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Dorian Muthig Dodo I'm your creativity creatorâ„¢ :)
  • Why Apple won't kill the Zune

    @Harlequin: Select an artist or a song in the collection view and type something. See what happens. Unfortunately it's broken for albums and videos since release 3.2 (I think).

    @contextfree`: What's the problem with classical music? I don't have any and find the experience to be like that with CDs.

    @magicalclick: Tag your files properly. There are fields for artist (TPE1) and album artist/band (TPE2). Set artist to the artist of the track and band to "Various Artists" and they'll show up correctly in the software and on the device/phone. For properly tagging sampler discs you can also set the compilation tag (TCMP) to "1" even though that is not required.

  • C'Mon Zune Team .. Really?

    @Ian2: Ok, so you are worried that  a minor may learn or see explicit words, then maybe don't sign in with your adult Live ID so that explicit content isn't displayed and denied access to.

    For the others who are offended, please tell that to the artist of the content. I am pretty sure the Zune team would like (and should) to represent the artist's titling intentions when delivering their contents. I for one want them to do that and I'd wish censorship to die, entirely. I would respect your choice of words, even if I don't feel quite comfortable listening to those words you chose.

    If anything should change, then it should only be a setting, like in DVD playback software, which determines which types of content to deny access to as an option for the user.

  • What happened to the smilies?

    Ok, wait, how does that work, exactly?

    Did you replace the images on the server? Wouldn't it have been easier to change the URLs in the reference file?

    The C9 emoticons are in http://video.ch9.ms/ecn/content/images/emoticons/C9/*
    & the normal ones are in http://video.ch9.ms/ecn/content/images/emoticons/*

  • Windows Phone 7 For Absolute Beginners

    I think this is awesome. I bet this will get you a lot of developers very quickly, especially those that never did any developing in the first place. I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything like it for another kind of programmable smartphone or any kind of smartphone for that matter. This is great.

    Developers, developers, developers! Smiley


    (haven't watched it yet, gonna watch it later to see how good it really is, but nothing beats the idea)

  • What happened to the smilies?

    What happened to the old Channel9 emoticons?

    Smiley Big Smile Scared Tongue Out Wink Sad Perplexed Expressionless Crying Embarassed Cool Mad Angel Devil

    Doesn't turn into




  • Can you crack the cyber-crime code?

    ZippyV said:
    Dr Herbie said:

    Let's say they encrypted the challenge with AES. What are we supposed to do with it? Bruteforce?

    If they would have encrypted it with AES, that would've been much more fun to solve, especially since a reverse key analysis still takes months using smart guesses on the round modifier on a small supercomputer. And it would take even longer if the S-box (Rijndael S-Box) wasn't derived from a matrix multiplication for fast encryption.

  • What good is dreaming it if you don't actually do it?

    "This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.", say both of them.


    Back to the dreams: Do you want dreaming to be turned off? Would it be better, if you weren't dreaming at all? I think dreaming is fun, but if you want it turned off, it'd save big on resources... :)

  • WOW! XP blue theme beats aero blue theme!

    spivonious said:

    I think the majority of people don't like Luna because it's too colorful. I don't mind it myself. It's loads better than the Win95 theme.

    I remember people complaining about the large fonts and the colors, when XP first came out. "It's for blind people", they said...

    After a year they got used to it, and well, we all know how long XP was around for, for all the people to love (and hate). Smiley

  • Fonts for the web - now! ;)

    Bass said:
    jamie said:

    This problem of limited fonts has already been solved


    Go to the following site with basically any web browser other then Internet Explorer:




    IE9 will probably support font embedding in this manner.


    Works in every IE since IE 4.0: http://www.microsoft.com/typography/WEFT.mspx

  • Should Enterprise Devs stick to Windows​Mobile6 for now?

    Well, without absolute control for networking and storage, yep, you gotta stick with Windows Mobile 6.5, if you need it.