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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • Azure IoT Hub

    I guess you could build an IoT Hub Hot Tub ?

  • Azure IoT Hub

    Bad name -- every time I read it my brain scrambles the letters to "Azure Hot Tub" which I think would be a better project to spend my time investigating.

  • Anyone familiar with 'Common Lisp'?

    If you look into "Genetic Programming" you will find that many implementations are written in Lisp because a Lisp application can generate Lisp code in a string and then execute that string as code within the current execution context (so you could create a generation of call-trees, execute then all to judge their 'fitness' and then breed a new generation from the best).

    This is all possible because Lisp is an interpreted language, not a compiled one.

    Beyond that, I have no real knowledge of Lisp itself other than is uses Reverse Polish Notation which makes my head hurt.


  • Your Oldest Windows 10 Device?

    My desktop at home is from 2010, but I have added components to it over the last 6 years (memory, disk space, graphics card).


  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    Just a question roused by idle curiosity:

    How many of you use utilities/tools that you have written yourselves?

    I use a Pomodoro Timer VS extension that I wrote, but that's currently about it.

    I am also making my first keyboard conversion, so I guess we can include hardware as well as software in the list :D

    What do you use that you have made?




  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    If it's a 'game' changer, then perhaps it's Xbox Game interop?

  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?


    *Checks the time*

    *Checks for updates*


  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?

    *Checks the time*

    *Checks for updates*

    *Checks the time*

    *Checks for updates*

    *Shakes head and sighs*

    *Checks the time*

    *Checks for updates*



  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?


    the article wrote

    Of course, the operating system's availability for your Windows Phone depending on the region and carrier, so you might need to wait a bit longer to get the OS

    So probably not tomorrow :(


  • Universal Windows App Programming -- not all it's cracked up to be.

    I'm resurrecting this thread as I now find I have some time to write a wrapper to hide the (IMHO) appalling API design that is ApiInformation.IsApiContractPresent. If the wrapper is good enough, I'll open source it.


    So, opinions on how to design the library, taking the 'VibrationDevice' as the starting point. Which seems like the better API:

    1. A static class where you just call


    And if there is a vibration device it will be used, but if there isn't nothing will happen (optional return value indicating whether it happened or not).

    2. The same format as the MS VibrationDevice class where you call

    var device = VibrationDevice.GetDefault();

    But without the nasty exception throwing, using a NullObject replacement to perform the empty implementation.


    I'm currently leaning to option 1 as it seems cleaner to call (being just a hardware interface) rather than having to create an instance using a static factory method.

    Other opinions are sought.