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  • Mixed Reality Lunar Module

    When I started with VB 1.0 I could drag drop a control on a window save a lot of time coding.
    Still waiting for Microsoft to give us a set of controls that we can use to jump start our mixed reality programming.
    Here are some ideas:

    New Project -> Mixed Reality Space.
    Right click project -> Add 3D object 
    Right click project -> Import Paint 3D object

    Quick before Apple gets too far a lead with the Ark kit.

  • Hello Holographic 3D World

    Has this sample been updated to work with Mixed Reality?

  • .NET Standard Deep Dive

    Thank you for this video. I just looked over the FAQ.  

    I agree with this statement to a degree:

    "We don't plan on adding any specific providers to .NET Standard as their applicability varies (for example, it's a highly unlikely scenario to use the SQL Server client from an iOS device"

    I would not even think of coding direct to SQL Server on iOS.  However, I am trying to port my backend services to Linux, and so far it has been a show stopper.

    I have a simple webservice that works generically.  My client app calls a single method with a script name and some parameters.  The the backend method loads the script which defines a table, sql select statement, adds the parameters and calls the data adapter to fill the dataset. Then it returns the data to the client. Once the client changes the data it calls a single method on the backend passing a script name and the dataset. The script calls methods to setup the DataAdapter with table name and sql select.  SqlCommandBuilder then produces the the insert, update and delete statements.  SqlCommandBuilder is not yet available under .Net Standard 2.0.

    This simple web-service fuels our in-house app development by providing unlimited data access without the need to hard-code the data access layer.
    Hoping .Net Standard 2.1 is more complete.

  • Design Patterns: Singleton

    When I started with VB 1.0, I found it so cool that I could drag drop UI components unto a form and in a short time have a very useful program.
    What I would like to see on the next Toolbox is the UI controls that I can drag drop Paint 3D objects unto 3D form and use on my desktop, phone or Mixed Reality headset.  I do not want to have to learn Unity.
    I know this does not exist yet, but someone should get to work on it really quick.  Seems Apple with their Ark kit is in the lead.

  • Git Fundamentals

    Thank you. I was wondering how to update a branch when changes were made on the master.

    There is a problem with the Visual Studio Changes list.  If I have a huge list of changes, sometimes I only get a 2 inch viewable list. I tried resizing on a vertical monitor, but no change.

  • Interview with Aaron Bjork (​Consistency)

    So thankful for the improvements that I see being made to windows.
    Still a few windows that are very small on my large screen (not talking about the DPI issues).  Would like to see consistency in this area.  All windows should be resizable. One example is in Visual Studio. The Git changes list. I may have 100 files to check-in but only have 2 inch height listbox to view, even if I move it to my ultra-high monitor (ultra-wide rotated).

    Another thing I would like to see is more lists that can be sorted and filtered. The Task Manager has good sorting, but no filtering.  Sometimes, I would like to watch a process or 2 without it jumping out of view because of it's sort value changing.

    Keep up the good work.

  • #MSBuild 2017 Revisited: Pre-Recorded Sessions

    I still would prefer to download a OneNote Notebook with all the summaries and links to videos, slides and other resources.  
    Then I can view all the sources and make notes.

  • TWC9: Build Apps are out, Surface Laptop, .Net 4.7 GA, Contributing to .NET for Dummies and more...

    I wish someone at Microsoft would create a OneNote template prepopulated with links to all the sessions, slides, videos and other resources.  
    Then I could just add my notes as I watch the videos.


  • Modern Web Development


    You can multi-target applications with .NET Core. Yes, it can run both 4.6 and .NET Core in the same application.


    That article is old and I'm wondering if it is still possible with the return to the old project format.

  • Modern Web Development

    Still somethings that I'm not clear on:  So is the project both .Net 4.6 and .Net Core?
    I would like to see this clarified.  I have an old .Net MVC 4.0 project with a mix of a web service and web API that I would like to bring forward.  I'm willing to make changes, but would still like the process clarified.

  • Defrag: We're Back (again), New or Old Studio (You Decide), Windows 10 Anniversary and more...

    Thanks for the Wifi tip. Here in Taiwan my wifi must travel through 2 or 3 floors of concrete.
    Make sure you get the Pearl Milk Tea when you come to Taiwan.  It's harder to find in Taipei, but down here in Taichung it's everywhere.

  • Using Temporal in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database

    Would be nice to have a short explanation of what Temporal is.

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