Translation. I have no idea if my new laptop supports that or not. Thanks for the info, I guess I'll have to look into it.

  • Windows 8 and older versions of IE

    , Sven Groot wrote

    Not in any supported fashion. And any unsupported hack that might conceivably allow you to do it will inevitably hose your system in some way, since IE is a rather important component of the OS.

    Why do you want to do this? If it's for testing purposes, I recommend using a VM.

    I don't want to do this, my son does. He's looking at buying a new laptop, with Windows 8,  but he wants to go to IE8.