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  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Tyler Brown wrote:
    scobleizer wrote: DownUnderGeek: it only looks the same if you ignore the Tablet PC and the Media Center (not to mention XPSP1).

    We have to get Longhorn out first. Then we'll talk about what we'll do in the future.
    I thought Longhorn was the future...

    Blackcomb is the future. LH was always a stepping stone to it when it was announced.

    LH just kept getting more and more of the blackcomb features.

    There will be some interesting announcements at PDC.

    Whistler combined the consumer and business code base.

    LH starts the transistion based on that code base. (almost had v1 of most of the tech. WinFS was delayed for good reason again PDC)

    Blackcomb will be the first version that fully implements the vision. layed out in a platform called cairo in 1995 although it has greatly expanded from that time.

    Not to belittle LH, it is like the middle film in a trilogy:) It has alot to keep people interested enough to make it to the third movie. And will be compelling. Even more so when the WinFS api is added to it. but it is still a lead in to a more complete platform known code name blackcomb.

  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    LarryOsterman wrote:
    Orbit86 wrote: Monad is copying Unix\Linux.

    Umm  You haven't been paying attention to Adam's blog, have you...

    Monad's a totally different paradigm for a shell than anyone's ever seen - yeah, it's vaguely like the various *nix shells but its ability to composite complex structures is totally new.

    If someone built a shell out of mock-lisp, it might be similar...

    Having played with Monad since way before beta1. MONAD is in no way like any existing shell.

    Here is a secret though. LH will include most of the Unix based shells. which are all text based by the way and cannot work with objects.

    Monad is a new beast built on top of a Object based platform not the text based platform of Unix.

  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Interesting interview, I do have a few questions from the Video side.

    Balmer said during the interview talked about being big and bold.

    While stating that, I look back at the decisions made to cut back Longhorn. Moving WinFS to a later release.

    Although never confirmed but highly rumored that Office 12 was going to be a LH only office release that took advanatage of the LH platform.

    While I do see Innovation coming out of MS. It has become a big ship. innovation is hard to put into the system when that Innovation must support 20 years to 30 years of legacy.  Although that support is what has brought the system this far.

    Sometimes I wonder what would LH would Look like from an OS point of view if it could fully innovate. If it could truely come out and say that from an OS point of view. Legacy support is not guarenteed. Dos 1.0 to 6.22 will not run in the platform except in a virtual machine.

    If MS was in the position to alienate all of its past customers to bring a new system forward. (which is what apple basically did with OS/x)

    It will be an interesting 10 years. but it will take most of that 10 years to get to the vision that MS has for the new platform built on .net. It will be at least Office 13 before we see more than just Infospace built in avalon technolgies. It will be blackcomb before we see the full implementation of a platform described as Cairo in 1995, although there have been a few technologies changes that is basically what blackcomb will be the fullfillment of the cairo vision.

    Looking forward to seeing what MS brings forward.  Monad is very interesting. Avalon brings a fairly simple windowing ui platform to the platform. Indigo brings int eh communication platform that allows apps to work with each other.

    My only regret was that when MS went to windows in 1.0 and further that I didn't learn to program that module while I could fully program in DOS. with the .net framework and avalon and indigo and finally winfs when it shows up. I find that I can understand the platform again and work with it.It has made my interest in programming again much stronger but I find that I have alot to relearn.

  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    Speaking of Docbook,

    Although it would be nice to support the format that was designed for Technical documents natively in Office. It would be nice to see the Book format in Office completely overhauled so that it works

    Especially with distributed writing resposibilities.

    perhaps a .bookx format With a top level container that contains the outline of the book. and references the actual Docx files that relate to the chapters.

    Although I havent tried the compound document platform in 2k3, I know in 97, 2k, and XP it was almost unbearable to work with at times. especailly when multiple writers were involved. 

  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    Kinda makes you wonder how the Office formats relate to Metro and the Avalon Document apis.

    Metro is closer to that All in One file format. as it is a PDL and Persistance format (metro reach) and a printer Spool all in one.

    The Document API takes into account a Container (metro uses zip also) and document manipulations. although it does to appear to lose some of the fidality, (print to metro from PPT appears to lose the round trip without massive xslt work)

    Since Metro will work with the new font engine in Avalon, any chance that O12 will have access to use the new open type features that Avalon documents will support??

  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0


    Yes IIs 5.1 is on XP. and yes you can develop using the platform.

    The issue I run into is the 10 connection limit, Feel less than that some times. and the difference in configurations between IIS 5.1 and IIS 6.0.

    I guess the main issue is loading up 5 or 6 of the same quick starts and getting the connection limit error and about the only way to clear it out is to restart the service.

    personally for development. I much prefer the file system testing in Whidbey. hoping that IIS 7.0 offers that as a choice. even if it is in the virtual directories.

  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0


    yes it does. thanks.

    can't wait to play with it:)

  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0

    Any hint on what the Client implentation of IIS 7.0 is going to be like??

    Right now IIS 5.1 is worthless from a client perspective. run into its limitations with one user and doing quick starts.

    for personal use would be nice to have a slightly more robust platform with eyes that it can move to a server.

    better yet give us a Home Server platform that we can use:)
  • Sam Druker - Answers Channel9 questions about WinFS

    I personally can see thousands of reasons for WinFS even at a file system level. about 20k reasons.

    I do Genealogy. So dealing with information is a daily deal at home. 

    So just looking at winfs from a point of view of handleing different contact info and being able to search on that is a godsend.

    An Email exchange. a Newsgroup entry. Even a web page entry.  An VoIP interview.  a recorded interview. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of photos. with multiple people in them. 

    For Me WinFS and its implementation of a Relational (topic map, or even development and supporting ontology like capabilities at the system level)

    I can further see the capability for domain specific systems.  Where the OS understands Legal documents in the legal field. or Birth Death Genealogy reports in a home or even professional genealogiest system. Health and legal health in a mediacal office. and on and on. 

    Each and every one of these have a basic need for understanding contacts and events.  some have need for location.  Some need to be extended to ensure privacy Hipa(sp) for medical for instance. 

    I would say (since I have been waiting for the object based filesystem since it was announced in 95 time frame) that it is finally nice to see an implementation close at hand. although it has evolved over the years. 

    unfortantly we are still tied to a modern date and calandar system though from every thing I am seeing. no BC date support out of the box.  Sad 
  • What 3D capabilities will ​Longhorn/​Avalon provide?


    Just expose the capabilities to use HLSL:)

    I know from last years winhec (or around that time) that cleartype is suppose to be using shader technology in tier 2. It would be nice to have the api expose the capabilites to use shaders, while not mandating them.