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  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    So, this the first class  model you propose now?  Lousy HTML5 + JS for the eyecandy? C++/ COM's hell for all rest of the native experience? The good old : "oh yes you can continue to use the "legacy" tools you used before....whatever it is " for the rest?

    The question of the use of the tablets in the enterprise is crucial now. And it's not only RIA LOB apps or online magazines. It also have to do with 3D, machines, augmented reality etc... We are already doing that on desktops using .Net,WPF and C++.  The fact that Win8 invests on HTML technologies to address touch and NUI experience makes me think that the Windows team is really underestimating the scenarios where those interaction modes will be used... And what kind of developers will build it. WE ARE NOT WEBSITE DESIGNERS, WE ARE APPLICATION DESIGNERS ! And it means maintaining and supporting our apps for 15 of 20 years.... You bring in our field the most  unmaintainable technos and hope everebody will applause because it looks like what Silverlight team has done 5 years ago?  Seriously guys, I (as many .Net devs) come from the WIN32/MFC/COM era and the .Net proposition was the best thing that happened to us regarding UX development (be it Winforms, WPF or Silverlight). Today we do not stay on Windows because of the OS but because of the tools that permits us to quickly develop the added value we want to provide to our clients: .Net ,WPF, Silverlight, legacy C++ are part of our solution, on the contrary every HTML-JS we've done is now part of our problem: maintainability and I'll not tell my CEO that this will be the way we have to go to address tablets.

    This demo is the best example of the "Division War" designed  shipwreck I've seen by MS.It only reminds me what my CTO told me few years ago : "The real problem in MS is that they're seeing everything trough Windows"... 

    I think next week  I'll grab an Acer Iconia and invest on Android... It simply doesn't worth the wait.