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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • Which sessions are being recorded?

    @MisterMatt: We will try to record everything, but often we lose a few (hardware issues for example) and have to re-record them later. I'd say you'll have a ton of content to watch by the end of the week though ( > 100 hours at least!). Code Labs would be best in person, but I believe they are working to make them into a video walkthrough as well.

  • Right Click to Download not working in Edge

    Definitely an issue, we haven't figured out a solution for that yet, it was just a browser feature we relied on that seems to have gone missing


  • w10 app good but not great

    That's definitely not the intended behaviour, is this our Windows 8/8.1 app or our Windows Phone app? I know you are using Windows 10, but not sure what apps you can install in that case.

    Also, did you notice if it did this before moving to Windows 10 or only after?


  • Could you redesign Channel 9?

    Hey Lukasz, you have two different comments here... both good, but I'll address them one at a time. I do think an update to the look of Channel 9 is in order, and it is something we are looking one.

    For the second point, you make a few comments about finding videos.

    • All of our videos are tagged, but what would you like in terms of sorting them into categories?
    • What do you mean tag videos that have been watched? Just indicate 'I've watched this', or add tags to that video for yourself? Or for others?
    • The browse tab is an interesting point. Every course/video/show/blog that is published appears on that page, and under different tabs on that page you can find new Events as well. What type of content are we publishing that is not showing up there?

    Thanks, appreciate the feedback and would love it if you wanted to reply and have a deeper conversation about some of these topics.

  • Filtering Search Result to ENGLISH

    @joelercoaster: Yep, down along the right hand side, we have a language filter

  • The default avatar is dead

    and now the Xbox avatars should work in SSL and non-SSL

  • The default avatar is dead

    Should be fixed... for some folks using Xbox avatar figures as their C9 Avatar,  I need to fix that next, shouldn't take too long


  • The default avatar is dead

    Doh, sorry folks, we'll fix

  • Feature request: Rewind 10 seconds in video

    We already have 'rewind 30 seconds back', not sure we want both :)

    Just click on the time code to the left of the time line to jump back 30 seconds

  • Please don't use flash for live streams

    @cheong: Surprised to hear that the Xbox One browser *does* support Silverlight, but regardless... that stream was run through a 3rd party, so we don't have any real control over how they do the streaming. That won't be the case for Build/Ignite, but now that we are doing many more events, sometimes several hour long events during a single week, we have ended up working with a variety of 3rd party streaming services... makes for easy onboarding of events on our side, but an inconsistent experience for our users :(