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  • 10-4 Episode 20: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

    thanks for that after about an hour trying to figure out what needed to be removed from the sql server to reinstall got everything installed.  still can't find where tfsreports/defaultcollections is located at. so just made a new collection.


  • 10-4 Episode 20: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

    just a note, tfs 2010 will fail to load share point services on windows server 2008 r2.


  • Vance Morrison: CLR Through the Years

    I seriously doubt we will actually see 100 core x86-64.

    I see a lot of specialization to start occuring.  larebee and fusion are a couple of examples.

    We may see up to 64 cores at the server level but memory contraints would be a huge issue in such a platform. especially the way that intel chips are currently designed with need for memory bandwidth for performance. 

    at the consumer level specialization will be much more prominant. 8 cores with 4 graphic cores and 4 gpgpu cores. as an example.

    excel would benifit on some calculations with simd support so perhaps an expansion of simd processors.

    The constraint really is going to be how to connect memory to those all those cores(unless we build memory onto the CPU itself.


  • The History of Microsoft - 1986

    the year I graduated High School. and joined the Navy in the Nuclear Program.  Chernobyl was a Big Discussion.  funny thing is, visited the Ukraine 14 years later.

  • Windows 7 New Taskbar - An Overview

    At least if you are going to compare it to OS/x make sure you get it in order who borrowed what from whom.

    Spotlight was borrowed from desktop search. Gadgets oh have been around since OS/2 days. way before konfabulator etc were even thought of. and came to windows first. (desktop x stardock) Calendar I'll give you ya.  games I don't count as they typically are removed from business installs anyway.

    Current taskbar imo is an evolution of the current task bar. that aside, there have been plenty of other ideas out there that both apple and ms have borrowed from;)

  • Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 Week!

    Any chance we can get the Pex and the contract guys from research.

    While the PDC conference made it fairly clear that Contract would be available as a library in 10, it wasn't clear if pex is still going to be a download or part of the install.

  • Inside C# 4.0: dynamic typing, optional parameters, covariance and ​contravaria​nce

    Hmm, ok I know we had the new language at .net 1.0,  C# 1.0, and added generics in .net 2.0 C#2.0.  extended Generics and added lamdas and extension methods in .net 3.5 C# 3.0. 

    Enlighten me on Language additions in .net 3.0?? 

    Each addition to the langauge so far has added little complexity in the return on productivity.

    As a matter of fact the co contra varient stuff should have been there in 2.0.

    The no pia enhancements is just a no brainer given the fact that .net has to interact with Com code.  

    I will take any language enhancement that simplefies that impedance missmatch. Or for that matter interacting with win32. 

    I further Hope Pray, Jump Up and Down Screaming  Waving my arms  Please please PLEASE implement compiler features to take advantage of the Recursion optimizations offered and .net 4.0 CLR. 

  • This Week on C9 – Hell No! Countdown to PDC2008 Ambush Dan and Brian, Taking Over their Show for 10 Groovy Minutes

    Please Please. Please Live stream Don and Chris Keynote. 

    Those guys always put on a good show:)

    nuff said, douglas

  • Countdown to PDC2008: Technical Fellow John Shewchuk Talks About His Talk at PDC2008

    That is the format of the show.  A timer is set when it rings the show is over. no matter where they are in the discussion.
  • Erik Meijer, Gilad Bracha, Mads Torgersen: Perspectives on Programming Language Design and Evolution

    I didn't find Gilad arrogant at all. I did find him to be Blunt and to the point.

    Most in the language design world have pointed out the weaknesses in the CLR design. Even MS has acknowledged some of them. And it has been pointed out in earlier Video's.

    Even C# was created as a better Java than Java.

    The only way a Language improves is when the weakness is pointed out. sometimes the only way that is found is from the outside looking in.

    On that point Newspeak is interesting with the "lack of a type system". and here is why.

    A formalized type system can never module all the domains all the time.

    To further that statement. If the type system in the framework was more flexable we wouldn't have to worry about the different domains that Linq is trying to solve. 

    On the other matter it does solve most of the common problems with pain points when interfacing into other domains.


  • Everything you wanted to know about VC++ deployment but were afraid to ask

    FluffyDevilBunny wrote:
    MacOS does use dlls or sos. It gives the appearance that they don't exist because the application you are clicking on is actually a directory with an extension of .app. Everything the application depends on is in the directory so when you drag it around places, everything goes with it. As for shared dlls, they are stored in the library directory. The application contains a manifest that tells it which libraries it relies on. Its all very simple.

    so in theory MacOS can still suffer from dll hell unless the library directory stores multiple versions of the Library. 

  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    How come this looks very simuliar to the idea presented for the mail client with WinFS as the store. 

    I appears to me that Everything is being setup so that it can be easily imported onto a winFS store at a later date.  With .eml, .contact and .nws as the file backed  store with a schematized store.
    Or more basically the Jet store currently readily available. and in wide use in current windows. (on the server side.  Active directory, Exchange, client side, Outlook I believe is or was on jet store) Will be phased out and moved to a sql based storage engine that is more integrated at the FS level. WinFS.

    Would that be a fair assesment or is it too early for that to be talked about.

    Basically to me Jet is being used as a place holder for some of the common store concepts with file backed systems until WinFS can be delivered. 

    I havn't heard the full story on how RSS is being stored in the common stoarage platform but I imagine it will have the same story. and then be easily movable to the WinFS platform.

    The reason I ask, is that one of the dev's pm's ?? on the search team asks or questions if WinFS is needed at this point.  And states that most of the items shown in the WinFS video is achievable in the current vista platform. 

    I personally believe that it is, and that is because WinFS extends the current db idea with composable ojects. The best way to look at that is that the System can start to understand the domain it is in.

    A contact for example can be a client. and based on the system understanding what a client is. can be modified to prevent simple mistakes. as breaking attorny client privaledge etc. 

    Relationships is another thing that WinFS brings in that is very strong. with that I wonder what new paradyme that will be introduced into the UI to handle that in the future. 

    All in All, most everything that I have hoped for has started to show up in the client. now just add RSS aggregation that reads from the common store and you have it made.