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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • Vista: Clear, Confident, Connected, Compromised?

    Oh look, an anti-virus company releasing a 'study' that says we're all going to get infected PCs. 
    What a surprise.


  • LiveWriter with WorldPress

    Well, if you mean WordPress, then yes I use WLW and add images from my PC and it uploads them to Wordpress fine.  I didn't adjust any settings other than telling WLW that I was using Wordpress, 'it just works'.


  • What are your predictions for 2007?

    Tensor wrote:
    What were your highly witty predictions for 2006? Smiley

    None of them were relevant, so I had to start over.


  • Tips for building online communities?

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    yman wrote:...oh btw, 1200+ unique page views isn't that impressive. I am told W3bbo reaches 6 times that in a day...

    I didn't say that to impress you, I've been around for a while, and I know 1200 isn't a drop in the bucket compared to over 6 thousand hits/day that some of my clients' sites have received. The only difference is that this is my baby, and she was only getting ~30 month a couple months ago. So you can see why I'm excited about a pitiful little 1200+.

    Well, I'm impressed.  My blog get about 2 hit a day.  Mostly students looking up information on the 'Normal distribution' and 'blue eye alleles'.  Still, I'm not really doing it for fame and fortune.

    I guess if you want to attract people, you'll have to advertise.  I only found C9 becuase it was on the MSDN front page.
    Who links to your site?


  • Is your alma mater anti-Visual Studio?

    Detroit Muscle wrote:
    Reading through this thread makes me glad i didn't major in CS. Did any of you ever stop to think that no other field of study has religious wars over what tools are used?

    It's not just CS, I was a biologist and there are plenty of religious wars there too.


  • What's your project page?

    Well, my current project is my blog (not software, but evolution). 
    Mainly just me writing stuff so far, but I'll be expanding and adding code soon.


  • Is your alma mater anti-Visual Studio?

    Ambition wrote:

    Yeah, but who starts at anything by the time they get to Uni? (Sorry if I'm not getting the point of this, I don't know much about the American Education system, so I don't know what ages we're talking here). You go to University to expand on knowledge, not to start from scratch (or at least, that's what I hope, because if I get to uni and they start me from scratch I'll be very upset ).

    I would imagine that they will start you right at the very beginning to make sure that there aren't any gaps in your knowledge. First year students are usually taught en-masse and they can't be sure what level everyone is, so they' start at the lowest common denominator.  I wouldn't worry about it, it'll give you time to ease in gently if you already know stuff.

    I didn't study programming until I did an MSc crossover course, up to that point I was self-taught, mainly through writing biological simulations.  Some of the most rewarding classes were the 1st year computer science degree courses that we sat in on:  discreete mathematics (mainly graph theory) and a series of lectures on basic operations at the CPU level.
    We used Borland Tubo C++ for programming work -- a pretty basic IDE that was a thin wrapper around the compiler/debugger. No libraries, everything coded from scratch.  Makes me appreciate the Microsoft & Borland libraries I've used since.


  • UMPCs & Vista

    Can't comment on Vista but I was shocked to see the review of a UMPC on The Gadget Show; the latest Samsung UMPC took 5 minutes to boot up!

    Five Minutes!  They'll have to do better than that before I even consider one.


    Five Minutes!

  • Is your alma mater anti-Visual Studio?

    Jack Poison wrote:
    Absolutely they are.

    It's actually interesting, that old Alma Mater didn't support Wi-Fi in the University, and adamantly opposed it, since it wasn't secure. The Business COllege had to do it.

    I can kind of see the issue with Wi-Fi -- the security isn't great and if anyone can crack it easily, it'll be computing academics.  Especially the students.  You can't trust students.  I should know, I was one for over a decade, and I woudn't trust me.


  • Is your alma mater anti-Visual Studio?

    Not sure on this one:  sometimes I think that starting off with just the nuts and bolts gives you a good perspective on how stuff works.  I started writing Windows software pre-MFC so I had to write my own message pumps, etc.  Knowing how Windows messaging works is still usefull sometimes in the C# world.

    On the other hand, you would want students to finish their courses knowing the tools that are current so they can get a job.  This is an old problem -- I remember reading about 10 years ago about a software company owner who refused to hire Computer Science graduates because they didn't know how to write business applications; they could design CPUs and write compilers but most businesses don't need that.

    So I guess that starting them off with a copy of Notepad and GCC and then 'graduating' up the scale to VS2005 (or Eclipse or whatever) would be the optimum.