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  • The CIA Pickup - a Windows Azure Sample

    You forgot the possibility of supressed caller IDs. Smiley

  • Windows 7 Graphics – High DPI

    I don't like it how that setting is treated. The DPI setting should define the real DPI value that the display has. It's not a zoom setting. Zooming should be another setting entirely.

    For example, on netbooks you usually have 114 - 147 DPI. In order to be able to set proper sizes and proportions towards real world elements that you might display on the screen, you would need the correct DPI value. However, you wouldn't want everything to scale that much, because you are very space constrained. Or, there's also displays with a 72 DPI, where setting that value would have a really bad result. Therefore there should be a separate zoom setting that allows elements which have been defined with pixel based sizes to scale accordingly for people that want things to display larger.

    The DPI setting on the other hand should only be used to be able to specify the size of an element in Point (pt) for print media or other real world measurment units like inches, and centimeters.
    You should also use a bicubic resizer for the magnifying tool or images at high DPI... it gets pixelated.

    PS: If anyone knows of a 32" widescreen display with 200 DPI or more... I want one (or two)!

  • Silverlight powered Photosynths for NASA

    Wait a second, there's only one CRAY CX1 supercomputer in this spaceous room cruching the synths on 6 Xeon 5472s and 32GB of RAM (or less)?

    Is the synthing software using CUDA (with the quadro FX hardware that might be in there) or simple CPU (with or without SSE4.1 optimizations)?

  • This Week on C9: New Downloads, Design for Devs, TFS 2010, and underground Script Clubs

    It's not, I can assure you that for a certain reason that would be obvious on that regard, but hard to believe. Wink

    By the way, brain virtualization and a 'brain firewall' would prevent you from doing anything stupid. Apart from that, it's not going to be worse than sleep walking.
  • 10-4 Episode 14: Sentient DSLs

    You guys know that all this is actually possible Big Smile
  • Ping: Episode 6

    Is that just me or is the audio out of sync? It's a little ahead of the video, about half to three quarters of a second, I'd guess.
  • This Week on C9: Win 7 Taskbar, the art of debugging, WPF, and the end of the world?

    Ah, ok

    1236907890 is Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:31:30 UTC because February is actually the last month of the year, which means we're actually still in 2008 they just changed the months somewhen, dunno when, and sice the world ends on a Friday 13th in 2009... or not... it just happens to be my 20th birthday, nothing special, but I'm still getting the feeling world ends that day, since I also know someone turning 50 the same day, it's very odd...

    Actually world ends for real on Friday, 22 Dec 2282 20:13:30 UTC, which is counting down epoch "9876543210" and since we're all dead by then anyway, nothing to really worry about Smiley
  • This Week on C9: Win 7 Taskbar, the art of debugging, WPF, and the end of the world?

    The end is hilarious Big Smile

    Just one thing, I don't get the thing about 1234465560 = 'Thu, 12 Feb 2009 19:06:00 UTC'
    and for the record, world ends epoch 1236907890 and starts all over again in another reality Smiley
  • Rico Mariani: Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow and Beyond - Your Questions Answered

    822MB for the iPod format? You're kidding right? And I was like downloading the iPod RSS feed via the iTunes Podcast feature (as I do ost of the time) to watch it tomorrow before school on my nano... hm nah... not this time Sad
    I have like 700MB free on it, that's normally enough for like 3 hours of video... what bitrate are you guys using to encode your videos to MP4? 384kbps video and 96kbps for audio is plenty enough and needs about 1-2MB per minute, oh and as a sidenote, how about normalizing the audio stream to use all the virtually available 16 bits per sample? Audio is really silent on an iPod. With full volume I don't understand anything when there's people talking around me and I'm listening to those people in the video.

    Hm... maybe I better should have put that in the Feedback forum... but, yeah, too late :\

  • Deep Dive: The New Rendering Engine in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

    Can we get a download link? Or maybe other formats? I'm not too keen on using GAS to sniff the stream and then convert it to watch it on the go...
  • Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 2

    Bill, I like the idea of making websites like a newspaper, it's easy to read for long text, that's right, but one thing bothers me there. Sometimes I just want to scroll down. I want to read and when I reach the end of the screen scroll down to read more instead of going to the next column. It lways bothers me on newspapers, when they're folded in a way, so that you have to turn it around to finish the column and turn it around again, to continue with the next.

    Also, I like the idea with the DPI value thing, though, I always can see the pixels. Even on a 204DPI screen, easily. My eyes are very good (too good actually) and it would need a 800+ DPI screen to let me no longer notice. When I am looking for a notebook, I do not look for the display form factor or the display size, when I am considering the screen criteria. I am looking for the form factor of the notebook and the screen resolution. Because for me, higher resolution means I can put more stuf on my screen. A notebook for me has to me of small form factor, so that I can run around with it easily. If I were to look at the DPI value, I would have to get one with a considerably large screen, where the pixels would disturb me like nothing. I am very fine with the 96DPI model, and I am very well running a 147 DPI screen on that. I can put more stuff on my screen that way.
    Large fonts are of no use to me, they just waste space. Space I don't realy have. I prefer a font size between 8 and 10 visible pixels. That's about the border of a readable font rendering in pixels. The higher the resolution the more text fots on screen, the more text fits on screen, the more I can read without changing the page or scrolling.
  • QuakeLight Preview

    How many cores? Smiley I'd be interested in the performance on a 1.6GHz single core, cause Silverlight is horribly slow there. Sad
    How many frames per second would you get? Tongue Out