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Dorian Muthig Dodo I'm your creativity creatorâ„¢ :)
  • Windows Marketplace Host Ubuntu

    Microsoft is distributing Linux, the thing itself just is, you don't know it's Microsoft. Tongue Out

  • http://www.​quirkology.​com/

    pretty cool...

    I saw this card trick video and thought what's going on there..did they cut it together cause the colors of not just the cards changed... but I never imagined they'd do this live while shooting...

    amazing Tongue Out

  • I've got about 48 hours

    Bas wrote:

    I still have two very comprehensive "Learn C++" VHS videotapes lying around. Presented by a bearded guy in a woollen vest, it's all very 1990's. It's about 4 hours worth of material and a very, very good and in-depth primer of C++.

    I could ship 'em to you... but not in 48 hours. Also, you may not have a PAL-compatible VCR. Then again, who even has a VCR anymore?

    great... this is really funny... then on the other hand why don't you just use some of those computers being able to handle the scart signal to digitalize it and email him? Expressionless