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  • TPL Dataflow Tour


    With regards to the ConcurrentExclusiveSchedulerPair; you mention we can have a single ActionBlock on the ExclusiveScheduler modifying shared state and others on the ConcurrentProcessor reading this state. Surely we should be passing the state around by pipelining it through the ActionBlocks? If not then If we do not do this then presumably we still have the requirement to use memory fences?

  • Reactive Extensions API in depth: even more Zip

    Observable.Throw<int>(new InvalidDocumentationException("Video error"))
                    .Zip(Observable.Never<int>(), (lhs, rhs) => new {Left = lhs, Right = rhs})
                    .Subscribe(Console.WriteLine, ex => Console.WriteLine(ex), () => Console.WriteLine("Completed."));

  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    This video is way cool. I am definitely building one. Question on the video stream though; are you actually grabbing a stream from the camera or just repeatedly taking snapshots?