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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • Ever heard of a CDN?

    @TheRockyH: Just to chime in here, a bit late... video.ch9.ms is mapped through a CDN (Akamai), which has really broad distribution in terms of edge nodes. It definitely sounds like you are seeing a consistent issues, but the lack of a CDN isn't the reason... please keep posting if you have any more information.

  • Search of forum?

    @WinHUGR: Great idea... we moved from Bing as our search engine, which was easy to implement and easy to use, but hard to control how it decided to sort search results... to the Azure Search (http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/search/) and at the moment we are only sending entries and sessions to it (so basically our video posts). I'd like to extend this with people (niners, speakers, etc.), events/shows/blogs/series and the forum ... just hasn't reached the top of our list yet

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Apache Cordova and Xamarin both with Visual Studio 2015

    I'm sure we'll do more on both of these in the future, but in the meantime I've done a bit of tag cleanup and both of these are now visible, one as Apache Cordova, the other as Xamarin

  • Community 9 apps?

    @figuerres: So we were building the Xbox One app, and we had it nearly finished, but found the certification process was bringing up all sorts of very specific process issues that we had no experience with. End result was we had it nearly finished as of Build 2014, but we had to pull Cara off of it and back onto the site (hence all the player updates!). We've asked a company with a lot of experience with the certification process to take over guiding it through and fixing the small issues that are found, so that really *should* happen soon.

    As far as a universal app, that's hard to say when we'll do that... at the moment the Windows 8 app is WinJS, the WP app is C#/XAML and the Xbox One app is html/javascript. The shared code is mostly just a wrapper around the OData calls into Channel 9, with no logic of its own, so rewriting the apps to use a common core doesn't seem worth it *at this point*

  • Community 9 apps?

    @figuerres: We're unhappy with the speed of changes ourselves, but I'd hate to say zero... look at all the player changes in just the past couple of months, we are working with the Machine Learning team on a recommendation engine, we launched a Xbox 360 app and working really hard on features like easy live streaming from Microsoft folks in other parts of the world.

    I'd love to hear ideas for community collaboration though, please suggest away

  • "Comments have been closed since this content was published more than 30 days ago..."

    @UncleMike: There are two reasons why we do this, but that doesn't mean either of them are valid reasons for our decision... happy to discuss.

    First, as you said, authors don't follow or reply to discussions on older videos, so we felt that users were mostly posting comments into a void.

    Second, before we had this in place, the vast majority of comments on older videos were spam. The % was so high of all comments made on old videos, that we felt just turning them off was the right path.

    I'd hate to think we were stifling discussion though, any chance you could give an example of a video, and the discussion you wanted to start? Might help to convince us that the risk of more spam is outweighed by the content that would be added to the site's discussions.

  • Channel 9 for Xbox One

    @Kryptos: We haven't had much time to spend on it, sorry... really just two devs working on site features, only one was working on the Xbox One app... also the person behind the player on the site and the Windows 8 app (and many more things that are not as visible). We will see what we can do to raise it in our priority list though! We'd like to see it too!

  • TechEd Australia 2014 - Videos?

    @ZippyV: they are coming, I believe they had two events back to back so the videos will appear after the 2nd ends

  • big bang stuffed again

    @casual0bsrvr: I'm guessing you want to talk to a television station of some sort... we are a tech video site about Microsoft technologies... sorry for the confusion. Get that the name is confusing, but it actually has a nice explanation involving United Airlines, the 'behind the scenes' experience and all sorts of other interesting facts.

  • Playback Speed

    @TheRickshaw: That was present in IE before our latest update (it was a right-click option I believe), but I guess we've taken it away...  will see if the dev team has any ideas