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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • Idea: Get a video link URL at this time

    @LukePuplett: Luke, that's a great idea. I'll make sure to suggest it as an enhancement when we are doing work on the whole 'embed' section of our item pages

  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    @wastingtimewithforums: Hey WTWF, did you see your new thread live? I can't find it in our system to see why it was removed or by who...

  • C9 same design for years?

    @MasterPi: I can't comment on thread view count, mostly because I haven't really thought through what it would take to add it in. I don't think it is a crazy amount of work, but I hesitate to promise without looking at it.

    As far as a new look/design goes, consider this the first hint/leak/preview: we are working on one. The motivation was responsive, but the end result was an overall revamp of the design. I always feel like someone will hate any change we do, but hopefully the majority will like the change. Geoff on our team is running the re-design project, so perhaps he'll post some images, but all I can promise is that responsive was our first and primary goal, so that is definitely part of it. Second priority was some flexibility in the homepage. I've been wanting to be able to change it up from time to time, run a 'spotlight on azure' set of videos or 'spotlight on Microsoft History' (given the recent Larry Osterman videos), so the new design allows for the introduction of some random content to the homepage from time to time.

  • "This thread appears to be spam and has been rejected"

    @MasterPi: it is dumber than that, it just counts links. It could count links as a proportion of content, but no such luck yet :)

  • Help needed using perfmon

    @qanplazas: Andrew Richards, host of Defrag Tools (http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools) gave me this reply for you

    Physical disk \ disk queue length is the counter you want. Over 2 is bad.

    There is defrag tools episode on WPT DISK that goes in to the detail.

    ( I believe that is http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-78-WPT-Example-Disk )

  • Use Roku? Want to see Channel 9 on it?

    @weeMac: content is all dynamic, but I believe at the moment we may not be loading events and sessions in at all. I'll check through the code and confirm.

    Thanks for the feedback and confirmation of the space bug, I'll dig into that one as well!

  • "This thread appears to be spam and has been rejected"

    @MiserableClown:well, you are welcome to use our contact us link, or email me at duncanma@Microsoft.com

    As to your larger comment

    "I could have written a better spam blocker in a week. Channel9 have had several years to perfect its algorithms with the added experience of the whole of Microsoft."

    I wish that were the case, but the whole of Microsoft doesn't work on this site, I wrote the spam blocking code based on what I was seeing and, except for a few cases, posts containing a bunch of links were spam. And I did it over a few hours, because unlike a service like Outlook or Hotmail, blocking spam is only a small part of what we focus on, and not something we can put a week into.

    Would love to hear your algorithm ideas though, I'm sure you could post those without links and the other programmers on this forum (including myself) would welcome a good discussion with you about them.

    And finally, about your original post, could you just post the links without the http:// portion? Not sure if our text editor is being really helpful and turning even non URLs into links, but if not then that would probably work.

  • Cannot unmute videos in the HTML 5 Player

    @mduregon: what browser are you using? We just output the 'native' HTML 5 player, so we don't do anything special to track/restore the volume, but I'd like to try to repro this once we know what browser/version you were hitting it in


  • "This thread appears to be spam and has been rejected"

    @MiserableClown: I get your frustration, but it is somewhat 'by design' (not to frustrate you, but for the actual spammers). If we said "you used the word <foo> and we treat that as spam" they would just go "oh, I'll change it to <f00>" and so on. So, like a failed authentication dialog, we keep the message vague.

    I'd suggest though that the most likely reason, given that I doubt you are a spammer, was too many links in the message.

  • Use Roku? Want to see Channel 9 on it?

    @amreldib: This is a good spot, I'll look into that bug