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Go Microsoft !!!!!!! Dovella Go Microsoft !!!!!!!
  • Surface RT Windows 10 and ...



  • Surface RT Windows 10 and ...

    I use translator

    Since it had become unusable decide to restore Surface RT.
    The restoration is successful and returns out of box, Windows update launch and from 9 am to 21 pm remains in search,
    No way, I turn off the machine and goodnight.
    At this point I wonder ... is it true that they have not sold too much, but they did go out in the space of 18 months, 1 Surface RT and Surface RT 2. ...
    But is it possible that those who rewards you with confidence going bucking must always be paid off with a rip-off? https://www.toradex.com/windows-iot-starter-kit ) quando poi hanno reso impossibile l'utilizzo di questa macchina con gli update, e">Not only they did not provide an update to Windows 10 that it was quite possible (same hardware https://www.toradex.com/windows-iot-starter-kit) when then have made it impossible to use this machine with the update, and we talk about a product in Brand, it is true that when it was realized the head was Sinofsky and not Myerson, it is true that there was Ballmer and today there Nadella, but it is thanks to Steven Sinofsky today Surface exists, then we can not even say that Microsoft has abandoned the direction, indeed it has been cultivated expanded and even rewarded by the public and partners who copied the guideline.
    In less than three years, have destroyed a hardware that still could be valid, and if they did it pay well, I have had the good fortune that a solidarity gesture of many I was given, but it is also true that I had bought a Asus with the same hardware as at first they told me I would not come here, then with various forcings with Sinofsky and at times another lady who was in charge of distribution in the EU, we did get here (who memory remember the story)
    Among other things perhaps do not realize that when they make a (and the FINE GOOD question we can open the theories encyclopedias) RESET plans previously not been successful losers is always and only the customer who in a short with you in hatred, and developers who invest time and resources they will not support you anymore except under consideration.
    You'll want to continue with this attitude?
    Surface RT it could still serve for office, a little Web, Netflix and some apps that still runs there.
    just to let you understand the anger.
    Here I had put the soul and face, and in a short, the situation is completely reversed .www.hdblog.it /.../ It is absurd.

    I have the impression that the BIG work has been done from 7 to 8 and 8.1 had been reached excellence done by professionals, with the change of direction seems to me PARE and I repeat, that the workforce is completely different, with 10 despite Update the full-bodied and fortunately honest with cumulative (at least before discharge), here we do not arrive at a concrete stability and do continuous damage, before it was all very, very stable. I actually can not explain why even today the fact of not open a window in the foreground seems impossible to fixare.
    Maybe they fired the wrong people, perhaps many have gone away, but as a framework in which studies beyond drawing and painting, to me these brushstrokes seem to date from completely different people and with absolutely different capacities. (This applies to both desktop and mobile side)

  • Surface phone

    Windowsmobile is dead 100%

    Be careful, I'm not saying that he was killed by the market.

    Windows Phone was killed deliberately by microsoft, and of this I have the absolute certainty.

  • Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !!


  • Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !!


  • Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !!

    OK my Project is ready 


    Italian Thread http://www.arcadeitalia.net/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=24712



  • Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !!

    heheheheheee :D 

    about 20 days ago, I took him to my house (without the knowledge of my wife) an old coin op Jamma I had stored in my father's house for over 15 years . 
    I bought a Chinese Pandora's Box 4  MultiROM (650 in 1), and I'm enjoying it a lot :) 

    but now i want build a Bartop :D

  • Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !!

    I saw that in Italy the kit bartop costs much less than the price that we find on eBay in US. Try best sellers in your country.

  • Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !!

    Hi C9 9 Guy , How are you ? 

    In the last year I noticed that many enthusiasts are building bartop with Raspberry PII , incluse Microsoft  :) 

    Why Raspberry ? Mame Romset for raspberry is 10+ Year OLD :) 
    The Best hardware for Bartop is Intel Stick  !!! 

    what we need to build a bartop?


    Have you ever built a bartop ? For those who have material to be recycled as a monitor or a PC can save much money .

    CIAO !! 



  • The Radio

    OK , this is the BEST !! :D