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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • are degrees worth anything ?

    Experience trumps a degree, but for someone without experience a degree at least shows that they can stick at it to the end, and are at least capable of learning.

    I would say that the main benefit of a degree (at least a science degree of any sort, which is what I have experience in), is that it teaches you how to find things out -- how to use a library (or the internet) and assemble knowledge from multiple sources into a unified whole. I would expect someone with a degree to be able to 'go away and learn about OOP', rather than to have OOP skills.

    I wouldn't target computer science students for a programmer's job, I would target any one with a science degree. I also wouldn't expect a new graduate to 'hit the ground running' in any job role, because I don't think that's what a degree is for, that's what experience is for.


  • Is anyone considering voting for Gary Johnson?

    Brexit hasn't really started -- it will be several years until we are completely out of Europe and we haven't even triggered the process to start yet.  So far we just get the usual politico-babble from the media.  The biggest change we've seen is the governmental reshuffling since Cameron resigned as PM, but it's still early days for that to have any change to the day-to-day of the UK.

    All in all, it's fairly underwhelming.


  • For those of you with > 2 monitors...

    Another vote for an odd number of monitors:  I feel you need a central monitor as the main focus and other monitors as peripherals otherwise you'll get neck problems.

    If you already have four monitors, the obvious answer is to buy a fifth; more monitors! :D


  • very strange bug in sql management studio 2016

    @figuerres: I haven't seen this on my 3 monitor setup at work. I have a desktop PC instead of a laptop, so maybe it's specific to that setup?


  • something is horribly wrong with my Lumia 950

    @magicalclick: I occasionally get apps that just start and then immediately stop and much as it pains me to say it -- have you tried turning it off and back on again?   A full shutdown and reboot has always solved it for me so far.

  • WFT

    Boris is too sly to run for PM now -- he knows there is no chance of ever keeping the promises he made in the leave campaign, so he's keeping his prime-ministerial powder dry until the EU situation has been (badly) dealt with. After all the EU deals have been done he will come back out in the open safe to point fingers at other people and with his record clean of any demonstrable mistakes because he's side-stepped actually having to do anything.

    He may act like a bumbling eccentric, but he's a crafty operator.




  • really ? again? why can't microsoft folks get this fixed ? spam bombing of the site

    Currently 84 pages of spam.  *sigh*.  If only I had the time to fight them message by message ... or the ability to batch delete and block spammers ...

  • SpamSpamSpam

    26 Pages of spam -- I can only delete them one at a time, so I'm not even going to try (plus I am at work and they don't pay me to moderate a forum).  If only I had a ban-hammer, or a batch delete  ....


  • XBoxOne kills OTA DVR?!

    I am VERY pissed off about this one too -- it was one of the deciding factors in getting an XBOne in the first place.; it would have made up for the drop of Media Center on desktop Windows.

    For those who wish to show their displeasure, there is a OneVoice suggestion that can still be voted on.

    Stop flip-flopping, you sh*t-heads and get a straight story and stick to it.



  • Blowdart's getting other people to do his job for him again ....

    No 9er can get away with keeping this kind of job outsourcing secret :P