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    The CDCer wrote:
    Robert, appealing to a random list of Windows fanboys doesn't even begin to address my issues. I actually agreed with you that Office 12 is pretty cool, although it is really not much more than streamlining an overly complicated UI. What I am not shocked or awed is Windows Vista, which mostly a rehash of Mac OS X Tiger and some ancient Apple technologies. Are you going to admit the inexcusable WMP 10 bugs?

    So, Quartz2D Extreme is usable in OS X?  No, didn't think so.  You're gonna have to wait 'til Leopard (around the Vista timeframe...) for that one.  If they can get it working reliably by then.

    Since overlays will be all but forbidden in Vista the things which you denounce as "bugs" (but which aren't, and which go away if you tell WMP not to use overlays) will of course go away, but the corresponding performance of overlays will also go away.  It probably won't matter, because video cards and processors and buses are now "fast", and the price is probably worth paying (overlays are at best crap and exhibit all the problems you mention, and the OS being in control of the video card instead of applications being in control allows the OS to do more interesting things), but it's not without some cost.