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  • TWC9: Microsoft contributes hardware specs to the cloud, C9 gets captions, WAT and more

    Will go with a +1 on missing VSTOTD With Sara Ford. 

  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    Welcome to Channel 9, 

    Thanks for bringing up the "dark" ages, where parties were word of mouth.  or tied to the dorm room phone. Generally more planned out though if it was going to be a larger party.

    My main request is make it easier to find content. .


  • Dean ​Hachamovitc​h: IE9 - Questions and Answers

    Considering that the HTML working group is dropping the Version aspects. after the full ratification of the spec known as HTML 5, and it will just be known as HTML at that point.  and given the Editor of HTML 5 is expecting final ratification of html 5 sometime around 2020. 

    Please explain your point sialivi.

    Most of the items from the HTML 5 spec that have been implemented are at least in the stable state and already implemented (sometimes poorly) in other browsers. (some areas IE still needs help) 

    The HTML working group is already to start splitting the spec much the way that CSS 3 has split. after the base of HTML 5 is complete. 




  • TWC9 - ASP.NET Fix, Xamalot, MVC tools Embed PPT

    @exoteric: Really?? given that was Douglas Purdy's baby and the announcement he made that he left to go to Facebook??

    Kinda irritated with MS.  have been waiting for a store based technology since Oh. Cairo.

    Really I would Like to see technology that can Support Graph Mathmatics in a scale base.  Or the Relationship is actually as important or in some cases more important, than the data.  current rdbms really suxors at this. (WinFS in its original design actually supported graphs fairly well, albeit a little slow and for those that cared, was one of the MAJOR aspects that was very much overlooked.)




  • TWC9: C9 Live at PDC, Teamprise, SDKs galore,

    Dragon Age rules,   slight correction in the vid though. Bioware Made Neverwinter Nights, at least the awsome version with the toolset.  Neverwinter Nights 2 was made by Obsidian Games, (if memory serves me correct, through a license from Bioware) this is before the sell off of the computer licenseing of DnD to infrogames AKA Atari, which has basically sat on the license since then. 


  • Testing the Audio issue with XP

    Audio is very low in the silverlight stream,  I have to turn the speakers to 100% and the silverlight volume to 100% to even get a chance to hear it. and I am on windows 7,  on silverlight 3.  same as the original, audio is slightly louder in this encoding though.  Douglas

  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Part Two (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

    Audio was really low I had to turn my speakers to 100 percent to get a low sound.  that would normally blast me out of the room in other vids. 

  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Part One (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

    Hmm, wondering why the timeline leaves out the History of C  and other programming langauages that eventually led to Visual Studio.


    While Basic did basically make Microsoft,.  C, C++,  0.Fortran, Foxpro, etc played roles in that timeline. 


    I think My first programming language package I bought was Quick C.  Did get some of the early Microsoft Foxpro, both dos and windows version.


    BTW Excellent video looking forward to the full interviews.  brings back some fond and not so fond memories.



  • Expert to Expert: Brian Beckman and Erik Meijer - Inside the .NET Reactive Framework (Rx)

    I think they were implying the work done around co and contravariance in C# 4.0.  Could be wrong though.



  • This Week C9: Revolution 9 - The Future of Channel 9

    Sounds like great things.  Yes discoverability has become an issue, especially PDC videos etc.

    I personally would like to see more screen casts Especially with new areas, both in the realm of Dev but also in usability in areas such as Office and other programs. 

    It is good to hear that the different sites are coming under one platform. But in that light, PDC imo should get the treatment of Mix as a conference type site that bubbles into Channel 9. Perhaps even getting screen casts and feature reviews specific to the conference and as the stuff productizes more into the mainstream.

    Can also ask for More WPF content:Smiley especially moving into a MVVM with MEF point of view. perhaps a series of screen casts in architeching and implementing such an ap.

    Agree with the point of missing the Scoble/Rory type of interviews. although the Going Deep interviews are the most interesting for me.  Well those and the Tina history of MS have been simply amazing from a nostalgia point of view. 

    And yes I did watch the entire video, shame on those that don't:)  Shout out to Duncan.  He needs to be in more videos:)

  • .NET Framework++: Moving Forward and Staying Compatible with the Past

    workflow foundation=wf

  • Ian Carmichael: The History and Future of the CLR

    I am hopeing that is what was implied when Ian stated the math/science area.  There are a lot of areas where performance and be explicitly improved with SSE and GPGPU support.  I don't believe there would be much involved to add that support, the JIT engine would have to be smart enough to understand the underlying hardware that is available to choose level of sse support for example or go the safe way and choose the lowest common denominator between amd and intel.

    GPGPU gets more interesting, dx11 introduces compute shaders, but to be honest, it is a subset of what is available in the GPGPU area on both nvidia and amd, and then you have Intel embedded video which throws an interesting aspect to that area. (or the other video card oem's) Open CL imo is a more robust platform on the outset but I don't see dx resting on its morals going forward either.

    The question then becomes how to support on downlevel machines?? Talking cells phones etc.

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