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  • First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

    Hi, I am trying out the IE9 RC and have found that I am not getting website icons for sites I pin like Channel9 or Hotmail.

    I am just getting the IE logo on a white background. I get the icons on the extra function in the jump list i.e. CoffeeHouse for CH9 and Inbox for Hotmail, just not the icon for the taskbar or the thrird item up in the jump list (the website title)

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.


  • Ping 81: PDC is here, Pixar uses Azure, IE9 Preview, Zunes & Phones

    Hi Laura,

    Avatar was created by New Zealand's WETA Workshop http://www.wetanz.com/

    Same perople who did Lord of the Rings, District 9, and are workign on the upcomming two Hobbit movies.

    Just thought you would like to know.



  • The 30 Second Guide to Windows Phone 7 Handsets

    Why is the most important (first) country (New Zealand) missing from your list of countries?

    Despite popular belief we are not part of Australia.

    We will be getting the HTC 7 Trophy from Vodafone NZ on the 21st (before any other countries 21st, aren't timezones great!)

    And then some time in November Telecom NZ will be releasing the LG Optimus 7Q

    That is all



  • Channel 9 Live at PDC09 Schedule

    Just started the Dave Campbell interview and the stream was stopped Sad

    Upon refeshing it gave me a link to on demand videos which took me to the session list, with no on demand.