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  • Bill Buxton Shows Us His Favorite Tech

    Bill Buxton is the Seneca of our times I guess. The way he gets to the true nature of thinks is absolutely inspiring.

  • Benko on the Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Looks promising and I hope that the left and right mouse click works as expected. When will it be available in Europe?

    @Larry: This zooming in and out during the interview is really annoying

  • Visual Studio 2010 - explained differently this time // Visual Studio 2010 mal anders erklärt

    Arrggg, da waren Experten unterwegs: Der Typ bewegt den Joystick in die eine Richtung, um in die andere zu fahren 8-P - was für ein S.....

  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    I was actually thinking of this too but I sounds like contradicting the point of a new mouse. Having only a restricted space for my new mouse would keep me limited and I would not have any benefit . You see no mousepads at all for all different mouses, AND even no carpet Wink  which leaves me with two other questions to the design team:

    - Could reflecting surfaces like glas or metal confuse the sensor

    - I rest my fingers like aL_ on the mouse. What happens when I - while waiting for a program - would start to do a tremolo (tipping with the ring, middle and forefinger)?



  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    My favorite is the side mouse because of the flexiblity using both hands. I agree with Odi and LukePuplett that a more hidden device should be the future instead of trying to reinvent the mouse. Multitouch LCD have only limited use for developers but in environments without mouse and keyboard a good alternative.


    What I think of the devices:

    FTIR: Feels like a custom mouse so I would assume to have generaly the best customer acceptance. What I don't like is that you have to change the hand position when using multitouch.


    Orb Mouse: Nice idea and for the game looks like a great interface because the mouse stays almost at the same position. But: How does it work using normal applications? Comparing the mouses is a bit hard unless they are concepts for different use cases.


    Cap Mouse: Mmm, this is my least favorite. Same problem like the FTIR that you have to change your hand angle. But also is seems a bit small. When trying to use multitouch you don't seem to have much space.


    Side Mouse: My fav. Not only the two hand option but also because you are not so limited in the space used for multitouch. Question: How is the "abrasion" of the fingertips? And could you get rid of the cable? I use the right hand but my computer is on the left. The cable would be simple in the way...


    Arty Mouse: Nice design although I don't think that I would use it. As developer you are constantly switching between keyboard and mouse so I have to "catch" the thumb and forefinger control.



    Also touchpads with multitouch supports sounds very interesting - haven't tried it yet.


    But still I am hoping to have a user interface like in Minority Report which is something between Side Mouse and Arty Mouse...

    Minority Report



    I agree that the normal user would like to have a real click feedback which I personally wouldn't miss. Other examples that supports your theory: Shaver or vacuum cleaner could be much more quiet but the customer "thinks" that it doesn't do its job...